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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Frank McConnell

BORN March 28 1878; Fought out of San Francisco, California
DIED December 14 1951
WEIGHT 135-145 lbs


McConnell was a talented fighter who battled many outstanding men of his day and fought for the reported Welterweight Championship of the World; During his career, he defeated Young Griffo, Charles McKeever, Lon Agnew, Billy Gallagher, Jim Franey, Jimmy Handler, Charles "Rough House" Burns and Joe "Spider" Welsh


From the Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle

       an unnamed opponent                                           KO  4
       E. Bush                                                       KO  2
       J. Duffy                                                      KO  1
       Joe Kane                                                      KO  2
Nov  5 Billy Elmer                Oakland, Ca                        TK  4
Dec 14 Lon Agnew                  Oakland, Ca                         W  8

Feb  3 Young Griffo               San Francisco, Ca                   W 15
Jun 21 Charles McKeever           San Francisco, Ca                   W  4
         -Some sources report 6/22/98;
          Some sources report "KO 4"
Aug  5 Tom Tracey                 San Francisco, Ca                  LK 17
Sep 23 Young Corbett (George Green) San Francisco, Ca                 L 10

Jan 24 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                   D 10
          -Some sources report 1/25/99;
           Some sources report "D 20"
May 30 Billy Gallagher            Los Angeles, Ca                    WF 19
          -McConnell was a skillful boxer and Gallagher fought 
           a foul bout from the start; Some sources report 5/30/98
Aug 16 Jim Franey                 San Francisco, Ca                  KO 14
          -McConnell knocked Franey unconscious in the 14th round;
           He regained consciousness a few hours later but died on
           the following day
Nov 17 Jimmy Handler              Brooklyn, NY                       TK 15
          -Some sources report "New York, NY"
Dec  3 Charles "Rough House" Burns St. Louis, Mo                     KO  8
          -Some sources report 12/04/99

Jan 26 "Mysterious" Billy Smith   New York, NY                       LK 22
          -Some sources report this as a Welterweight Championship
           of the World contest; The weight limit was 148 lbs
Mar 22 Al Neill                   San Francisco, Ca                  LK  8 
          -Some sources report 2/22/00
Dec 20 Otto Cribb                 San Francisco, Ca                  LK  4
          -Some sources report 12/21/00

Oct 22 Jimmy Little               San Francisco, Ca                  KO  3
Nov  7 Louie Long                 Oakland, Ca                         L 10

Aug 29 Joe "Spider" Welsh         San Francisco, Ca                   W 10
          -Perhaps, the verdict was "KO 10";
           Sources are not clear
Sep 30 Dixie Kid (Aaron Brown)    Oakland, Ca                        LK  4

Jan 15 Joe "Spider" Welsh         San Francisco, Ca                  LK 14
       Louie Long                 Oakland, Ca                         D   
       Louie Long                 Oakland, Ca                         W 10
Aug 27 Joe "Spider" Welsh         Oakland, Ca                         W 10

Jun 13 Jack Munroe                San Francisco, Ca                 SCH   
          -This exhibition bout was scheduled; Te outcome is not known 
       Billy Snailham                                                 L  3

Mar  6 George Brown               Vancouver, Wa                      LK  3
Nov 30 Joe Thomas                 San Francisco, Ca                  LK  1

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization