JULY 2007

01 | The Life and Times of  a Boxing Pioneer
By Enrique Encinosa

02 | Poem of the Month
By Colleen Aycock

03 | In the Ring with James J. Corbett : Book Sample
By Adam Pollack

04 | My Candidate for Manager of the Year: Cameron Dunkin
By Adam Pollack

05 | Touching Gloves with Ruben Navarro
By Dan Hanley

06 | Flashback to the 2006 World Boxing Hall of Fame Banquet
By Dan Hanley

07 | Why the Old Soviet Block of Nations is having Success in Boxing
By Rocky Alkazoff

08 | "I'm from Down-Under too" Reflections from    IBHOF 2007
By Orion Foote

09 | Prelims:the Art & Science of Matchmaking [pdf]
By Don Cogswell

10 | Boxing's Lineal Mathematics : Champion Versus Champion
By Cliff Rold


The Punch

by Colleen Aycock, Ph.D.

I never saw a drop fall on the canvas,
But I saw his fearlessness day to day.

I saw him love someone so much that he cried,
And I heard his agony in a primal moan
That could never be answered.
My faculties gnashed at the pain,
Opening up a flood of ruby
That I could taste,
Like a straight-line hammer to the face.

I never feared his punch
For I was on the inside of a memory,
One that was now only shadow boxing.

At an early age I was taught
There was no faintness of heart,
In the noble art of self-defense--
The quick step, the cautious eye, the surprise jab.
"Get mean!" he growled…
"Give it more than you ever imagined you could,
Draw from the fire deep inside.
You may need it some day."

So I popped left and right into his firm, cupped hands,
And we measured my skinny biceps, keeping records
Like non-sporting families mark heights on walls.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen him in his prime,
Before the scars had reached the flame,
So that I may have been able to dodge the last, raw pain.