"Young" Peter Jackson
(Sim Thompkins)
(the "Baltimore Demon")

BORN    October 31 1877; Baltimore, Maryland
DIED    September 14 1923; Baltimore, Maryland
WEIGHT  148-160 lbs
MANAGERS Joe Woodman, George William "Biddy" Bishop

Jackson was a good boxer who was quick, strong and a hard-hitter;  He has been underrated over the years

During his career, he defeated such men as Sam Langford, "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien, Joe Walcott, "Mysterious" Billy Smith, Black Pearl, Tom Tracey, "Mexican" Pete Everett and Joe Butler

Jul  3 Professor Snowball          Colorado City, Co                KO 10
Jul  3 Tom Hayes                   Colorado City, Co                KO  1
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Aug  2 Bert Dover                  Colorado City, Co                 W  4
          -Some sources report "KO 4"
Sep 12 Eugene Turner               Denver, Co                       KO  3
Nov  5 Eugene Turner               Denver, Co                       KO  8
Nov 21 Kid Dooley                  Denver, Co                        D  6

Jan  6 Tom King                    Denver, Co                       KO  6
Mar  4 Young Payton                Denver, Co                       KO  3

Jan 25 William "Kid" Parker        Denver, Co                        D 20
Feb 26 Joe Fisher                  Denver, Co                       KO  3
Mar 19 Joe "Kid" Robinson          Denver, Co                        W 10
Mar 26 William "Kid" Parker        Denver, Co                       LT  7
          -Some sources report "L 7"
Jun 16 Henry Mings                 Nevada City, Ca                  KO  6
Jun 28 Charles Reinecke            Pine Creek, Co                   KO  6
Jul 22 F. Cartwright               Pine Creek, Co                   KO  3
Aug  4 "Mexican" Pete Everett      Pine Creek, Co                    W  4
Sep 12 the "Black Prince"          Cripple Creek, Co                KO  2
          -This man was "Charley Edwards"

Feb  6 J.J. Prendergast            Chica, Ca                         W  6
Feb 26 Frank Purcell               Chica, Ca                         D 10
Mar 26 Young Griffo                Red Bluff, Ca                    LF  5
Apr 12 Tim Kearns                  Portsmouth, NH                    L  4
Apr 23 Kid O'Brien                 Sacramento, Ca                   KO  5
May  6 Henry Lewis                 San Francisco, Ca                KO  3
May 19 Arthur Jackson              San Francisco, Ca                KO  2
Jun 21 Frank Purcell               San Francisco, Ca                 D 10
Jul 22 Bob "Stonewall" Allen       Boston, Ma                      SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Aug 23 Henry Stater                San Francisco, Ca                KO  2
Sep 20 Mike McCormick              San Francisco, Ca                KO  8
Sep 30 Phil "Soldier" Green        San Francisco, Ca                LF  5
Dec 23 Jack Ortega                 San Jose, Ca                     KO 21

Jan  6 Charley Turner              San Jose, Ca                      D 10
Feb 24 John Fletcher               Salinas, Ca                      KO  3
May 26 Joe Lavigne                 Stockton, Ca                     KO 25
Jul 29 "Australian" Jim Ryan       Bakersfield, Ca                   W 20
Aug  7 Charley Turner              Stockton, Ca                     TK  2
Sep  7 Jim Trimble                 Los Angeles, Ca                   W 20
Oct  4 Harry Barrett               London, Eng                      KO  2
Oct 27 Jim Trimble                 Los Angeles, Ca                  KO 20
          -Some sources report 11/13/99
Nov 10 W.H. Jones                  Seattle, Wa                      KO  5
          -Some sources report 11/15/99
Dec  4 "Australian" Art Walker     Seattle, Wa                      KO  3
Dec 11 Billy Wright                Whatcom , Wa                      W 10
Dec 20 Black Pearl (Harris Martin) Seattle, Wa                      KO  1
          -Some sources report "KO 2"

Jan 17 Tom Tracey                  Stockton, Ca                     WF  7
Feb 14 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien San Francisco, Ca                TK 13
          -O'Brien was far ahead when the bout was stopped
Mar 25 Perry Queenan               Omaha, Ne                         D 20
Mar 28 Frank Purcell               Sacramento, Ca                    D 20
Jun  8 William "Kid" Parker        Denver, Co                        W 10
Jul 20 Shorty Ahearn               Denver, Co                        W 10
Aug  3 Otto Sieloff                Denver, Co                        L 10
Aug 10 "Mysterious" Billy Smith    Detroit, Mi                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Smith did not show
Aug 10 Fred Thornton               Detroit, Mi                      TK  6
Aug 10 Tom McCune                  Detroit, Mi                       L  6
           -Some sources report "EX 6";
            The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Sep 11 "Mysterious" Billy Smith    Cleveland, Oh                    LT 18
          -Police intervened
Oct 22 Jimmy Handler               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Nov 27 Perry Queenan               Omaha, Ne                         D 20
Nov 30 Eddie Morris                Galena, Ks                       NC   

