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Rinsing off the Mouthpiece
By GorDoom

Current Champions, Top Contenders, and Fighters to Watch Out For
By Adam Pollack

Hopkins-De La Hoya: A True Boxing Super Bowl
By Dean Vios

They Sure Don't Get Any Easier
By Orion Foote

The Best Argentinean Fighters of All Time, Class by Class
By Martín Cameron

Hand Speed Among the Big Fellows
By Don Cogswell

Flashback to the 2003 Hall of Fame Inductions
Pictorial by Dan Hanley

Vince Martinez
By Dan Cuoco

Black Dynamite: Len Johnson
By Rob Howard

Wes Ramey
By Tracy Callis and Keith Palmer

Henry Hank, One of Boxing's Forgotten Warriors
By Dan Cuoco

Joe Gans, the Old Master

Joe Gans: Championship Years
Two Articles By Monte Cox


I Know a Great Fighter When I See One

The first time I saw
Michael Spinks I was driving
up Broadway in Portland
where I parked my van
in the middle lane
ran across the street
and shook his hand
Horns were honking
people were yelling at me
to move. I didn't give a damn.

—Tom Smario



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Katherine Dunn, Barry Stephen Hanley, Ron Lipton,
Eric Jorgensen, Adam Pollack,
JD Vena, Lucius Shepard, Dean Vios

Contributing Writers:
Matt Boyd, Steve Coughlin, Monte Cox,
Brian Donegan, Enrique Encinosa,
Pete Ehrmann, Pedro Fernandez, Eldon Frost,
Dave Iamele, Eric Jorgensen, Joe Koizumi,
Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, Tom Smario, Jim Trunzo,
Fabian Weber, Randy Gordon

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