Tommy White
(the "Board of Trade Pet")

BORN    January 20 1870; Fox Lake, Illinois (Fought out of Chicago)
HEIGHT  5-7 1/4
WEIGHT  120-130 lbs
MANAGERS Harry Gilmore, Charles E. "Parson" Davies

Tommy White was a talented fighter who had fast hands, shifty feet and was feisty and scrappy; He first fought out of the Chicago stable of Harry Gilmore that produced Jimmy Barry, Harry Forbes, Eddie Santry, George Kirwin and Frank Garrard

White fought for a world title on seven occasions and a British title once; He won the 126 Pound Championship of the World in 1898; During his career, Whute defeated such men as Dan Daly, George Siddons, Marty McCue, Harry Apfel, John Van Heest, Danny McBride, Eddie Santry, Jack Skelly, Eddie Curry, Billy Moore, Ole Oleson, "Kid" Goulette, Billy O'Donnell, Young Corbett and Harry Lyons

Aug 22 Jack Johnson                 Chicago, Il                     W  3

Mar 15 Billy Manning                Chicago, Il                     W  4
Mar 17 Frank McCabe                                                 W 12
Jun 16 Eddie Files                  Chicago, Il                     W  4
Nov 20 Tommy "Kid" Morgan           Hammond, In                     D 54
          -Some sources report 12/21/89;
           Police intervened

Jan  4 Billy "Kid" Brennan          Chicago, Il                     W  3
Jan 11 Billy "Kid" Brennan          Chicago, Il                     W  3
Feb 19 Ike Weir                     Chicago, Il                    EX  3
Mar 19 Frank Share                  Louisville, Ky                  W  4
Apr  5 Jack Hayes                   Chicago, Il                     W  4
Apr 21 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy       Chicago, Il                     L  4
May 21 Billy "Kid" Brennan          Pine Station, In               LT 47
          -Some sources report "LT 47" at "Indiana Shore";
           Some sources reports "LK 48"
Aug  3 George Siddons               Thayer, In                     LT 41
          -Some sources report "Chicago, Il"
Sep  3 Billy Heeb                   Dubuque, Ia                     W  3
Oct 10 William Burke                Omaha, Ne                      WF  5
          -Some sources report "W 5" or "TK 5" over "Will Gaffney" on 10/09/90
Dec  6 Dan Daly                     Omaha, Ne                       D 91
          -Some sources report 12/07/90

Jan  5 Billy Weston                 Omaha, Ne                      KO  2
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Feb  4 Harry Gilmore                Chicago, Il                    EX   
May  9 George Siddons               Fort Wayne, In                  D 49
Jul  3 George Siddons               Chicago, Il                     D  6
          -Some sources report 7/04/91
Jul 15 Arkansas Kid (Harry Finnick) Chicago, Il                     W  6
Jul 17 Joe Flaherty                 Chicago, Il                     D  5
          -Some sources report 7/20/91
Aug  6 Tommy "Kid" Morgan           Chicago, Il                     W  6
Sep 14 Arkansas Kid (Harry Finnick) Chicago, Il                     W  6
Sep 26 Joe O'Leary                  Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Oct  2 John Van Heest               Chicago, Il                     D  6
          -Some sources report 12/02/91
Dec 12 Jim Brennan                  Chicago, Il                    KO  2
Dec 21 Pete Peterson                Chicago, Il                    TK  5

Jan 12 Billy "Kid" Brennan          Brooklyn, NY                   KO  3
          -Some sources report "KO 4" at "Chicago, Il"
Jan 21 Tommy Hogan                  Chicago, Il                     D  9
Jan 18 Jean Bordeaux                Minneapolis, Mn                 W  4
Mar 11 Charlie Webber               Minneapolis, Mn                TK  8
          -Some sources report "Charlie Webster";
           Some sources report 3/12/92;
           Some sources report "W 8"
Apr 16 Pete Peterson                Chicago, Il                     W  6
Apr 19 Ike Weir                     Minneapolis, Mn                 D 10
          -Some sources report 3/19/92;
           Some sources report 5/19/92
Apr 30 Peter Boyle                  Chicago, Il                     W  6
May 16 Frank Nobles                 Janesville, Wi                 KO  3
Aug 19 Patsy Darrington             Chicago, Il                     W  3
Aug 20 Tim Morrissy                 Beloit, Wi                     TK  5
          -Some sources report "Jim Morrisey"
           Some sources report "W 5"
Aug 30 Jim Brennan                  Chicago, Il                    KO  1
Dec 28 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy       San Francisco, Ca              NC 33

