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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- White Hope/Title Contender

"K.O." Bill Brennan
(Wilhelm Schenck)

BORN   June 23 1893; Chicago, Illinois (Some sources report County Mayo, Ireland)
DIED June 15 1924; New York, New York (shot and killed by a thug)
HEIGHT 6-1 (Some sources say 6-0)
WEIGHT 185-203 lbs
MANAGER Leo P. Flynn
Brennan was a top contender during the late teens and early twenties; He was a very good fighter with a hard punch; He was a top-flight heavyweight who gave as good as he got in two fights with Jack Dempsey until finally worn down by the famous fighter; Brennan would have been a top heavyweight in any period of history

During his career, Brennan defeated such men as Marty Cutler, Jack Cameron, Jumbo Wells (Jack Hubbard), George "Kid" Cotton, Al Benedict, George "Boer" Rodel, George "One-Round" Davis, Al Williams, Tony Ross, Alfred "Soldier" Kearns, Tim Logan, Jack Keating, "Sailor" Jack Carroll, Horace "Soldier" Jones, Bob Devere, Joe Cox, Battling Levinsky, Joe Bonds, Tom "Bearcat" McMahon, Walter "Farmer" Lodge, "Fighting" Bob Martin, and Jim Tracey

Brennan-Dempsey 1920 Pre-Fight Video Clip

Brennan-Dempsey 1920 Fight Video Clip

Brennan-Firpo 1923 Fight Video Clip

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          -Brennan began fighting under the name Bill Shanks

       Marty Cutler                                                  KO  4
May 29 Ned Carpenter              Burlington, Wi                     ND 10 

       Al Goodale                                                    KO  1
       Tom Devlin                                                    KO  2
       Mike Cantwell                                                 KO  2
       Frank Bowers                                                  KO  3
       Billy Irons                                                   KO  1
       Jack Cameron                                                  KO  1
       Frank Cline                                                   KO  3
       Jack Heider                                                   KO  4
       Jumbo Wells (Jack Hubbard)                                    KO 14
       Jeff Davis                                                    KO  3
       Marty Cutler                                                   W 10
       Art Nelson                                                    ND 10

       Joe Morris                                                    KO  5
       Paddy Kelly                                                   KO  3
       Jim Tompkins                                                  KO  1
       Bud Adams                                                     KO  4
       Billy Clay                                                    KO  3
       George "Kid" Cotton                                           KO  2

Jan 12 Eli Stanton                Brooklyn, NY                       KO  1
Jan 17 Al Benedict                Brooklyn, NY                       KO  2
Jan 22 George "Boer" Rodel        Brooklyn, NY                       KO  7
Jan 24 Tim O'Neil                 Brooklyn, NY                       KO  3
Jan 29 Frank McMahon              Brooklyn, NY                       KO  2
Feb  1 Larry Williams             Brooklyn, NY                       ND 10
Feb  4 Joe Lennox                 Brooklyn, NY                       KO  2
Mar 20 Battling Ryan              New York, NY                       KO  6
Mar 23 Spike McFadden             New York, NY                       KO  6
Mar 31 Charley Emerson            New York, NY                       KO  2
Apr  3 Bob Williams               Woonsocket, RI                     KO  1
May  1 George "One-Round" Davis   Rochester, NY                      KO  2
May  4 George "Boer" Rodel        Brooklyn, NY                       TK  3
May  6 Al Williams                New York, NY                       KO  6
May 23 Tony Ross                  Rochester, NY                      KO  8
May 24 Andre Anderson             Providence, RI                      D 12
Jun 27 Joe Cox                    Brooklyn, NY                       LF  7
Jun 30 Terry Kellar               Rochester, NY                      ND 10
Jul  1 Alfred "Soldier" Kearns    Brooklyn, NY                       KO  8
          -Some sources report this bout held at Arverne, 
          Long Island, New York, NY
Jul 15 Joe Cox                    Brooklyn, NY                       ND 10
Jul 21 Jumbo Wells (Jack Hubbard) Rochester, NY                      KO  3
Oct 26 Tim Logan                  New York, NY                       KO  2
Oct 31 Tom Cowler                 Brooklyn, NY                       ND 10
Nov  4 Homer Smith                Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Nov 20 Tom Cowler                 Rochester, NY                      ND 10
Dec 30 Jack Keating               Long Island, NY                    KO  3

Jan  6 Jumbo Wells (Jack Hubbard) Brooklyn, NY                       KO  2
Jan 29 Joe Cox                    Rochester, NY                      ND 10
Feb  5 Al Benedict                New York, NY                       KO  7
Feb 12 Tex McCarthy               New York, NY                       KO  2
Mar  5 Tom Cowler                 Buffalo, NY                        ND 10
Apr 23 Jack McCarron              Toledo, Oh                         ND 10
Apr 28 Joe Bonds                  Brooklyn, NY                       ND 10
Jun  9 "Sailor" Jack Carroll      New York, NY                       KO  2
Jun 12 Bob Devere                 New York, NY                       ND 10
Jul  3 Horace "Soldier" Jones     Quebec City, Que, Can              TK  2
Jul 20 Bob Devere                 New York, NY                       KO  3
Aug  3 Joe Cox                    Quebec City, Que, Can              KO  3
Aug  7 Bartley Madden             New York, NY                       ND 10
Sep 18 Bartley Madden             New York, NY                       ND 10
Sep 27 Jack Clifford              Brooklyn, NY                       KO  4
Oct  2 Battling Levinsky          Boston, Ma                          D 12
Oct  6 Jack Hanley                Quebec City, Que, Can              KO  2
Oct 23 Battling Levinsky          Boston, Ma                          W 12
Nov  1 Joe Bonds                  Lawrence, Ma                       KO  2
Nov  5 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon      Rochester, NY                      ND 10
Nov  9 Jim Coffey                 New York, NY                       ND 10
Nov 27 Battling Levinsky          Boston, Ma                          L 12
Dec 10 Homer Smith                Racine, Wi                         ND 10

