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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jack Delancey

BORN c 1869; Fought out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York;
Some sources report Greenpoint, New York
HEIGHT 5-5 1/2
WEIGHT 120-128 lbs


Delancey was "well thought of" as a fighter by "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey; He often worked out with Billy Dacey and Spider Kelly

       Johnny Gleason                                                W  3
          -Some sources report this bout held in 1888
       Jack Harding                                                  W   
       Bob Haight                                                    W   

Jan 23 Jimmy Larkins              New York, NY                      LT  9
Feb  7 Billy Dacey                New York, NY                      EX   
Feb 12 -Delancey was challenged to a bout by Jack Grace
Feb 25 Billy Dacey                Brooklyn, NY                     SCH   
           -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Mar 23 Jack Hicks                 New York, NY                      KO  4
Apr 19 Billy Dacey                Brooklyn, NY                      EX   
           -Some sources report 04/10/1888
Jul 23 Simon Besser               Pelham, NY                        KO 23
          -Besser sometimes used the name "Swipes the Newsboy";
           Some sources report "TK 22" on 7/26/88
Jul 25 Tom White                                                    KO 22
Sep 10 Jack Grace                 near New York, NY                 KO  6
          -This "finish" fight was scheduled to be held within 100 miles 
           of New York within two weeks from 9/04/88; Small gloves 
           were to be used; Some sources report "Bay Chester, NY"

Jan  5 Jack "Young" Burke         New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed
Jan  9 Jack "Young" Burke         New York, NY                      KO  4
          -Some sources report "Brooklyn, NY";
           Some source report 1/08/90
Jan 15 Con Dugan                  Hoboken, NJ                        L   
Feb  4 -Delancey was scheduled to spar at Hoboken, NJ
Feb 25 Billy Dacey                Hoboken, NJ                       ND   
Mar 12 Walter Halligan            Long Island, NY                    D 22
          -Halligan was a former Amateur Featherweight Champion; 
           Delancy was seconded by Billy Dacey; Halligan was seconded 
           by Harry Isaacs; Peter J. Donohue was the referee; Halligan 
           set the pace for the first four rounds but paid a price in 
           doing so; Delancy jabbed him as he moved in and made his face 
           a sorry sight; Delancy drew first blood in round two and Halligan's 
           eye puffed badly; Halligan did better in rounds six and seven but 
           Delancy kept jabbing; Round seven was one of hard fighting; 
           Halligan set the pace but Delancy met him with straight lefts; 
           At one time, Delancy raised his knee in a suspicious manner; 
           Halligan's corner claimed foul but it was not allowed; Both men 
           were bleeding at this point; Round eight was the same - Halligan
           boring in, Jack counter-punching; Once again, he raised his knee 
           and this time was told if he did it again, he would be disqualified; 
           Once when Halligan was coming in, he was clipped and down he went; 
           He was up quick and fighting continued; They fought into a corner 
           and both slipped down; Delancy's ribs showed large lumps; By round 
           ten, Halligan was a mess - left eye sealed shut, right cheekbone 
           badly puffed, mouth cut, neck and breast badly marked, and bleeding 
           freely from the nose; Delancy was hardly marked about the face but 
           his left side was knuckle marked and swollen; Delancy then began 
           to move with Halligan chasing; The next few rounds were spent 
           sparring for wind; Halligan got the worst of it; In round fifteen, 
           Delancy slipped on the wet floor and was struck in the back of the 
           neck as he pitched forward; Down he went but scrambled up by nine; 
           He was floored once more for a count of seven; Delancy fought 
           cautiously for several rounds; The last round was full of terrific 
           hitting; Both were as bloody as pigs at the end; Halligan looked 
           the worst; Time: 1:27:00

            * The Chicago (Il) Tribune report makes it sound like 
              the fight was held at Boston, Ma (Cribb AC)

