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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Jack Carrig

BORN June 24 1875; Woburn, Massachusetts (Some sources report June 1877 in Olean, New York; He fought out of Olean)
DIED March 9 1913; Port Arthur, Texas (Some sources report March 11 1913; Niagara Falls (NY) Gazette reported Carrig drowned in a river in Texas)
WEIGHT 130-135 lbs



Carrig was a popular fighter despite the fact that he had a mediocre, up-down career; He was vulnerable to a solid punch

During his career, Carrig defeated such men as
Gilbert "Kid" Goulette, Jack Lewis, Mike Leonard, Adam Ryan, Joe Flaherty and Barney Furey

Jun 15 Walter Nolan                 Elmira, NY                       KO  6
          -Some sources report "Walter Nelson"
Nov 11 Hiram "Hymie" Goldstein      Elmira, NY                        D 20
Dec 23 Hiram "Hymie" Goldstein      Olean, NY                         D 20

Mar 25 Tod Bailey                   Warren, Pa                       WF  9
Apr 30 Kid Roberson                 Chicago, Il                       L  6
          -Some sources report "L 4"
May 26 Otto Sieloff                 Chicago, Il                       D  6
Jul  7 Tom McGlynn                  Buffalo, NY                       W 12
          -Some sources report "D 12"
Oct 31 Jack Lewis                   Chicago, Il                       W  6
Nov 12 Mike Leonard                 Chicago, Il                      TK  5
          -Some sources report "W 5"
Nov 26 Jack Carroll                 Chicago, Il                       W  6
          -This man was actually "Young Ross" of Chicago;
           Some sources report "Frank Carroll"

Jan 16 William "Kid" McPartland     Buffalo, NY                       L 10
          -Some sources report "L 20"
Feb 25 Jack Lewis                   Chicago, Il                       L  6
Mar 21 William "Kid" Parker         Denver, Co                       LK 11
          -Reports vary - 3/11/99 - 3/22/99
Jul  7 William "Kid" Parker         Denver, Co                       LT  6
Aug 17 Billy Moore                  Oleon, NY                         D 20
Oct  2 Tom Couhig                   Buffalo, NY                      LK 14
          -Some sources report "LT 18"
Dec  4 Dal Hawkins                  Buffalo, NY                      LT  5

Jan 18 Teddy Daly                   Hot Springs, Ar                  KO  6
          -Some sources report 1/19/00
Jan 22 Joe Youngs                   Buffalo, NY                      LF  6
Feb 14 Clever Miller                Memphis, Tn                       W 10
Feb 14 Bob Dorff                    Memphis, Tn                      KO  4
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Mar 22 Emilio Sanchez               Olean, NY                        LK 16
          -Some sources report 3/24/00
Oct 12 Martin Duffy                 Chicago, Il                       L  6
Oct 19 Perry Queenan                Milwaukee, Wi                     D  6
Oct 30 Gus Gardner                  Youngstown, Oh                   LK 19
Dec  7 Steve Crosby                 Chicago, Il                       L  6

Oct 12 Jack Lewis                   Chicago, Il                      ND  6
Nov 23 Adam Ryan                    Chicago, Il                       W  6
Dec  7 Martin Judge                 Chicago, Il                       L  6
Dec 20 Emilio Sanchez               Chicago, Il                       L  6

Jan  4 Jim Popp                     Chicago, Il                       L  6
Feb 27 Art Simms                    Hot Springs, Ar                  LK  8
Mar 15 Joe Flaherty                 Chicago, Il                       W  6
Apr 19 Billy Gardner                Boston, Ma                       LK  6
May 19 Billy Gardner                Boston, Ma                        D 10 
          -Some sources report "D 6"
Jul  3 Mike "Twin" Sullivan         Boston, Ma                        D  6
          -Some sources report "D 10"
Sep 17 Otto Sieloff                 St. Paul, Mn                      D 10
Oct 17 Tim Kearns                   Chicago, Il                      LF  3
Nov  8 Tim Kearns                   Chicago, Il                      LK  4

Jan 22 Rufus "Rufe" Turner          Oakland, Ca                      LK  1
Mar    Ed Allen                     in Panama                        KO  5
Mar    an unknown opponent          in Panama                        KO  1
Apr  9 Jimmy Gardner                Boston, Ma                       LK  3
Sep 28 Kid Ferry                    Bethlehem, Pa                     L 10
Dec 17 Yock Hayden                  Plymouth, Pa                     TK  4
Dec 19 Ed Gardner                   Chicago, Il                      KO  2

Aug    Eugene Bezenah               Newport, Ky                      EX  6
Nov 27 Jack Waldron                 St. Louis, Mo                    KO  3

Jul  3 Barney Furey                 Memphis, Tn                      KO  3
Nov 22 Billy Mayfield               Lafayette, In                    LT  6

Jan 31 Charlie Conkle               Buffalo, NY                      LK  3
          -Conkle was a boxer-wrestler who had a big advantage in weight

Jan 17 Jimmy Potts                  Minneapolis, Mn                  LK  2

Feb 17 "Young" Kid Farmer           New Orleans, La                  LK  3
*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Mar    John Coates                  Baltimore, Md                   SCH  
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Apr    Tod Bailey                                                   SCH  
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Jul  7 Gilbert "Kid" Goulette       Buffalo, NY                       W 12
          -One source reported this bout being held on the same date
           as the Carrig-McGlynn bout

*** Photo and much data provided by William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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