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Miguel Angel Cuello

BORN   February 27 1946; Elortondo, Santa Fe, Argentina
DIED September 14 1999
WEIGHT 173-178 1/2 lbs
MANAGER. Umberto Brachini
TRAINER Amilcar Brusa

Cuello was a talented fighter and solid puncher who had a short career but a very successful one; He was proof that a boxer does not need many, many bouts to be a outstanding man; During his brief career, he won the WBC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World and the Light Heavyweight Championship of Argentina

During his career, he defeated such men as Jesse Burnett, Mario Almanzo, Ray Anderson, Juan Aguilar and Aldolfo Cardozo


       Ottomar Sachase            Munich, Germany                   W  3
       Marin Culineac             Munich, Germany                  TK  2
       Mate Parlov                Munich, Germany                   L     
          -The previous 3 bouts were part of the Olympic Games
          Light Heavyweight Competition


Jul 25 Ivan Rojas                 Venado Tuerto,Argentina          TK  2
Aug 25 Adolfo Cardozo             Buenos Aires, Argentina          TK  2
Oct 20 Carlos Santagada           Venado Tuerto, Argentina         KO  2
Nov 10 Simeon Gallardo            Buenos Aires, Argentina          TK  2
Nov 24 Juan Aguilar               Buenos Aires, Argentina           W 10
Dec 12 Simeon Gallardo            Salta, Argentina                 TK  2
Apr 19 Ivan Rojas                 Venado Tuerto, Argentina         TK  2
Jun  7 Luis Colen                 San Juan, Argentina              KO  1
Jul 10 Roberto Aguilar            Buenos Aires, Argentina          TW  5
          -This bout was declared a "Technical Win"
Sep 27 Roberto Aguilar            San Juan, Argentina              KO  2
Dec 11 Guillermo Aguirrezabala    Buenos Aires, Argentina          TK  1
Mar  7 Raul Loyola                Cordoba, Argentina               TK  4
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Argentina
Jun 13 Roberto Aguilar            Venado Tuerto, Argentina         KO  3
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Argentina
Oct 10 Ivan Rojas                 Rosario, Argentina               KO  4
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Argentina
Dec 13 Charles Freeman            Paris, France                    TK  2
Feb  2 Phil Matthews              Paris, France                    TK  2
Feb 20 Ray Anderson               Hamburg, Germany                 KO  6
Apr  3 Mario Almanzo              Kiel, Germany                    KO  2
Oct  1 Wayne Magee                Milan, Italy                     TK  4
Oct 28 Kurt Luedecke              Milan, Italy                     TK  1
May 21 Jesse Burnett              Monte Carlo, Monacco             KO  9
-WBC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jan  7 Mate Parlov                Milan, Italy                     LK  9
          -WBC Light Heavyweight Championship of the World

*** Assistance Provided By
Seth Callis ***


Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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