Johnny T. Griffin

BORN   October 16 1869; Braintree, Massachusetts
DIED March 12 1899; Brooklyn, New York
WEIGHT 119-128 lbs
MANAGER Nat C. Goodwin
BACKER Jimmy Carroll

Griffin was a red-headed boxer who carried a stiff right hand punch and a good left hand too; He hit with straight, hard blows; Johnny was often described as having all the qualities that make up a great fighter - clever, active, scientific, game, strong and a terrific hitter

Griffin defeated such men as "Torpedo" Billy Murphy, Tommy Danforth, Eugene Hornbacker, Jack Havlin, Frank Steele, Jimmy Larkins, Jimmy Lynch and Barney Hubbard

       Benny Peterson             Philadelphia, Pa                 LT  1

Mar 26 George Badger              North Weymouth, Ma               LK  4
          -Kid gloves were used
       Jack Creede                Boston, Ma                        W  3
Sep 26 Jack Curley                Brockton, Ma                     KO  3
          -Two ounce gloves were used
Oct 28 Alf Parton                 Brockton, Ma                      D  6
          -Two ounce gloves were used

Feb 17 Charles Collins            Boston, Ma                        W  4
Mar 20 James Carrigan             Weymouth, Ma                     EX   
Apr 10 Frank Maguire              Brockton, Ma                     KO 12
          -Two ounce gloves were used
Apr 13 Eugene Hornbacker          Boston, Ma                        W  7
May 10 Johnny Aaron               Boston, Ma                        W  7
Jun 26 Jack Kenny                 Boston, Ma                        W  5
          -Some sources report 06/20/1888
Oct 30 Frank Steele               Boston, Ma                        D  7
Dec 14 George Badger              Boston, Ma                        W  4
          -Two ounce gloves were used
Dec 28 Tommy Danforth             Boston, Ma                       KO  4

Jan  7 Tommy Danforth             Boston, Ma                        D  3
          -Some sources report 01/08/1888
Jan 19 Tommy Coburn               Manchester, NH                    W   
          -Some sources report 01/15/1889; Some sources report "EX 3"
Jan 31 Frank Murphy               Boston, Ma                        L 18
          -This was an "unfair" verdict; Small gloves were used
Apr 30 Jack Havlin                Brockton, Ma                     ND  3
May 19 Dick Moore                 St. Paul, Mn                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May 31 Jack Havlin                Boston, Ma                       TK  4
          -Griffin was seconded by Tom Hyams and Jimmy Connolly;
           Havlin was seconded by Young Mitchell and Tom O'Rourke;
           Griffin knocked down Havlin three times; The bout started
           off cautiously in round one which ended with fierce fighting;
           Griffin had the advantage; In round two, Griffin gained first
           blood and first knockdown; He downed Havlin a second time in
           this round; Round three found Havlin weak and Griffin scoring
           three blows to one; In round four, Griffin downed Havlin with
           blows to the ribs and then the neck; Havlin retired at this point;
           Two ounce gloves were used
Jun 28 Tommy Warren               San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed
Jul 11 Tommy Warren               San Francisco, Ca               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Warren sprained an ankle and could not fight
Jul 12 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     San Francisco, Ca                LK  3
          -Weights: 120-117
Oct 25 William "Hippy" Homer      Boston, Ma                        D 42
          -This was a "rattling", scientific fight; Homer was about
           gone in round eighteen but rallied and fought on savagely;
           Medium sized gloves were used; Some sources report "D 25";
           Some sources report "Providence, RI"

Jan  6 "The New York Unknown"     Brockton, Ma                     ND  6
Jan  9 Young Lynch                Boston, Ma                        W  6 
Mar 27 Frank Steele               Boston, Ma                       TK  8
May  9 Austin Gibbons             Brockton, Ma                     ND  4
Nov 18 Barney Hubbard             Boston, Ma                       TK 10
       Harry Ring                 New Brunswick, NJ                 W  4
Dec 15 an unnamed opponent        Brockton, Ma                     EX  3
Dec 15 Frank Steele               Brockton, Ma                     EX  3
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date

