Bob Smith
(the "Liverpool Darkey")

BORN   March 11 1840; Washington, DC
DIED February 1867; Liverpool, England (Reported by some sources)
WEIGHT 146 lbs
BACKER Captain Michael Hanrahan

Smith possessed boxing skills and had great strength, speed and durability; He was a ready, willing and able scrapper

Bob was born an American but went to England where he was declared a free man; Victorious in skirmishes with some sailors on the ship going over, he gained backing by the ship captain once ashore; A hard hitter, especially with his right hand blow, he was also a vicious body puncher

Jul  2 the "Liverpool Greyhound"  near Liverpool, Eng               W  3
Sep 15 Harry Burgess              Point of Ayr, Wales               W 43

Feb 20 Harry Allen                Hillbury Island, Hersey, Eng      W 49
Jun  2 Tom Allen                  Widbury Isle, Eng                 W 50

Feb 21 Harry Allen                Woodhead, Surrey, Eng             W 29

          -Smith announced his retirement from the ring

*** Data Provided By Black Dynamite I (Fleischer, 1938) ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian,
International Boxing Research Organization
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