Sam Bittle
(Samuel C. Bittle)

BORN    c. February 17 1865; Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Fought out of Detroit, Michigan and St. Paul, Minnesota)
DIED    March 20 1917; Detroit, Michigan (Diabetes)
WEIGHT 128-145 lbs
Bittle was a rushing type of fighter who threw hard punches with each hand; He was also game and durable

He became a good friend of Bob Fitzsimmons who admired his fighting skills

Bittle claimed credit for starting Tommy Burns in boxing
         -Bittle defeated a number of minor opponents
         in Canada and gained a considerable reputation

       George Fulljames                                             L   
       Danny Needham                                                W   
          -This bout was held prior to Apr 1889

Mar 24 Harry Gilmore              Toronto, Ont, Canada             LK  6

Jan 21 Harry Gilmore              London, Ont, Canada               D 10
       Harry Gilmore                                                L   
Nov  9 John Cash                  Toronto, Ont, Canada              D  6
          -Cash knocked Bittle down in round six

May 28 Harry Gilmore              near Detroit, Mi                 KO 26
          -This bout was held at McQueen's Farm at
          Harson's Island, Lake St. Clair;
          Some sources report "W 26"
       Harry Gilmore                                                L   
          -Gilmore claimed the Lightweight Championship
       Harry Gilmore                                                W  2
Jul    Maurice Casey                                              SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Aug 28 George LaBlanche           Denver, Co                       LK  1
Sep    -Bittle was challenged by Patrick "Reddy" Gallagher to a bout
Dec 29 -Bittle retired from boxing and pitched baseball 
         for the Des Moines, Iowa team; It is also reported
         that he pitched for the Cleveland, Toronto, and 
         Lancaster (Pa) teams

Feb  7 Patrick "Reddy" Gallagher  Cleveland, Oh                     L  6
         -Gallagher knocked Bittle down several times

Apr 19 Tommy Holden               near New York, NY                LK  9

          -Bittle operated a saloon in Detroit after retiring

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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