Tommy Warren

BORN   1865; Los Angeles, California; (Some sources report San Francisco, California); Fought out of Louisville, Kentucky
DIED    February 13 1904; San Francisco, California (pneumonia); (Some sources report February 10 1904)
WEIGHT 116-121 lbs

Warren was a feisty, scrappy, tough little dynamo who was full of fight and carried a very stiff punch; During his career, he was the Featherweight Champion of the Pacific Coast and Featherweight Champion of America

It seemed that trouble followed Tommy wherever he went; He was involved in saloon brawls, street fights, and murder

During his career, Warren defeated such men as Arthur Majesty, Tommy Barnes, Bob Haight, Tommy Danforth, John Van Heest and Jack Havlin

Oct    Jack "Pilot" Roach         Port Townsend, Wa                 W  4

Sep 29 "English" Bill Johnson     Denver, Co                       KO 10

Mar  9 Tom Burke                  Rawlings, Wy                     TK 33
May 22 Chris Sommers              Chicago, Il                      WF  3
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Jul 17 Joe Morris                 Chicago, Il                      LF  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
Jul 20 Arthur Majesty             Bloomington, Il                   D  4
Aug 21 Andy Hanley                Chicago, Il                       W  4
Oct  4 Arthur Majesty             Bloomington, Il                   D 20
          -Some sources report "W" at "Louisville, Ky"
Oct  9 C. Whitney                 Cincinnati, Oh                    W  6

Jan 18 Arthur Majesty             Louisville, Ky                    W 20
Mar 10 Arthur Majesty             Bloomington, Il                   W  4
Mar 23 Tommy Barnes               Mill Creek, Ky                   KO 45
          -Featherweight Championship of America;
           This bout was held near "Louisville, Ky";
           Some sources report 3/22/1886
Mar 31 Patsy Cahill               Indianapolis, In                 KO  3
Apr  7 Joe Wehrle                 Cincinnati, Oh                   KO  3
Apr 23 Pierce Murphy              St. Louis, Mo                     L  6
          -Murphy lasted and claimed win
May 10 "Young" Harry Nolan        Chicago, Il                       W  3
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "KO 4"
May 31 John "Pug" Johnson         Grand Rapids, Mi                  W 10
Jun 10 Charles Stevens            Grand Rapids, Mi                 KO  3
Jul 26 Pike Johnson (Jim Collins) Minneapolis, Mn                   W  8
          -Police intervened
Aug 31 Jerry Murphy               Minneapolis, Mn                   W  8
Sep 30 Tommy Danforth             Minneapolis, Mn                   D 10
          -This fight was billed as Featherweight Championship of the World
           and Richard K. Fox Diamond Championship Belt;
           Some sources report 10/01/1886
Nov  8 Patsy O'Leary              Muldraugh Station, Ky            WF 12
          -This bout was held near Louisville, Ky;
           Some sources report "Muldraugh's Hill, Ky"
Nov    -Dominick McCaffry was authorized to handle the matching
           of Willie Clark and Warren; The outcome is not known
Nov 29 Jimmy Hagen                Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
Dec  1 Harry Walton               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Dec  3 Billy Peterson             Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Dec 10 Jack Farrell               New York, NY                      W  2
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "LK 5"

Feb  9 Bob Haight                 near Albany, NY                  TK  9
          -Featherweight Championship of America;
           Some sources report "TK 8" near "Troy, NY"
Mar 14 Harry Walton               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Mar 18 Billy Peterson             Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Apr  7 Billy Smith                Minneapolis, Mn                  KO  3
Apr 22 George Phalen              Minneapolis, Mn                  KO  4
May 30 Tommy Danforth             Minneapolis, Mn                  KO 13
Oct 23 George Siddons             Duluth, Mn                        W  8
          -Some sources report 10/22/1887
Dec 12 Ike Weir                   Minneapolis, Mn                   D 20
          -Some sources report Featherweight Championship of the World