Jan 22 Bobby Dobbs                 Memphis, Tn                       L 20
          -Some sources report "San Francisco, Ca";
           Some sources report "L 25"
Feb  4 Eddie Croake                Belvidere, Il                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Authorities prevented the bout
Feb  4 Eddie Croake                Gilbert, Il                       KO 13
          -Some sources report "Rock County, Wi";
           Some sources report "KO 12"
Feb 18 Bobby Dobbs                 Memphis, Tn                       D 20
Feb 26 Steve Crosby                Memphis, Tn                       D 10
Apr  4 Bobby Dobbs                 Hot Springs, Ar                   D 12
          -Jackson claimed Dobbs fouled him and refused 
           to fight; Referee Bat Masterson then called 
           the bout a "Draw"
Jun 14 "Mysterious" Billy Smith    Baltimore, Md                    TK  2
          -Smith was out of condition and quit because 
           he was exhausted and had a cut eye;
           Some sources report 6/04/01
Jul 29 Jimmy Handler               Baltimore, Md                    TK  9
          -Some sources report "W 9"; Police intervened
Sep 27 George Cole                 Baltimore, Md                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; 
           Cole refused to fight due to lack of money
Sep 27 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Baltimore, Md                    TK  3
Oct 11 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Baltimore, Md                    KO  9
Nov  1 Harry Peppers               Baltimore, Md                    KO  3
          -Some sources report "KO 4"
Nov 11 Jimmy Handler               Trenton, NJ                       D 18
          -Police intervened and stopped the fight 
           due to the excessive behavior of fans
Nov 28 Joe Walcott                 Baltimore, Md                     L 20
Dec 20 Charles O'Rourke            Baltimore, Md                    KO  4

Jan  1 Jimmy Handler               Waterbury, Ct                    TK  3
          -Some sources report this bout was "fake"
Jan 10 Jim Austin                  Baltimore, Md                    TK  4
Jan 13 Joe Walcott                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jan 27 Jack Bonner                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jan 31 Harry Fischer               Baltimore, Md                    TK  8
Feb 24 Tommy West                  Philadelphia, Pa                 TK  2
          -West quit for no apparent reason;
           The promoter withheld his payment;
           Some sources report "W 2"
Mar  8 Jack Butler                 Baltimore, Md                    WF  9
          -Butler kept falling to the floor to avoid 
           punishment; Some sources report "KO 9"
Mar 13 Joe Walcott                 Baltimore, Md                     D 10
Mar 29 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Apr  3 Charles Haghey              Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Apr 18 Dan Creedon                 Baltimore, Md                    TK  5
Apr 21 Charles McKeever            Philadelphia, Pa                 WF  6
Apr 28 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
May 23 Harry Walsh                 Baltimore, Md                    TK 10
Jun 18 Bob Long                    Kansas City, Mo                  TK 16
          -Some sources report "KO 18"
Jul 22 Mike Donovan                Los Angeles, Ca                   W 20
          -Some sources report 7/23/02
Aug 28 Tim Murphy                  Stockton, Ca                     TK  5
Sep  3 Morgan Williams             Oakland, Ca                      LF 15
Sep 26 Al Neill                    San Francisco, Ca                 L 20
Oct  3 John Wille                  Chicago, Il                       L  6
Oct 24 Charles Haghey              Baltimore, Md                     D 20
Nov 27 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Boston, Ma                       ND  6
          -Some sources report 11/28/1902; This bout was an "Agreed Draw"
Dec 22 Charles O'Rourke            Boston, Ma                        D  6
          -This bout was an "Agreed Draw"; 
           Some sources report "Cambridge, Ma"

Jan 16 Al Weinig                   Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jan 19 Charles Haghey              Boston, Ma                        D 12
          -This bout was an "Agreed Draw"
Feb  6 George Cole                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Feb  9 Larry Temple                Boston, Ma                       ND 10
          -This bout was an "Agreed Draw";
           Some sources report 2/01/03
Mar 10 Black Bill (Claude Brooks)  Baltimore, Md                     D 15
May 21 Tom Riley                   Seattle, Wa                      KO  2
Jun 18 Joe Walcott                 Portland, Or                      D 20
          -Some sources report "Baltimore, Md"
Sep  7 Black Bill (Claude Brooks)  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Sep 25 Young Tierney               Brockton, Ma                      L 12
Oct  3 John Wille                  Chicago, Il                       L  6
Oct 27 George Cole                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Oct 30 William "Cyclone" Kelly     Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Dec 11 Bob Long                    Baltimore, Md                    KO 11

