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The following list gives credit to "The Man Who Beat The Man." The division was created by the IBF in 1987. The WBA and WBC followed in 1988. The WBA's first Champion, Leo Gamez, abandoned the division, while the two top men Lee and Ioka, unified the title. As always, ludicrous decisions of "sanctioning bodies" are ignored. Comments can be sent to The Research Staff. Ciao!
  1. Kyung-Yun Lee (1987-1988, first boxer to hold a strawweight title)
  2. Hiroki Ioka (because he beat Lee while Lee was still the "champion") (1988)
  3. Napa Kiatwanchai (1988-1989)
  4. Jum Hwan Choi (1989-1990)
  5. Hideyuki Ohashi (1990)
  6. Ricardo Lopez (1990-1999, vacates)
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