Jan    Johnny Murphy              Louisville, Ky                   TK  8
          -This bout was held during Jan-Feb 1888
Aug  3 Johnny McGill              Duluth, Mn                       KO  2
Aug  8 Billy Maloney              West Superior, Wi                KO  3
Aug 17 Johnny Murphy              Ashland, Wi                      KO  1
Aug 17 Tom Campbell               Ashland, Wi                      EX   
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date;
           Some sources report 8/18/1888
Aug 28 John Van Heest             Ashland, Wi                      TK  4
Nov 27 Jack Havlin                San Francisco, Ca                KO 25

Feb 25 Young Huntington                                           SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep 20 Frank Murphy               San Francisco, Ca                ND 88
          -Some sources report "NC 68" on 9/24/1889
Jun 28 Johnny T. Griffin          San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed
Jul 11 Johnny T. Griffin          San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Warren sprained an ankle and could not fight
Oct  8 -Warren got into a barroom fight at San Francisco, Ca
           with "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey

Mar 14 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     San Francisco, Ca                LK  4
Mar 15 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     San Francisco, Ca                LK  6
          -This was a "private" bout
May 17 "Boston" Larry Foley       Cleveland, Oh                     W  6
          -Some sources report "W 5" on 5/18/1890
           Some sources report "ND 6"
       Montana Kid                Denver, Co                        L   
Jul 30 Jimmy Kennard              Buffalo, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed; Kennard was ill
Aug    Bullhead Johnson           Warsaw, Il                       WF  3
          -This bout was held on an island in the 
           Mississippi River near "Warsaw, Il"
Sep 16 John Van Heest             near Buffalo, NY                  D 11
          -Some sources report "Bradford. Pa"
Sep    Professor Williams         Buffalo, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled
Oct 20 Ernest M. Bescher          New Orleans, La                  KO  2
          -Some sources report "KO 7"
Nov 22 Tommy Miller               New Orleans, La                  TK  3
Dec 30 Tommy Miller               Indianapolis, In                 KO  3
          -Some sources report "Tim Miller";
           Some sources report "KO 4" on 12/31/1890

Apr  2 Tommy Ward                 New Orleans, La                  KO  3
Jul 24 Cal McCarthy               Coney Island, NY                  D  4
Sep 22 Cal McCarthy               New Orleans, La                  LK 21
          -Some sources report "LK 22";
           Some sources report "L 22"

Jan    George Dixon               Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  3
          -Dixon knocked Warren out
Jan 20 George Dixon               Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  4
Jan 21 George Siddons             New Orleans, La                  LK  9
Mar 28 Joe Walcott                Boston, Ma                        L  4

Oct 16 -Warren shot and killed Clem Stovall in a saloon
           in Waco, Tx; Some sources report he served six 
           years in prison and was released in June 1898

          -Other sources report Warren was was accused of 
           murder but the charges could not be proven and 
           he was discharged from police custody in Dallas
           on Nov 11 1892
Nov 12 Joe Mayburn                Waco, Tx                        SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           It was likely scheduled before the murder occurred   

Apr 20 Terry McGovern             New York, NY                     LT  1
          -Some sources report 4/19/1900
May 24 Kid Sullivan               near Washington, DC              LK  2

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Johnny Keating             Sacramento, Ca                   KO 17
       Billy O'Neill              Astoria, Or                       W  6
          -Some sources report "KO 6"
       John Smith                 Portland, Or                     TK  5
       Harry Swift                Walla Walla, Wa                  TK  7
       Martin Brady               Deer Lodge, Mt                   KO 19

       "English" Bill Johnson     Denver, Co                       TK  9
       Johnny Burns               Denver, Co                       TK  5

       Dave Condon                Seattle, Wa                       W   
          -Featherweight Championship of the Pacific Coast

       Jim Kelly                  Chicago, Il                      KO  3
       Jack King                  Cincinnati, Oh                   KO  3
       John Murphy                                                  W   

       Pike Johnson (Jim Collins) Grand Rapids, Mi                  W   
          -Perhaps, this is the 5/31/1886 or 7/26/1886 bout

       Burt Beachmore                                              KO  2
       Frank Smith                                                 KO  2

       John Van Heest             Ashland, Wi                       D  5
          -Some sources report "EX 5"
       Jim Connors                                                 ND   
          -This bout was reported; The outcome is not known

*** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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