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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Henry "Hen" Pearce
(the "Game Chicken")

BORN   May 7 1777; Bristol, England
DIED April 30 1809; St. Martin's Lane, London, England
HEIGHT.. 5-8 3/4
WEIGHT 165-184 lbs
BACKERS Captain Halliday, Colonel Henry Mellish

Pearce was a fast, skillful boxer; He hit hard with both fists and was very strong, tough and game; In appearance, he was a handsome, well-muscled athlete; "Hen" was considered to be one of the best champions in the history of the British Prize Ring

Pearce was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1987 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993

Jun  3 Jack Firby                London, Eng                 (30:00)  W 10
Aug 11 Joe Berks                 London, Eng                 (20:00)  W 15

Jan 23 Joe Berks                 London, Eng               (1:17:00)  W 24
          -Pearce claimed the Championship of England

Mar 11 Elias Spray               Moulsey Hurst, Eng          (35:00)  W 29
          -Pearce claimed the Championship of England
Apr 27 Tom Carte                 Shepperton Common, Eng      (35:00)  W 25
          -Pearce claimed the Championship of England;
          Some sources report "Stephen Carte";
May    John Gully                London, Eng                         EX  5
Jul 20 John Gully                London, Eng                        SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled
Oct  8 John Gully                Hailsham, Eng             (1:17:00)  W 64
          -Pearce claimed the Championship of England
Dec  6 Jem Belcher               near Doncaster, Eng         (35:00)  W 18
          -Championship of England

Sep 30 John Gully                                                   SCH   
          -Championship of England;
           This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Pearce forfeited and reliquished the
           Championship due to ill health

*** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko ***

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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