Jun 10 Pete Peterson                Chicago, Il                    KO  2
Jul 17 Will Smith                   Chicago, Il                     W  6
Aug 14 Will Smith                   Chicago, Il                     W  8
Dec 18 Young Griffo                 Chicago, Il                     D  8
          -Some sources report "LT 8"

Jan  9 Nick Failes                  Chicago, Il                    KO  2
Jan 15 Al Jansen                    Chicago, Il                     W  8
Jun  4 Dan Creedon                  Chicago, Il                    EX   
Jun  8 Bob Carter                   Chicago, Il                    TK  2
Jun  9 Jack Reagan                  Chicago, Il                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep 21 Jack Robinson                Chicago, Il                    TK  2
Nov 12 Dan Daly                     Chicago, Il                     W  6

Mar  6 Jimmy Barry                  Kansas City, Mo                EX   
Mar 18 George Siddons               Chicago, Il                     W  6
Jul 11 "Torpedo" Billy Murphy       Columbus, Oh                    D 20
Aug    Johnny Lavack                Cleveland, Oh                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep 13 Eugene Benezah               Columbus, Oh                    D 20
Oct  3 John Van Heest               Terre Haute, In                 D 20
          -Some sources report 10/04/95
Nov  9 Fred Swigert                 Baltimore, Md                   D 10
Nov 18 Arthur Schultz               Chicago, Il                    ND  4

Feb 27 Marty McCue                  New York, NY                    W  6
Mar 21 Willie Joh                   New York, NY                    D  8
          -Some sources report "Billy Joh";
           Some sources report 3/24/96;
           Some sources report "D 5"
           Police intervened         
Mar 28 Harry Apfel                  New York, NY                   TK  8
          -Some sources report "W 8"
Apr  7 Johnny Gorman                New York, NY                    D 10
          -Some sources report 4/17/96; 
           Some sources report 4/18/96
May  2 Jack Burge                   New York, NY                    W  8
          -Some sources report "W 5";
           Some sources report "W 10"
May  6 Danny McBride                Brooklyn, NY                    W 10
          -Some sources report "New York, NY"
Jun  2 Larry Burns                  Albany, NY                      W 10
          -Some sources report 5/12/96
Jul    Johnny Gorman                New York, NY                    D   
          -Some sources report 5/12/96
Jul 14 John Van Heest               Albany, NY                     TK  5
Aug  8 Eddie Santry                 Lemont, Il                     KO  7
Sep 25 George Dixon                 New York, NY                    D 20
          -Featherweight Championship of the World

Jan 12 Solomon "Solly" Smith        New York, NY                    D 25
Jan 21 Charles Johnson              Albany, NY                     TK  8
          -Was this bout held 1/14/97 ?
Jan 23 Jack Skelly                  New York, NY                   KO  5
Jan 30 Jimmy Lynch                  New York, NY                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled
Feb  8 Joe Fairburn                 Philadelphia, Pa               ND  6
Feb 12 Billy Whistler               South Brooklyn, NY              D 25
          -Some sources report "D 20"
Feb 15 Paddy Purtell                New York, NY                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Mar 17 Billy Whistler               Albany, NY                      D 20
Mar 22 George Holland               Philadelphia, Pa               ND  6
Mar 29 William "Spike" Sullivan     Philadelphia, Pa               ND  6
Apr 13 Eddie Curry                  Brooklyn, NY                    W 20
May  4 Mike McManus                 Albany, NY                     TK 17
         -Some sources report "Mickey McManus"
Nov 29 Ben Jordan                   London, Eng                    LT 19
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain;
           The weight limit was 124 lbs

