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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Claimant

"Big" John Tate

BORN   January 29 1955; Marion City, Arkansas
DIED April 9 1998; near Knoxville, Tennessee
HEIGHT.. 6-4
WEIGHT 229-290 lbs
MANAGER Jerry "Ace" Miller
TRAINER Don Marshall

Tate was a big, strong heavyweight who threw powerful punches; He was not a polished boxer but he could hit; During his career, he won the WBA Heavyweight Championhip of the World

"Big" John defeated such men as Gerrie Coetzee, Bernado Mercado, Duane Bobick, Kallie Knoetze, Danny "Smiley" Sutton, Johnny Boudreaux and Marty Capasso

May  7 Jerry Thompkins            St. Louis, Mo                      TK  5
Jun  1 Norman Kues                Montreal, Que, Can                 KO  1
Aug 20 Baker Tinsley              Peckville, Pa                      KO  2
          -Some sources report "Pikeville, Ky"
Aug 23 Walter Santemore           Memphis, Tn                         W  6
          -Some sources report "W 8"
Sep 13 Eddie "Animal" Lopez       Los Angeles, Ca                     W  6
Oct 22 Lou Esa                    Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  3
Nov 18 Frank Schram               Las Vegas, Nv                      KO  1
Dec  3 Charlie Jordan             Knoxville, Tn                      KO  1

Jan 29 James Dixon                Knoxville, Tn                      KO  3
Mar 14 Leon Shaw                  Orlando, Fl                        TK  7
Apr 25 Harold Carter              Orlando, Fl                        WF  4
May 13 Raul Gorosito              Orlando, Fl                        TK  2
Jun 22 Bernardo Mercado           New York, NY                       TK  2
          -Some sources report 3/22/78
Jul  7 Walter Santemore           Orlando, Fl                        KO  6
Aug 25 Johnny Boudreaux           Houston, Tx                         W 10
Oct 14 Roy Dean "Cookie" Wallace  Houston, Tx                        TK  9
Dec  9 Ron Draper                 Detroit, Mi                        KO  5

Feb 17 Duane Bobick               Indianapolis, In                   TK  1
Jun  2 Kallie Knoetze             Mmabatho, Transvaal, SA            TK  8
Oct 20 Gerrie Coetzee             Pretoria, Transvaal, SA             W 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Mar 31 Mike Weaver                Knoxville, Tn                      LK 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jun 20 Trevor Berbick             Montreal, Que, Can                 LK  9

Feb 14 Harvey Steichen            Knoxville, Tn                       W 10
          -Some sources report 2/15/81
Aug  8 Claman "Sandman" Parker    Knoxville, Tn                      TK  1
Oct 15 Barry Funches              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  7
Nov 27 Chuck Gardner              Knoxville, Tn                      TK  1

Mar 25 Leroy Caldwell             Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Jul  9 Leroy Boone                Knoxville, Tn                       W 10
Aug 27 Bruce Grandham             Knoxville, Tn                      TK  3
          -Some sources report "Bristol, Tn"

Jan 13 Danny "Smiley" Sutton      Bristol, Tn                        TK  5
          -Some sources report 1/15/83
Apr 10 Donnie Long                Pittsburgh, Pa                      W 10
Aug 19 Marty Capasso              West Palm Beach, Fl                TK  2
          -Some sources report 11/19/83

Apr 17 Steve Eisenbarth           Bakersfield, Ca                    TK  1
          -Some sources report "TK 5"

Nov 28 Calvin Jones               Bristol, Tn                         W  4
Dec 19 Mark Green                 Nashville, Tn                      KO  1
          -Some sources report "Bristol, Tn"

Jan 16 Wesley Smith               Bristol, Tn                         W  4
Mar 30 Noel Quarless              London, Eng                         L 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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