Mar 23 -Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Cal McCarthy thought Delancey
           would whip Hab Morgan when they meet
Mar 24 -Delancey seconded "Tommy ??" vs. George Wiseman at Flushing, NY
Mar 25 -Phila (Pa) Item reported in an article by Macon (J.B. McCormick)
           wrote that the latest wrinkle in pugilism is to fight for your 
           opponent's heart; The first man he saw use it effectively was 
           Jake Kilrain against Joe Godfrey at the Comique in Phila; Mike 
           Cushing tired mostly for Harry Bartlett's heart in their recent 
           fight; Jack Delancey did the same to Walter Halligan in their
           bout not long ago; Jimmy Carroll gave some of the same to Sam 
           Blakelock at San Francisco last week; Jem Smith (England) is 
           the man responsible for this new way of fighting; He plans to 
           do the same to Charley Mitchell in their upcoming bout
Mar 25 Hab Morgan                 Scranton, Pa                     SCH   
May 26 Con Dugan                                                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jun 10 -Delancey was scheduled to spar at Greenpoint, NY
Jun 11 Ed Myers                   Westchester, NY                   TK  6
          -Delancey was seconded by Billy Dacey and Spider Kelly;
           Myer was seconded by Eugene and Ed Hornbacher;
           Pete Donohue was the referee; Fighting was fierce 
           from the start; Delancey was better; Myer was so 
           badly whipped by the end of round five, he could not 
           come out for round six; Small gloves were used; The
           Philadelphia (Pa) Item reports "Steve Myers" from 
           Troy, NY and calls it a "W" verdict

           * The Philadelphia (Pa) Item report makes it sound like 
             the fight was held at Boston, Ma (Cribb AC)

Jun 13 Billy Dacey                New York, NY                      EX   
Jun 13 -Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Delancey and Billy Dacey
          would leave for San Francisco at an early date; Dacey would 
          meet any of their lightweights while Delancey would tackle any
          110-lb men
Jun 15 -Mattie Delacey challenged Delancey to a "finish" fight
Aug 28 Billy Dacey                San Francisco, Ca                 EX   
Sep 10 -Jimmy Lynch said he would go to California if necessary
          to meet Delancey; He admits Delancey is clever and a hard 
          one to beat
Sep 10 -Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Delancey said he would fight
          any 124-lb man in the East or Pacific Coast at the San Francisco 
          CAC for a purse
Oct 25 Jimmy "Young" Murphy       San Francisco, Ca                 LK 11
          -Murphy was from Australia; The men were called lightweights;
           Murphy forced the fighting from the start to the finish;
           He drew first blood in round four when he split Delancey's 
           lip; He finished the contest in round eleven with a blow 
           to the neck; Some sources report 10/26/89

       Walter Halligan            San Francisco, Ca                SCH   
          -This bout was tentatively scheduled to be held during 
           the winter; The outcome is not known

Mar    -Delancey was the trainer for Tommy Warren vs. Billy Murphy
          at San Francisco, Ca; It was claimed that Warren faked the 
Mar    Billy Mahan                San Francisco, Ca                  W   

Jan 22 Mick McCarthy              San Jose, Ca                      LK 20

Oct  5 -Jack Hicks, of San Francisco, Ca, wrote that "Delancey,
          who has a reputation for being a quitter, has challenged 
          him on occasions"; The Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle called 
          Delancey a clever fighter and a pugilist who was not 
          inclined to run away from battles

Apr 12 an unnamed opponent        Long Island City, NY             SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; 
            Delancey was in New York on serious civil charges - 
            taking money that belonged to Andrew G. Slonaker

Feb 20 Jimmy Dime                 Youngstown, Oh                     W 20
May 22 Johnny T. Griffin          Brooklyn, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held
Dec 23 Tommy Hogan                New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Feb 25 Tommy White                Yonkers, NY                        L 20
          -Some sources report 2/26/98
Sep 30 Bob Dwyer                  New York, NY                      LT  6
Dec 22 Jimmy Dime                 Youngstown, Oh                     W 20

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Oct  6 Dave Wall                  New York, NY                       D 10
Oct 20 Marty McCue                New York, NY                       D 10
Oct 27 Jack Burge                 New York, NY                       W  6
Dec 19 Jimmy Lynch                New York, NY                       D 15

Jan 30 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy     New York, NY                      KO  5
Feb 13 Dave Wall                  New York, NY                       W 20
Feb 27 Billy O'Donnell            New York, NY                      LK 19
May 23 "New York" Jack O'Brien    New York, NY                       W 20
Sep  2 George "Elbows" McFadden   New York, NY                       D 10
Dec  4 Tom Broderick              New York, NY                       D 15

Jan 16 Tommy Hogan                Youngstown, Oh                     D 20
Mar  6 Jack Downey                Brooklyn, NY                       D 25

Jan 25 Joe Gleecher               Hartford, Ct                       W 12
Jan 31 Danny Duane                Paterson, NJ                       W 20
Aug 31 Eugene Reardon             Little Falls, US                  LK  7

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization