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Ernest "Ernie" Terrell

BORN   April 4 1939; Belzoni, Mississippi
WEIGHT 185-229 1/2 lbs
MANAGER. Julius Isaacson

Terrell was tall with a lengthy reach and was a very good fighter; He possessed a good jab and hit with authority; Ernie labored, however, in the shadow of Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali] and lost a "showdown" fight against the great Clay; Prior to becoming champion, he was an "ace" sparring partner for several big name heavyweights; During his career, he won the WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

He defeated such men as Zora Folley, Cleveland Williams, George Chuvalo, Eddie Machen, Luis Faustino Pires, Robert Davila, Jose Luis Garcia, Bob Foster, Doug Jones, Frankie Daniels, Amos Lincoln and "Young" Jack Johnson

May 15 Norm Bolden                  Chicago, Il                     W  4
Jun 26 Andy Bonds                   Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Jul 24 Ray Griggs                   Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Aug 21 Neal Welch                   Chicago, Il                     W  6
Oct 30 Ted Poole                    Chicago, Il                    KO  1

Jan  8 Cal Butler                   Chicago, Il                     W  6
Feb  4 Emil Brtko                   Chicago, Il                    KO  2
Mar 11 Johnny Harper                Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Apr 30 Johnny Gray                  Chicago, Il                     L  8
Jul  1 Bill Pickett                 Chicago, Il                    KO  2
Sep 24 Joe Hemphill                 Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Oct  7 John Hobart                  Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Nov  3 Sid Peaks                    Chicago, Il                     W  8

Jan 14 Willie Coleman               Chicago, Il                     W  8
Feb 25 Johnny Gray                  Chicago, Il                     L  8
Jul 24 Tunney Hunsaker              Louisville, Ky                  W  8
Nov 11 Chuck Garrett                Chicago, Il                     W  6

Jan  6 Clay Thomas                  Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Mar 30 Lee Williams                 Chicago, Il                     W 10
May 18 Frankie Daniels              Chicago, Il                    KO  7
Jul 20 Joe Hemphill                 Chicago, Il                     W  8
Dec  5 Wayne Bethea                 Chicago, Il                     L 10

Feb  6 Ernie Cab                    Chicago, Il                    KO  8
Apr 17 Willie Coleman               Chicago, Il                    KO  1
May 15 Chuck Garrett                Chicago, Il                     W 10
Nov  6 Charles "Sonny" Liston       Chicago, Il                    EX  4
Dec  4 Ernie Cab                    Philadelphia, Pa               KO  3

Feb 28 Herb Siler                   Miami Beach, Fl                 W 10
Apr  3 Cleveland Williams           Houston, Tx                    LK  7
Jun  9 Amos Lincoln                 New York, NY                    W  6
Aug 24 Eddie Jackson                Los Angeles, Ca                KO  2
Sep 25 Ray Lopez                    Chicago, Il                    KO  3
Dec 14 "Young" Jack Johnson         Chicago, Il                     W 10

Jan  5 "Young" Jack Johnson         New York, NY                    W 10
Mar  7 Herb Siler                   Miami, Fl                      KO  3
Apr 13 Cleveland Williams           Philadelphia, Pa                W 10
Jul 27 Zora Folley                  New York, NY                    W 10

Mar  6 Gerhard Zech                 New York, NY                    W 10
Jun 17 Jeff Davis                   Miami Beach, Fl                 W 10
Jul 10 Bob Foster                   New York, NY                   KO  7
Oct 23 Henry Wallitsch              St. Louis, Mo                  KO  5

Mar  5 Eddie Machen                 Chicago, Il                     W 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Nov  2 George Chuvalo               Toronto, Ont, Canada            W 15
        -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Jun 28 Doug Jones                   Houston, Tx                     W 15
        -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Feb  6 Muhammad Ali                 Houston, Tx                     L 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Aug  5 Thad Spencer                 Houston, Tx                     L 12
Oct 14 Manuel Ramos                 Mexico City, Mexico             L 10

Dec    -Terrell announced his retirement from the ring (only to return later)

Dec 15 Sonny Moore                  Milwaukee, Wi                   W 10

Apr  3 Johnny Hudgins               Lake Geneva, Wi                KO  1
Apr 28 Vic Brown                    Cleveland, Oh                   W 10
May 10 Luis Faustino Pires          Chicago, Il                     W 10
Jul 24 Roberto Davila               Lake Geneva, Wi                 W 10

Oct 23 Jose Luis Garcia             Philadelphia, Pa               KO  6

Feb 19 Bill Drover                  Philadelphia, Pa               KO  1
Jun 23 Chuck Wepner                 Atlantic City, NJ               L 12
          -USBA Heavyweight Championship
          Horrible decision, Wepner hardly won a round
Sep 10 Jeff Merritt                 New York, NY                   LK  1

*** Assistance Provided By Seth Callis ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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