Jan  1 "Cyclone" Bill Larry        Baltimore, Md                    KO  5
Jan 11 Ed Snowden                  Baltimore, Md                    KO  4
Feb  5 Mike Donovan                Baltimore, Md                     W 15
Mar 11 Black Bill (Claude Brooks)  Baltimore, Md                     D 15
Apr  7 Joe Butler                  Philadelphia, Pa                 TK  5
Apr 14 Black Bill (Claude Brooks)  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  5
Jun 10 Joe Walcott                 Baltimore, Md                    KO  4
          -Jackson claimed the Welterweight Championship of the World
Aug  6 Private Casling             London, Eng                      TK  2
Sep  8 Harry "Slounch" Dixon       London, Eng                      KO  2
Sep 26 Charley Knock               London, Eng                      KO  3
Oct  3 Harry Barrett               London, Eng                      KO  2
Oct 24 Jack Scales                 Newcastle, Eng                   TK  4
Nov 21 Charley Allum               London, Eng                      KO  6
Dec 26 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)     Baltimore, Md                     D 15

Mar 24 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Baltimore, Md                    LF  2
          -O'Brien insisted on clean breaks in this bout;
           In the second round, Jackson hit O'Brien coming 
           out of a clinch and knocked him out; The crowd 
           cheered what they thought had been a Jackson 
           knockout victory; But after Jackson had left 
           the ring, the referee declared him the loser 
           by foul
Apr  7 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Baltimore, Md                     L 10
May 15 Larry Temple                Sharon, Pa                       ND 12
          -This bout was a "Pre-Arranged Draw";
           Some sources report "W 12"
May 26 Sam Langford                Marlboro, Ma                      L 15
Jun 15 Sam Langford                Chelsea, Ma                       L 15
Sep 29 Sam Langford                Baltimore, Md                     D 15
Dec  1 Jack Johnson                Baltimore, Md                     D 12
          -This bout was a "Pre-Arranged Draw";
           Some sources report "L 12"

Jun 13 Sam Langford                Southbridge, Ma                  TK  5
Sep 20 Black Bill (Claude Brooks)  Baltimore, Md                     D  4
Oct 27 Mike Donovan                Rochester, NY                    LF  9
Nov 21 Sam Langford                Rochester, NY                     L 15

Mar  7 Joe Jeannette               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -Some sources report 3/08/07
May 15 Ed Butte                    Portsmouth, Va                   WF  4
Sep  2 Terry Mustain               Tonopah, Nv                      KO 17
          -Some sources report "Goldfield, Nv"
Nov 12 Sam Langford                Los Angeles, Ca                   L 20
Nov 28 Tom Reilly                  Sacramento, Ca                   KO  7

Feb    Young Sullivan              Marysville, Ca                   NC   
Sep  7 Al Neill                    Goldfield, Nv                    NC  7

Sep  6 Billy Burke                 San Francisco, Ca                KO  2
          -Some sources report "Oakland, Ca"
Sep 29 Joe Willis                  Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Nov 10 Ed "Gunboat" Smith          Oakland, Ca                       L 10
Dec    Tom O'Neil                  Oakland, Ca                      LF  2

May  9 Jack Rogers                 Murray, Ut                        D 10
Jul  3 Morgan Williams             Murray, Ut                        D 10

Feb  8 Joe Clark                   Eureka, Ut                        W 10
Aug  2 Dave Mills                                                   ND  6
Sep    Jack Downey                 Park City, Ut                    KO  8
Oct 30 Ike Cohen                   Boise, Id                         D 10

Mar 16 Mike Queenan                Tooele, Ut                       KO  1
Mar 31 Jack Downey                 Bingham, Ut                       D  6
Apr 13 Jack Duarte                 Eureka, Ut                        D 20
Apr 15 Jack Downey                 Price, Ut                        LF  9
Jun 12 Henry Petty                 Price, Ut                        KO  3
Dec 10 Jim Downing                 Boise, Id                         L 10

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Apr 21 Joe Mullins                 Hartford, Ct                     LK  4
          -Mullins fouled frequently; There is considerable doubt that Jackson
           fought this bout

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization