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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion


Tom Sayers
(the "Brighton Boy")

BORN   May 25 1826; Brighton, Sussex, England
DIED November 8 1865; Camden Town, London, England (Diabetes)
HEIGHT.. 5-8 1/2
WEIGHT 112-154 lbs
BACKERS John Gideon, Sir Edward Kent
Sayers was one of the great English Champions; He often fought much larger men; He was skillful pugilist who struck stiff blows and was tough and game

Tom was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990
       Haines                    Brighton, Eng                        D   
       -Police intervened
       Wade                      East Sussex, Eng                     W  6
       an unnamed opponent       Wandsworth, Eng            (2:05:00) W   

Mar 10 Abe Couch                 Greenhythe, Eng              (12:30) W  6

Oct 22 Dan Collins               Edenbridge, Kent, Eng        (27:00) D  9
          -Police intervened
Oct 22 Dan Collins               Redhill, Eng               (1:52:00) D 39
Dec 10 Dan Collins               Redhill, Eng                       SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held

Apr 29 Dan Collins               Long Reach, Eng            (1:24:00) W 44

Jun 29 Jack Grant                Mildenall, Eng             (2:30:00) W 64

Jan 26 Jack Martin               Long Reach, Eng              (55:00) W 23
Oct 18 Nat Langham               Lakenheath, Eng            (2:02:00) L 61
          -Middleweight Championship of England;
          Langham won convincingly

Feb  2 George Sims               Long Reach, Eng               (5:00) W  4

Jan 26 Harry Poulson             Appledore, Kent, Eng       (3:08:00) W 109

Jan  6 Aaron Jones               Canvey Island, Eng         (3:00:00) D 62
          -Both men were punished;
          The fight was stopped due to darkness
Feb 10 Aaron Jones               Banks of Medway, Eng       (2:00:00) W 85
Jun 16 William Perry             Isle of Grain, Eng         (1:42:00) W 10
          -Sayers claimed the Championship of England

Jan  5 Bill Benjamin             Isle of Grain, Eng            (6:30) W  3
          -Championship of England
Jun 16 Tom Paddock               Canvey Island, Eng         (1:20:00) W 21
          -Championship of England

Apr  5 Bill Benjamin             Ashford, Kent, Eng           (22:00) W 11
          -Championship of England
Sep 20 Bob Brettle               Leashford, Eng               (15:00) W  7
          -Championship of England

Apr 17 John C. Heenan            Farnborough, Eng           (2:20:00) D 42
          -Heenan seemed to have the advantage when
          the crowd broke into the ring

May 20 -Sayers received a special Silver Championship
          Belt to commemorate this fight; He retired from
          the ring

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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