Dave Sullivan

BORN   May 9 1877; Knocknamanagh, Ireland (Some sources report Cork, Ireland)
DIED May 6 1947; New York, New York
HEIGHT 5-4 1/2
WEIGHT 112-130 lbs

Dave was a brother of William "Spike" Sullivan

Sullivan was a quick and scrappy combatant, not to be taken lightly; A foe had to be very careful or Dave would outmaneuver and defeat him; He won the Featherweight Championship of the World during his career

Sullivan defeated such men as "Solly" Smith, Oscar Gardner, Jimmy Briggs, Austin Rice, Tim Callahan, Sammy Kelly, Joe Elms, Patsy Broderick, Patsy Haley, Jack Hamilton, Maxie Haugh and Jimmy Rose in his time

       Frank Coffee               Boston, Ma                        W  4
       Frank Stone                Somerville, Ma                   KO  6
       Micky Callahan             Boston, Ma                       ND  3

Jul 27 Barty McGriel              Boston, Ma                       KO  2
Aug  3 Dave Parkman               Lynn, Ma                          W  3
Oct 17 Phil Smith                 Providence, Ri                   KO  2

Jan 29 Austin McKavaney           Boston, Ma                        W  4
Feb  7 Allie Alberts              Boston, Ma                        D  6
Apr 29 Allie Alberts              Lynn, Ma                          W  4
Jun 16 Joe Elms                   Boston, Ma                       KO  9
Aug 19 Allie Alberts              Boston, Ma                       KO 11
Sep 15 Austin Rice                New York, NY                      D 10
Sep 29 Bob Cunningham             New York, NY                     KO  8
Sep 30 "Turkey Point" Billy Smith Philadelphia, Pa                  D  6
Oct 13 Young Dixon                New York, NY                     KO  4
Oct 19 Jack Ward                  Baltimore, Md                     D 20
Nov  7 Austin Rice                New York, NY                      D 12
Nov 24 Casper Leon                New York, NY                      D 20
Dec 19 Tom Tully                  New York, NY                     KO  2

Jan  2 Jimmy Rose                 New York, NY                     KO 17
Jan 26 Jim Prentiss               Perth Amboy, NJ                  ND  4
Jan 27 Tom McCune                 Perth Amboy, NJ                   D  4
Feb 17 Patsy Haley                New York, NY                     KO 13
Mar 20 Maxey Haugh                New York, NY                     KO  5
Apr 28 Patsy Haley                New York, NY                     KO 22
Jul 13 Dave Ross                  Staten Island, NY                 L 10
Oct 18 Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer     London, Eng                       L 20
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World

Mar  4 Patsy Broderick            Yonkers, NY                      KO  9
          -Police intervened
May 16 Sammy Kelly                New York, NY                      W 20
Sep 26 Solomon "Solly" Smith      Brooklyn, NY                     TK  5
          -Featherweight Championship of the World
Nov 11 George Dixon               New York, NY                     LF 10
          -Featherweight Championship of the World

Jan  8 Oscar Gardner              New York, NY                     LK 17
         -Some sources report 1/09/99
Feb 11 Marty McCue                Brooklyn NY                       D 20
Mar 27 Joe Bernstein              Brooklyn, NY                      D 25
          -Some sources report "D 20"
Apr 19 "New York" Jack O'Brien    Hartford, Ct                      D 20
Aug 19 Jack "Doc" Hamilton        Brooklyn, NY                      D 25
Sep 30 Joe Bernstein              New York, NY                      D 25
Nov 10 Joe Bernstein              New York, NY                      D 25
Nov 28 Ned "Kid" Broad            New York, NY                      L 25

Jan 30 Jack "Doc" Hamilton        Troy, NY                          W 25
          -Some sources report "W 20"
Mar 16 Ned "Kid" Broad            New York, NY                      W 25
Mar 30 Tim Callahan               Philadelphia, Pa                 LF  3
          -Some sources report "LK 3"
Apr  2 Eddie Gardner              Brooklyn, NY                     TK 19
May  3 Billy Whistler             Baltimore, Md                    NC 17
Jul  3 Ned "Kid" Broad            Brooklyn, NY                     LF 16
Jul 23 Luke Burke                 Buffalo, NY                      KO  4
Sep 29 Tim Callahan               Toronto, Ont, Canada            SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled but not held
Oct  8 Oscar Gardner              Louisville, Ky                   TK 14
          -Reports state that the referee actually held Gardner back
           and allowed Sullivan to hit him; Some sources report "W 14"
Nov 30 Ole Oleson                 Chicago, Il                      LF  4
Dec 10 Tim Callahan               Louisville, Ky                   WF 18
          -Some sources report "WF 3"

Jan 14 Ned "Kid" Broad            Louisville, Ky                    D 25
Apr 29 Jack McClelland            Louisville, Ky                   KO 20
Sep 30 Ned "Kid" Broad            Louisville, Ky                    L 25
Oct 14 Ned "Kid" Broad            Fort Erie, Ont, Can               D 20

Feb 22 Terry McGovern             Louisville, Ky                   LT 15
          -Some sources report this bout as a Lightweight
           Championship of the World contest 
Apr 17 Austin Rice                Waterbury, Ct                     D 20
Nov  7 Jimmy Briggs               Boston, Ma                       WF  7

Jun 26 Frank "Crocky" Boyle       Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Dec 25 Austin Rice                Portland, Me                      W 15

Jan 12 Jimmy Briggs               Boston, Ma                        W 15
Feb 29 Young Corbett II           San Francisco, Ca                LT 11
Mar 18 Charles Neary              Milwaukee, Wi                     L  6

Mar 13 "Kid Herman" Landfield     Hot Springs, Ar                  LK  9

*** Assistance Provided By  Karen Ehatt (Great Grand Niece) ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization


Dave Sullivan (from a 1926 newspaper)