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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy Snailham

BORN   Fought out of San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 125-150 lbs

Snailham was a capable fighter who had careers in the ring as a boxer, trainer, promoter and referee; He also operated a famous training camp; Aside from his boxing involvements, outside the ring he was a member of the Bridge & Structural Ironworkers Organization

Billy defeated such men as Solomon "Solly" Smith, C. Attell, "Fighting" Dick Hyland, Tommy Feltz, Johnny Ritchie, Billy DeCoursey and Joe "Spider" Welsh

Jul  4 Willie Schoenbein          San Francisco, Ca                  W  3
          -Some sources report "KO 3" vs. "Billy Schoenbein" in 1904
Dec 20 Tommy Gilfeather           San Francisco, Ca                  D 10

Jan 25 Tommy Gilfeather           Oakland, Ca                        D 15
Mar 25 Dennis "Kid" McFadden      Oakland, Ca                       LK  8
          -Some sources report "LK 7"
Apr 15 Tommy Gilfeather           Stockton, Ca                      KO  8

Feb 5 Mississippi                 Oakland, Ca                       LK  9
         -Some sources report "LK 8" on 2/06/03
Jun 18 Mike Memsic                Portland, Or                      LT  6
Aug  1 Silent Rowan               Bingham, Ca                        D 20
Oct 17 Johnny Ritchie             Victoria, BC, Canada               W   

       Frank McConnell                                               W  3
       Joe "Spider" Welsh                                            W  3
       Joe Bradshaw                                                  W  4
       Joe Fields                                                    W  3
       Jack Nolan                                                    W  4
       Joe Bradshaw                                                  W  4
       C. Attell                                                     W 20
          -This man may have been "Caesar Attell"
Aug 10 Kid Texas                  San Diego, Ca                      D 20
Aug 26 Solomon "Solly" Smith      San Diego, Ca                     KO  3
          -Smith went down to avoid Snailham's blows
Oct  5 Johnny Ritchie             San Diego, Ca                      W 20
       Jimmy Ryan                                                   KO  2
       George Curran                                                KO  2

       Al Craford                                                   KO  1
       J.H.V. Duskey                                                KO  1
       J.H. Faceo                                                   KO  2
       Billy Connolly                                               KO  1
       Jack Murphy                                                  KO  1
       Teddy Moran                                                  KO  1
May  5 "Fighting" Dick Hyland     Sacramento, Ca                     W 20
          -Some sources report 5/06/05
       Jack Stone                                                   KO  4
       Billy DeCoursey                                               W 10
          -Some sources report 10/01/05
       Benny "Kid" Solomon                                           D 15
Nov 22 Johnny Crowe               Sacramento, Ca                     W 20
Nov 28 Danny Lynch                Vallejo, Ca                       TK  6
       Bobby Johnson                                                KO  3

       Johnny Crowe                                                  W 20
       Johnny Crowe                                                  D 20
Sep 28 Johnny Crowe               Everett, Mi                       KO 13
          -Crowe died in the dressing room as a result of the 
          knockout; Snailham hit Crowe with a combination to
          the kidney and heart; Crowe collapsed in the ring
          and died without regaining consciousness; The autopsy
          showed that Crowe had an enlarged heart, stomach 
          problems, and a clot in the brain; Snailham had
          fought Crowe at least three times in the past year,
          and Crowe had been knocked out during a fight with
          Louie Long just two months before

Jan 14 Tim Callahan               Vallejo, Ca                       D 20
          -Some sources report 1/15/07;
          Some sources report "Los Angeles, Ca"
Jul  2 Rufus "Rufe" Turner        San Diego, Ca                     D 20
Dec 19 Louis "Kid" Scaler         Sacramento, Ca                   LK  9

Mar 20 Louis "Kid" Scaler         Bakersfield, Ca                   L 20
Apr 24 Tommy Feltz                Sacramento, Ca                    W   
Apr 30 Tommy Feltz                Buffalo, NY                       W 20
Jul  4 Tommy Feltz                Chico, Ca                         W 20
Aug 21 Danny Webster              Los Angeles, Ca                   L 20
          -Some sources report 8/17/08

Feb 25 Charley Reilly             San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Mar 18 "Oakland" Frankie Burns    San Francisco, Ca                LK  1
          -Some sources report "California" Frankie Burns

Oct 19 Kid Moler                  Stockton, Ca                     LF   
          -Some sources report 10/25/11 vs "Kid Molan"  

May 10 -Snailham referred the William Hickman (Al McCoy)-Robert Turney bout
          in San Francisco, Ca; Tunney died

*** Bottom Photos Were Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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