Jan 15 Battling Levinsky          Boston, Ma                          D 12
Feb 25 Jack Dempsey               Milwaukee, Wi                      LT  6
          -Brennan dislocated an ankle and was unable to continue
Jun 18 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon      LaSalle, Il                        ND 10
Jul  1 Bartley Madden             Jersey City, NJ                    ND  8

Feb 10 Harry Greb                 Syracuse, NY                       ND 10
Mar 17 Harry Greb                 Pittsburgh, Pa                     ND 10
Apr 28 Billy Miske                Tulsa, Ok                           L 15
Jun 25 Billy Miske                St. Louis, Mo                      ND  8
Jul  4 Harry Greb                 Tulsa, Ok                           L 15
Aug 23 Harry Greb                 Pittsburgh, Pa                     ND 10
Aug 27 "Sergeant" Jack Burke      New Orleans, La                    KO  7
Oct 20 Dan O'Dowd                 Jersey City, NJ                    ND  8
Oct 28 Johnny Saxon               Bayonne, NJ                        KO  5
Nov  2 Dan O'Dowd                 Providence, RI                      W 12
Nov 17 "Sailor" Andy Schmader     Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  4
Dec  1 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon      New Orleans, La                    KO  2
Dec  4 Mack Sullivan              Canton, Oh                         KO  1
          -Some sources report "Barberton, Oh"
Dec 25 "Sailor" Ed Petroskey      Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6

Jan  7 Bartley Madden             Kenosha, Wi                        ND 10
Feb  4 Hugh Walker                Kansas City, Mo                    ND 10
Feb 27 Spike McFadden             Detroit, Mi                        KO  2
Mar  5 "Captain" Bob Roper        Saginaw, Mi                        ND 10
Mar 17 Fred Lang                  Detroit, Mi                        KO  2
Mar 30 Bob Devere                 Aurora, Il                         ND 10
Apr 23 Walter "Farmer" Lodge      Detroit, Mi                        KO  2
          -Some sources report 4/26/20
May  6 Ole Anderson               Rochester, NY                      ND 10
          -Some sources report "Kansas City, Mo"
May 15 Whitey Allen               Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  4
May 19 Willie Meehan              Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Jun  4 Bartley Madden             Bayonne, NJ                         D 12
Jun 22 "Sailor" Jack Weldon       Syracuse, NY                       KO  3
Jun 26 Ole Anderson               Cleveland, Oh                      KO  8
          -Some sources report 6/28/20
Jul 28 George "Kid" Ashe          Jersey City, NJ                    KO  2
Dec 14 Jack Dempsey               New York, NY                       LK 12
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World

Jan 21 Bill Bailey                Savannah, Ga                       TK  3
Jan 27 Hugh Walker                Dallas, Tx                         ND 12
Feb  1 "Bandsman" Dick Rice       Buffalo, NY                        KO  2
Feb  4 Al Benedict                Syracuse, NY                       KO  6
Feb 15 Spike McFadden             Harrisburg, Pa                     KO  5
Feb 18 "Fighting" Bob Martin      New York, NY                        W 15
Mar 11 "Sergeant" Ray Smith       Havana, Cu                         KO  3
          -Some sources report 3/14/21
Mar 31 Jeff Clark                 Atlantic City, NJ                  LK  1
May  9 Billy Miske                Minneapolis, Mn                    ND 10
May 16 "Sergeant" Jack Burke      Allentown, Pa                      KO  4
Jun  8 Billy Miske                Milwaukee, Wi                      ND 10
Sep  5 Digger Brown               Savannah, Ga                       KO  1
Sep 15 Hugh Walker                St. Louis, Mo                       W 10
Sep 17 Ned Carpenter              Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  1
          -Some sources report 9/16/21
Oct 26 "Texas" Harry Tate         Cincinnati, Oh                     KO  2
Nov  2 Dan O'Dowd                 Marieville, RI                      W 12
          -Some sources report "W 10" in "Providence, RI" on 11/09/21

Apr 18 Dick Humphries             Cleveland, Oh                      ND  8
May 16 Jim Tracey                 New York, NY                       TK  8
Jun  5 Jack Leon                  Detroit, Mi                        KO  1
Jul  4 "Fighting" Bob Martin      Ashland, Ky                        ND 12
Sep  4 Jack Dempsey               Michigan City, In                 SCH   
          -This exhibition bout was scheduled but not held;
           It was prevented by the Governor

Jan  3 Hugh Walker                Grand Rapids, Mi                   ND 10
Jan 12 Floyd Johnson              New York, NY                        L 15
Mar 12 Luis Angel Firpo           New York, NY                       LK 12
Nov  7 Billy Miske                Omaha, Ne                          LK  4

*** Assistance Was Provided By Dan Cuoco  ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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