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Tony "TNT" Tubbs

BORN February 15 1958; Cincinnati, Ohio
HEIGHT 6-2 1/2 (Some sources report 6-3 1/2)
WEIGHT 213-260 lbs
MANAGERS Terry Medill, Michael Love, Clinton D. Calkins



Tubbs was a talented boxer who had great potential but did not develop his skills to their full capability; He was not a particularly hard hitter but was a fine technical fighter with an understanding of how to box

He had size, good balance and a very good jab; He was crafty and skillful with quick reflexes - and could stand before an opponent and slip punches; Had he been more dedicated, he could have been exceptionally good; During his career, he won the WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World and the
Heavyweight Championship of West Virginia

Tubbs also worked in training camps for many fighters such as Muhammad Ali (sparring partner), Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes (sparring partner), Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Brian Neilsen, Herbie Hide and Joe Mesi, among others

Tony defeated such men as James "Bonecrusher" Smith, Greg Page, Bruce Seldon, Jimmy Young, Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead, Melton Bowen, Alexandre Zolkin, Jesse Ferguson, Tyrell Biggs, Mike Evans, Lawrence "Poncho" Carter, Jose Nino Ribalta, Steve Zouski, Clayman "Sandman" Parker, Gordon Racette, Clarence Hill, Mario Oscar Melo and Brian Minto

Jun 14 Bruce Scott                Cincinnati, Oh                     KO  1
Aug  2 Jerry Hunter               Cincinnati, Oh                     KO  4
Nov  7 Ron Draper                 San Antonio, Tx                     W  6
Nov 14 John L. Johnson            Miami, Fl                          TK  1
Nov 22 Larry Simms                Cincinnati, Oh                     TK  3
Nov 29 Mike Creel                 Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  3

Aug 21 Dennis Wimbley             Elizabeth, NJ                      TK  2
Oct  4 Jeffrey Sims               Newport, Ky                        KO  1
Nov 21 Jesse Brown                Erlanger, Ky                       KO  1
Dec  8 Don Halpin                 Pittsburgh, Pa                      W  8

Apr 11 Baker Tinsley              Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  3
Jun 12 Claman "Sandman" Parker    Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  1
Aug  7 Clarence Hill              Albuquerque, NM                     W 10
Sep 18 Steve Zouski               Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  4

Feb 25 Larry Givens               Cincinnati, Oh                     TK  7
Apr 10 Jimmy Young                Pittsburgh, Pa                      W 10
Sep  9 Gordon Racette             Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10

Mar 18 Tom Trimm                  Santa Monica, Ca                   TK  2
Nov  9 Jerry Williams             Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  7

Jan 16 Tim Miller                 Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  2
Mar 15 James "Bonecrusher" Smith  Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Apr 29 Greg Page                  Buffalo, NY                         W 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World;

Jan 17 Tim Witherspoon            Atlanta, Ga                         L 15
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

Apr 20 Mike Jameson               Santa Monica, Ca                    W 10
May 30 Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead     Las Vegas, Nv                       W 10
Sep 29 Eddie Gonzalez             Anaheim, Ca                        TK  3

Mar 21 Mike Tyson                 Tokyo, Jap                         LT  2
          -WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World;
          WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World;
          IBF Heavyweight Championship of the World;

Apr 20 Mike Evans                 Redondo Beach, Ca                   W 10
May  6 Eddie Richardson           Pensacola, Fl                      WF  8
Jun 24 Ladislao Mijangos          Bakersfield, Ca                    KO  3
Nov 21 Orlin Norris               Santa Monica, Ca                   ND 12
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship;
           The original verdict was "W 12";
           The verdict was changed after Tubbs tested positive
           for illegal an substance

Jul 28 Mike Cohen                 Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  6
Oct 20 Lawrence "Poncho" Carter   Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  6

Apr 20 Riddick Bowe               Atlantic City, NJ                   L 10

Feb 16 Leon Taylor                Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  8
Aug 18 Lionel Butler              Pensacola, Fl                      LK  1
Oct 14 Bruce Seldon               Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Nov 24 Jesse Ferguson             Auburn Hills, Mi                    W 10

Feb  2 Alexandre Zolkin           Auburn Hills, Mi                    W 10
Apr 27 Melton Bowen               Auburn Hills, Mi                    W 10
Aug 16 Jimmy Ellis                Boise, Id                          LK  1
Dec  3 Willie Jackson             Bay St. Louis, Ms                  KO  1
Dec  3 Jose Nino Ribalta          Bay St. Louis, Ms                   W  3
Dec  3 Tyrell Biggs               Bay St. Louis, Ms                   W  3
Dec  3 Daniel Dancuta             Bay St. Louis, Ms                   W  3
          -The previous 4 bouts were held the same date
           as part of a Heavyweight Tournament; 
           Tubbs won the tournament

Feb 22 Everett "Big Foot" Martin  Auburn Hills, Mi                    W 10
Oct  4 William Morris             Auburn Hills, Mi                   NC 10
          -The verdict was changed;
           The original verdict was "W 10"
Dec  6 Jimmy Thunder              Auburn Hills, Mi                    L 12
          -IBO Heavyweight Championship of the World

Mar 29 Andre Crowder              Cincinnati, Oh                     KO  1
Jun    Alexandre Zolkin                                             SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Tubbs suffered an injury during training
Aug 25 Alexandre Zolkin           Atlantic City, NJ                   L 12
          -NABF Heavyweight Championship;
Oct 20 Brian Nielsen              Copenhagen, Den                    LT  4

Aug 30 Mario Oscar Melo           Mar del Plata, Arg                 KO  5

Feb  7 Marcus McIntyre            Indianapolis, In                   EX  5
Mar 26 Michael Shanks             West Lafayette, In                 TK  2

Jan 17 Gilbert Martinez           Lemoore, Ca                         L 10
Jul 25 Abraham Okine              Morgantown, WV                     LT  8

Oct 29 Brian Sargent              St. Joseph, Mo                     TK  1
Dec 30 Brian Minto                Chester, WV                         W 10
          -Heavyweight Championship of West Virginia

Feb 25 Danny Wofford              Nashville, Tn                       W  6
Mar  4 Jason Nicholson            St. Joseph, Mo                     EX  4
Aug  6 Jason Waller               Rising Sun, In                     TK  7

Nov  4 Adam Smith                 Morgantown, WV                      W  6

*** Photos And Some Data Were Provided By Clinton D. Calkins *** 

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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