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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy DeCoursey
(Earl Lemoine)

BORN   March 4 1876 (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
WEIGHT 120-128 lbs
MANAGER  Mark Shaughnessy


DeCoursey was a fast moving boxer type who was a popular draw; Although he had an up-down career, he tangled with the best fighters around and usually gave a good account of himself

During his career, he defeated such men as Solly Smith, Aurelio Herrera, Johnny Ritchie, Tommy Cox and Billy Moore

Sep  1 Hennessey                  Oakland, Ca                        KO  1

Jan 17 Marty McCue                Oakland, Ca                         L  8
Mar 18 Yank Savage                Oakland, Ca                         D  6
Aug 12 Ed Chambers                Los Angeles, Ca                     D 10

Mar  3 Johnny Rowan               Los Angeles, Ca                    TK  5
Apr 14 Portland Kid               Los Angeles, Ca                    KO  2
May 15 "Utah" Bob Thompson        Los Angeles, Ca                    LT 13
          -DeCoursey was outweighed by nearly 20 pounds
Aug 21 Aurelio Herrera            Los Angeles, Ca                    LT 15
          -Some sources report 8/31/00
Oct 13 George Baker               Los Angeles, Ca                     L 20
Dec 14 Chick Finerty              Oakland, Ca                        KO  6
          -Some sources report "KO 8"

Feb 21 Willie Cole                San Francisco, Ca                  LF  4
Apr  5 Seward Smith               San Diego, Ca                      KO  6

May 21 Tommy Cox                  Redding, Ca                        WF 19
          -Featherweight Championship of the Pacific Coast 
Sep  3 Aurelio Herrera            Los Angeles, Ca                     W 20
Oct  9 Joe Bernstein              Los Angeles, Ca                     D 20
Nov 30 Tommy Cox                  Redding, Ca                         D 20
          -Featherweight Championship of the Pacific Coast 

Apr 23 Kid Fredericks             Seattle, Wa                         D 20
Jun 26 Tim Hegarty                Portland, Or                       LK  9
          -Some sources report 7/26/02;
           Some sources report "L 10"
Nov 11 Solomon "Solly" Smith      Los Angeles, Ca                    KO 11
          -Some sources report 11/12/02;
           Some sources report "KO 10"
Dec 12 Henry Gentsch              Monterrey, Ca                      KO  1

Sep  4 Frankie Neil               Los Angeles, Ca                    LT 15
          -Some sources report this bout as a Bantamweight Championship
           of the World contest; Some sources report 9/05/03; Some sources 
           report 9/06/03; Police intervened

Jan 26 Jack "Kid" Madden                                            SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled
Feb  1 Jack O'Keefe                                                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; the outcome is not known
Feb 16 Johnny Ritchie             San Diego, Ca                      LK 13
Mar 29 Johnny Ritchie             San Diego, Ca                      WF  8
          -Reports vary - "NC 8" - "WF 8" - "WF 11"
Jul  1 Billy Brown                San Diego, Ca                       D  4

          -Prior to July 1, 1904, DeCoursey had become matchmaker
           and manager of the San Diego (Ca) AC (Actual date not

Mar 24 Billy Snailham             San Diego, Ca                       D 15
          -Some sources report "L 10" on 10/01/05

Sep 14 Johnny Ritchie             San Diego, Ca                      KO 45
          -Many fans thought it was a low blow that downed Ritchie
Apr 16 Terry Davis                San Diego, Ca                       D 20
Nov 16 Abe Attell                 San Diego, Ca                       L 15
          -Featherweight Championship of the World

Jul 23 Danny Webster              San Bernardino, Ca                  L 20

Oct 30 Billy Moore                Marshfield, Or                      W  8

Apr 14 Kid Ash                    Calgary, Ab, Canada                KO  4

Jan 29 Joe Bayley                 Saskatoon, Sk, Canada              LK 15
          -Lightweight Championship of Canada
Mar 11 Jack Nutt                  Regina, Sk, Canada                 LK 15

Oct  4 Eddie "K.O." Fingard       Winnipeg, Mb, Canada               LK 10

*** Photo Provided By William Schutte ***

*** Some Data Provided By Chuck Johnston ***

*** Some Data Provided By Luckett Davis ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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