Feb  7 Billy Whistler               Baltimore, Md                   D 15
          -Some sources report "Trenton, NJ"
Feb 16 John "Young" Mahoney         Athens, Pa                     ND 16
         -Some sources report "ND 15"; Some sources report "LT 16"
Feb 25 Jack Delancey Yonkers, NY W 20 -Some sources report 2/26/98 Mar 11 Billy Whistler Baltimore, Md ND 8 Mar 31 George Dixon Syracuse, NY D 20 -Featherweight Championship of the World Apr 9 Harry Lyons Chicago, Il W 6 Apr 16 Young Scotty Chicago, Il W 6 Apr 23 Peter Boyle Chicago, Il W 6 -Some sources report "D 6" May 14 Jack Lewis Chicago, Il W 6 Jun 21 Larry Burns Troy, NY D 20 Aug 1 Solomon "Solly" Smith Brooklyn, NY D 25 -Featherweight Championship of the World Oct 3 Danny McBride Brooklyn, NY KO 6 -126 lbs Championship of the World; Reports vary - "W 6" - "LK 6" Oct 24 "Chicago" Jack Daly Chicago, Il D 6 Nov 15 Perry Queenan Chicago, Il D 6 Dec 7 Billy Moore Syracuse, NY W 20 -126 lbs Championship of America Dec 12 Kid Ryan Chicago, Il KO 3 -Some sources report 12/14/98 Dec 19 Joe Youngs Chicago, Il W 6 Dec 29 Frank Bartley Davenport, Ia EX 4 1899 Jan 14 Joe Cain Chicago, Il D 6 Jan 25 Jack O'Keefe Memphis, Tn D 20 Feb 10 Joe Cain Chicago, Il D 6 Feb 17 Ole Oleson (George Stead) Chicago, Il W 6 Feb 27 Gilbert "Kid" Goulette Detroit, Mi W 8 Mar 3 Joe Hedmark Chicago, Il D 6 Apr 7 Gilbert "Kid" Goulette Memphis, Tn D 20 May 17 "Portland" Jack Dempsey Pueblo, Co W 20 Jun 23 Jack McIninery Denver, Co D 6 -Some sources report "Jack McNierney" Jul 11 George Dixon Denver, Co L 20 -Featherweight Championship of the World Jul 18 Patsy Magmer Sioux City, Ia ND 15 Aug 17 Billy O'Donnell Sioux City, Ia W 20 -Some sources report "W 15" Aug 30 Harry Lyons Dubuque, Ia W 20 -This bout was promoted as a 126 Pound Championship contest Oct 2 Kid Asche Cincinnati, Oh D 15 Dec 11 Art Simms Cleveland, Oh D 20 Dec 14 Ned "Kid" Broad St. Louis, Mo NC 2 Dec 29 Dick Green Sioux City, Ia W 15 1900 Jan 15 Young Corbett Chicago, Il KO 1 Feb 11 Art Simms Akron, Oh D 20 -Some sources report 2/12/00 Feb 20 Oscar Gardner Chicago, Il ND 6 -Reports vary - "W 6" - "D 6" Mar 14 Jack Downey Des Moines, Ia KO 2 Apr 17 Terry McGovern Chicago, Il ND 6 Jun 12 Terry McGovern Coney Island, NY LK 3 -Featherweight Championship of the World Dec 8 Terry McGovern Milwaukee, Wi EX 4 1902 Jan 1 Joe Bernstein St. Louis, Mo L 15 1903 Nov 9 Joe Mace Philadelphia, Pa ND 6 Dec 7 Tony Moran Peoria, Il W 10 1904 Feb 10 Young Griffo Chicago, Il KO 1 -Some sources report "LT 1" Feb 19 Harry Griffin Chicago, Il LT 4 -Some sources report "L 4" 1921 Feb 9 -At Chicago, Tommy White, ex-featherweight champ, was given a thrashing by Alderman John H. Lyle at City Hall today; The clash followed a meeting of councilmen during which a proposed state law to legalize boxing was discussed; White and the alderman had words. The ex-champion struck at Lyle, he missed; The alderman feinted, then uppercutted, catching White on the jaw and knocking him on his back; White came up however and the fight resumed; Lyle rushed White into a corner and rained blow after blow on the former champs face; The fight was stopped when the police arrived *** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed *** 1892 Feb 11 Charlie Webber Minneapolis, Mn W 8 -Some sources report "Charlie Webster" 1896 George "Mystery" Kerwin W 6 -Kerwin appears to have been an amateur at this time 1899 Mar 30 "Portland" Jack Dempsey Denver, Co W 20 *** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte *** *** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis and Barry Deskins, Historians,
International Boxing Research Organization