Apr 25 Isaac "Ike" O'Neil Weir    Nantasket, Ma                     D  4
          -Some sources report "Nantucket, Ma "; Police intervened
May  5 Eddie Conley               Brockton, Ma                     EX  3
Nov 19 Jimmy Larkins              New Orleans, La                  KO  4
          -St. Louis (Mo) Post reported this bout was scheduled for 11/17/1891
Nov    an unnamed opponent        New Orleans, La                  KO  1
          -This bout was held during Nov-Dec 1891
Dec 12 Jimmy Carroll              Bay St. Louis, Ms                EX  3

Jan 20 -Griffin challenged Fred Johnson (England) to a bout
Feb 15 Jimmy Lynch                Boston, Ma                       EX   
Jun    -Griffin challenged Danny McBride to a bout at 105 lbs
Aug 31 Jack Skelly                Bay St. Louis, Ms                EX   
          -Some sources report "L 6" at "New Orleans, La"
Sep 21 Jimmy Carroll              near Bath Beach, NY              EX  8
Sep 26 Jimmy Lynch                New York, NY                     KO  5
          -Some sources report "Billy Lynch";
           Some sources report "Coney Island, NY"
Oct  3 Jimmy Carroll              Brooklyn, NY                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Jan 22 -Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Griffin defeated Jimmy Larkins
Feb  6 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     New York, NY                     KO  7
Feb 10 -Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Griffin defeated Jimmy Larkins
           in New Orleans; It also reported that Larkins, 122-lb pugilist of 
           Jersey City, wants a fight with any man in America, Johnny Griffin 
Feb 28 Fred Iscosee               New York, NY                     TK  1
Mar  6 Jack Lynch                 Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled; Griffin's mother died
Apr 17 Billy Peterson             Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but was not held; Griffin did not show
Jul 10 Solly Smith                Roby, In                         LK  4

Feb  1 Tony Moran                 New York, NY                     EX  4
Feb  1 Jack McGrath               New York, NY                      W  2
          -Some sources report "Joe McGrath";
           Different sources reported the previous 2 bouts
           on the same date
Feb  5 Jack Lyman                 Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  3
Feb  6 Jack Lyman                 Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled for the afternoon;
           The outcome is not known
Feb  6 Jack Lyman                 Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled for the evening;
           The outcome is not known
Feb  9 -Jack McGrath challenged Griffin and Jack Skelly to a bout
Feb 12 -Griffin appeared in "Boston, Ma"
Apr 23 Young Griffo               Boston, Ma                        D  8
Oct 29 George "Kid" Lavigne       Brooklyn, NY                     LT 15
          -Police intervened; Some sources report "L 15";
           Some sources report "Coney Island, NY"
Dec 13 Eddie Connolly             St. John, NB, Can                 L  6
          -Some sources report "W 6"

Feb 27 -Sources reported that Griffin, boxing instructor at the
           Boxing Cribb AC had completed arrangements to leave for
           Europe on May 1; Nat C. Goodwin, his manager, will accompany
           him; He is going with the purpose of making a match with 
           Fred Johnson, English Champion, at 122 lbs to be fought at
           the London National Sporting Club
Aug 27 George Dixon               Boston, Ma                        L 25
          -Featherweight Championship of the World

Apr 26 George Dixon               Brooklyn, NY                      L 20
May 22 Jack Delancey              Brooklyn, NY                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held
Aug 20 Solly Smith                San Francisco, Ca                LT  7
          -Some sources report "Roby, In"

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

May    Eddie Connolly             Cambridge, Ma                    ND   
          -This man was not the famous welterweight fighter

Feb  3 Rudderham                  Brockton, Ma                     EX  6
Feb 17 Billy Mahan                San Francisco, Ca                LK 27
          -Mahan fought a man named "Jimmy Griffin";
           Some sources report "Johnny Griffin"

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization