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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jack Palmer
(Jack Liddell)

BORN   March 31 1878; Benwell, England
(Fought out of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)
DIED February 13 1928
WEIGHT 154-166 lbs

Palmer was never much bigger than a light heavyweight and experienced an up-down start to his career; But, once he got into his grove, he was a pretty good fighter; He was both the heavyweight champion and middleweight champion of Great Britain and South Africa during his career

During his career, Palmer defeated such men as Eddie Connolly, Ben Taylor, Frank Craig, Mike Williams, Geoff Thorne, "Lachie" Thompson, Jack Lalor, Joe White and Dave Peters

Oct 13 George Bell                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO   
          -Some sources report "W"

Dec  5 Jack Fulton                Gateshead, England               LT  1

       Bob Todd                   Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England      W   

Jan 20 R. O'Neill                 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     ND  5
Mar 17 A. Russell                 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     ND  3
Mar 19 Jack Farley                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England      W  8
          -Some sources report 3/15/00
Apr 21 George Bell                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England      D  4
Jun 16 W. Jackson                 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     ND  3
Dec    Jack Mullen                Gateshead, England                L 20 

Feb 11 Jack Mullen                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO 15
Apr 22 Andrew "Cock" Robin        Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO  4
          -Some sources report 4/09/01
Jun 24 "Lachie" Thompson          Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     TK  5
Aug 24 Harry Barrett              Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England      W 10
           -Some sources report 7/24/01;
            Some sources report "TK 10"
Sep 23 Jack Scales                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     LK 11
          -Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain;
           Some sources report "LK 4"
Oct  7 Harry Smith                Leeds, England                   TK  7
Nov 11 Jim Styles                 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     TK 11
          -Some sources report "TK 16"
Dec  9 Charles McKeever           Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     NC  2
          -Some sources report "L 12"

Apr 14 Joe White                  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO 11
          -158 Pound Championship of Great Britain
Jun 23 Dave Peters                Merthyr, England                 KO  7
          -158/160 Pound Championship of Great Britain;
           Some sources report "Merthyr, Wales"
Jul 19 Eddie Connolly             Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England      W 20
          -Some sources report "W 15" on 7/22/02
Aug 23 Eddie Connolly             Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     TK  6
          -Some sources report "TK 7"
Sep 13 Harry "Slounch" Dixon      Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO  5
Oct 23 Tom Smith                  London, England                  KO  2
          -158 Pound Championship of Great Britain
Nov 24 Eddie Connolly             London ,England                   W 15
          -This bout was promoted as a 158 Pound Championship
           of Great Britain contest; Some sources report 11/29/02

May  2 Ben Taylor                 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     KO 12
          -Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
May 25 Jack "Twin" Sullivan       London, England                   D 15
          -158 Pound Championship of Great Britain
Jul 27 Frank Craig                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     WF  2
Dec 14 Sergeant Harris            Gateshead, England               TK  2

Jan  9 Jack Lalor                 Capetown, Cape, SAfrica           L 20
May  7 Jack Lalor                 Johannesburg, Trans, SAfrica      W 20
          -Middleweight Championship of South Africa
Jun  4 Mike Williams              Johannesburg, Trans, SAfrica     LT  8
          -Heavyweight Championship of South Africa
Dec 24 Mike Williams              Johannesburg, Trans, SAfrica     WF  8
          -Heavyweight Championship of South Africa;
            Reports vary - "WF 7" - "TK 8"

Dec 18 Geoff Thorne               London, England                  KO  4
          -Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain;
            Some sources report 2/18/05

Mar  6 Tom Thomas                 Cardiff, Wales                   ND  3
Oct 29 James "Gunner" Moir        London, England                  LF  9
          -Heavyweight Championship of Great Britain
Dec 22 "Young" John L. Sullivan   Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     TK  2

Jan 19 Eddie Dixon                Edinburgh, Scot                  NC  7
Mar 26 Jack "Twin" Sullivan       Los Angeles, Ca                   L 10
          -Some sources report "LK 10"

Feb 10 Tommy Burns                London, England                  LK  4
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jun  4 Bartley Connolly           Liverpool, England               LK 13

Mar 25 Bartley Connolly           Birkenhead, England               D 20
          -Some sources report "Bert Connolly"

Jul  5 Frank Ray                  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England     LK  2

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       A. McGurk                                                    W  4
       R. Gullen                                                    W   

       Jack Fulton                                                 TK  1
       Tom Dixon                                                   LT  8
       Jack Farley                                                  W  8

Nov  1 Pat O'Keefe                Woolwich, England                LT  6
Nov 12 Pat O'Keefe                Marylebone, England              LF  6

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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