"Denver" Jack Geyer
(John Lewis Geyer)

BORN   October 23 1883;  Putnam County, Ohio (Monroe Township)
DIED   January 27 1953; Detroit, Michigan (Buried: Grand Lawn Cemetery)
HEIGHT 6-0 1/2
WEIGHT 191-199 lbs
RACE   White; German-American


Jack spent his childhood in Putnam county, Ohio; he moved to Denver, Colorado, as a young man and stayed until approximately 1917; then, he moved to Columbus, Ohio, around 1917; he lived his final 16 years (approximately 1937-1953) in Detroit

During his life, Jack was a professional boxer, a Columbus, Ohio policeman, a bodyguard for Tom Mix, and a security guard for Ford Motor Company

Geyer was a big, strong heavyweight with a punch; He was a White Hope of the teens

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In this very informative book about "Denver" Jack Geyer, the author has provided a well-researched and detailed account of one of the better American heavyweight fighters during the teens years. Geyer posted a solid ring record wih victories over such men as Ed "Gunboat" Smith (twice), Frank Moran, George "One-Round" Davis, James "Tut" Jackson and Rufe Cameron. He also served as a sparring partner for champions Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey. In addition to his ring career, "Denver" Jack was a bodyguard for the famous western hero, Tom Mix, and a Plant Security Guard at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit after his retirement from boxing. The author utilized newspaper accounts and "Denver" Jack's personal scrapbook in tracing his career. The book includes descriptions of his ring battles, occurences that involved his family and various endeavors and incidences in his personal life, and reads in an easy fashion enhanced by numerous photographs. It contains a goldmine of information about this man and many of those he encountered during his life.

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       August Brenny                                               KO  2
       Joe Kelly                                                   KO  1
       Mex Pachee                                                  KO  2
       Jim Smith                                                   KO  4
       Jim Johnson                                                 KO  7
       Joe Willis                                                  ND   
Nov  9 Joe Willis                     Los Angeles, Ca              LT 10
Nov 30 Joe Willis                     Los Angeles, Ca              ND 10

       Frank Coleman                                               KO  1
       Joe Tracy                                                   KO  2
May 16 Jack Johnson                   San Francisco, Ca            EX  4
May 24 Ed "Gunboat" Smith             Oakland, Ca                   L 10
       Jack Edison                                                 KO  2
       Jack Dean                                                   KO  2
       Albert Coons                                                KO  3
       Jimmy McDonald                                              EX  8

       Jack Vess                                                   KO  2
       Harry Miller                                                KO  2
Mar 17 Tommy Dugan                    Tulsa, Ok                    KO  1
Apr 28 Harry Wuest                    Tulsa, Ok                     W 15
          -Some sources report "D 15"
       Dan Shoemaker                                               KO  2
       Ed Lammers                                                  KO  3
Aug 15 Ed "Gunboat" Smith             Taft, Ok                     KO  9
       Al Solomon                                                  KO  1
Nov 13 Carl Morris                    New York, NY                 LT  9
Dec 15 Charles Horn                   San Francisco, Ca             L  4
Dec 29 Charlie Miller                 San Francisco, Ca             D 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"

Jan  5 Ed "Gunboat" Smith             San Francisco, Ca             W 10
Aug  9 Frank Moran                    San Francisco, Ca             W  4
Aug 22 Soldier Elder                  Oakland, Ca                  KO  7

Jan 24 Rufus "Rufe" Cameron           San Francisco, Ca             W  4
          -Some sources report "D 4" against "Jim Cameron"
Apr 18 Alfred "Soldier" Kearns        Buffalo, N                   LK  8
Jul  3 Carl Morris                    Denver, Co                    D 10
Sep  1 Fireman Harris                 Trinidad, Co                 KO 15
Nov  8 George "Boer" Rodel            Brooklyn, NY                 ND 10
Nov 21 George "One-Round" Davis       Buffalo, NY                  ND 10
          -Some sources report "KO 2"

Jan  9 George "One-Round" Davis       Buffalo, NY                  KO  1
Jan 20 Dave Berry                     New York, NY                 KO  2
Mar  5 Jack "Twin" Sullivan           Buffalo, NY                  LF 10
          -Some sources report 3/07/14
May  5 "Fighting" Dick Gilbert        Denver, Co                    L 15
Sep  4 Carl Morris                    Dallas, Tx                   LT  3
          -Some sources report "NC 3"
Oct 23 Carl Wamer                     Ottawa, Oh                    W  9
Nov 26 Jack Reed                      Ottawa, Oh                   KO  9
Dec 25 Gabe Gulart                    Ottawa, Oh                   ND 10

Jan 20 Gabe Gulart                    Lima, Oh                     ND 10
Feb 22 Al Williams                    West Baden, Oh               KO  6
May 24 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon          Cincinnati, Oh               LK  3
Jul  4 Al McCloskey                   Holgate, Oh                  KO  4
Aug  9 Gabe Gulart                    Defiance, Oh                  W 10
Sep  5 Dummy Bivins                   Troy, Oh                     KO  4
Oct 29 Jack Kelly                     Buffalo, NY                  ND 10
Nov  8 Battling Levinsky              Shenandoah, Pa               ND  6

Jan 29 Fred Nesser                    Columbus, Oh                 KO  3
Mar 11 Fred Nesser                    Columbus, Oh                 ND 10
Apr 13 Jim Coffey                     New York, NY                 LK  5
Apr 24 Gabe Gulart                    Columbus, Oh                 ND 12
May 12 Battling Rambaud               Massillon, Oh                 W 10
Oct  9 Joe Bonds                      Denver, Co                    L  9
          -Some sources report "LT 9"
Nov 15 Joe Bonds                      Denver, Co                    D 15

Jan  9 Jack Moran                     St. Louis, Mo                ND 12

Apr 25 Jack Dempsey                   Des Moines, Ia               EX  3
Jul  4 Frank Moran                    London, Eng                  LK  1
Aug 11 Dick O'Brien                   Columbus, Oh                  L 15
Oct  6 Dick O'Brien                   Columbus, Oh                  L 15
Oct 30 Frank Moran                    Pittsburgh, Pa               LK  8

Jun 21 Dick O'Brien                   Charleston, WV               ND 10

Dec 26 James "Tut" Jackson            Washington Court House, Oh    W 10

Jan 12 James "Tut" Jackson            Washington Court House, Oh   LF  2
May  4 James "Tut" Jackson            Washington Court House, Oh   LK  6

Jan 26 Tex Broad                      Steubenville, Oh             KO  5
Apr 27 Andy "Butch" Carr              Toledo, Oh                   LK  5 

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Nov 22 Charles Horn                   San Francisco, Ca             L  4
          -Some sources report "D 4"

Nov  9 Jack Kelly                     Buffalo, NY                  ND 10

       Frank Moran                                                 LK  7

*** Photos, articles and much data  provided by Max Geyer ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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"Little" Max is the Great Grandson of Max Geyer

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