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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

Jim Cameron
(James Eugene Cameron)

BORN    April 26 1885; Rusk County, Texas
DIED October 17 1949; Los Angeles, California
HEIGHT  6-3 (Some sources report 6-2)
WEIGHT  190-202 lbs
MANAGER  Eddie Burns
Not much is known about Cameron except for a few bouts in the western United States and the fact that he was a sparring partner on many occasions for some top fighters, including Jess Willard; Cameron was tall and had an 82 inch reach; He was a sewer contractor when not in the ring

DeWitt Van Court, Los Angeles boxing instructor and trainer, had a high opinion of Cameron and wrote an article in 1912 entitled, "Jim Cameron Likely to Step in [Jack] Johnson's Shoes"
Jun  5 "Battling" Johnson                                          EX  
Jun 27 Jim Tremble                Los Angeles, Ca                 SCH  
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           Some sources report 7/03/08
Jul 14 Frank Holbrook             Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  4
Nov    Arthur Collins             Los Angeles, Ca                   D 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"  

Feb  9 Jack Burns                 Los Angeles, Ca                  LK  6
Mar 14
-Cameron agreed to be a sparring partner for "Fireman" Jim Flynn
Apr 13 Ralph Calloway             Los Angeles, Ca                   W  6
          -Some sources report 4/16/09

          -Cameron went back into the sewer business

Jun    Tad Reardon                Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
          -Some sources report "ND 10"  
Oct 22 Jack Seiberg               Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  5
          -Some sources report "KO  1"

Jan 12 "Mexican" Pete Everett     Los Angeles, Ca                   W  
          -Some sources report 1/18/10
Mar 15 Joe Casey                  San Pedro, Ca                    KO  2
May 21 Dick Allen                 Vernon, Ca                        W 20
Jul  4 Jim Barry                  Maricopa, Ca                      L 10
Jul 23 Jim Barry                  Maricopa, Ca                     LK  5

*** Fights with Jim Barry were reportedly in
1911 and won ***
    by Cameron according to DeWitt Van Court, "The first
    fight he had with Barry was last Fourth of July and he
    had Barry to badly beaten that the crowd would not stand
    for his knocking him out, so [?] jumped into the ring
    and stopped the fight"

*** "The second time he made Barry quit in the eleventh round" ***

Jun 27 Soldier Quinn              San Francisco, Ca                NC  4
Jul 14 Soldier Quinn              San Francisco, Ca                NC  4
Jul 21 "Mysterious" Billy Smith   San Francisco, Ca                WF  3
Aug  4 Charles Horn               San Francisco, Ca                LK  3
          -Some sources report 7/19/11 
Sep  8 Charles Horn               San Francisco, Ca                LK  1
          -Some sources report 9/13/11
Nov  3 Pat McCarthy               San Francisco, Ca                 L  4

Feb 12 Soldier Elder              Vernon, Ca                       LK  3
          -Some sources report 12/22/11 at San Francisco, Ca
May 24 Charles Horn               San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
          -Some sources report "D 4" on 5/26/12
Jun 19 Charlie Miller             Oakland, Ca                       D  4
Aug  9 Cleve Hawkins              San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Aug 16 Ed Kennedy                 San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Sep 20 Al Williams                San Francisco, Ca                 W  4
Oct  4 Frank Moran                San Francisco, Ca                 L  4

Jan 24 "Denver" Jack Geyer        San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Aug    Jess Willard               Vernon, Ca                       EX  

          -Cameron worked as a sparring partner for Willard
           in training for the fight with John "Bull" Young

          -Cameron was a defendant in the case against Willard,
           following Young's death, but was freed

Oct 10 "Sailor" Jack Carroll      San Francisco, Ca                 L  4

Feb 20 Charlie Miller             San Francisco, Ca                 L 10
Apr 14 "Young" Jack Johnson       Vernon, Ca                       KO  2

May 9
-Cameron was convicted of "contributing to the
          delinquency of minor children" and ordered to
          pay for the upkeep of two children which he had
          with Mrs. Jessie Williams

Oct 30 Harry Wills                San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
Nov 16 Sam Langford               San Diego, Ca                    LT  6
          -Cameron broke his hand during the fight

Feb 13 Fred Fulton                Sacramento, Ca                   LK  3
Apr  2 "Fireman" Jim Flynn        Los Angeles, Ca                  EX  3

Apr  5
-Cameron confessed to the murder of Elleyett Bly,
           a Negro night watchman, and then asked to be
           a pall bearer at his funeral

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       "K.O." Bill Brennan                                         LK  1

*** Most Data Provided By
Arly Allen and Kevin Smith ***

*** Click Here To See Book Review For THE SUNDOWNERS ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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