JUNE 2005

Poem of the Month
By Tom Smario

Cinderella Man
Book Excerpt by Mike DeLisa

Entertaining Fighters and Prospects
By Adam Pollack

Fatty Langtry: Pudgy
Pugilist of the Past

By Robert Carson

John Klein: 19th-Century
Trainer Extraordinaire

By Pete Ehrmann

Ring Leader
By Ron Lipton

Incentives in Professional
Boxing Contracts

By Rafael Tenorio

Fight Town
Book Excerpt by Tim Dahlberg

The Regulation of Boxing
on Tribal Lands:
Towards a Pan-Indian
Boxing Commission

By James Alexander

Spotlight on Cut Man Lenny DeJesus
By Sam Gregory

Dick Wipperman
by Pete Ehrmann

Jack Johnson: The Dates,
the Events, the Sources

by Stuart Templeton

Touching Gloves with...
"Irish" Art Hafey

by Dan Hanley

by Tim Dahlberg

It was in Las Vegas where Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack were the stars in the showrooms, but fighters like Sonny Liston and a brash Cassius Clay helped put the city on the boxing map.

Soon it was Las Vegas, not New York City, that could truly boast it was the center of the boxing world. This was a place where champions were made -- where Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion ever and George Foreman became the oldest. [Read more]


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