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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion


Sam Hurst
(the "Staleybridge Infant")

BORN   March 13 1832; Marsden, Yorkshire, England
DIED May 22 1882; Staleybridge, Lancashire, England
HEIGHT.. 6-2 1/2
WEIGHT 210-238 lbs
BACKERS Mr. Woolley, Mr. Hyde
Hurst was a successful wrestler but an inexperienced boxer with minor pugilistic skills; He was strong and tough but slow and awkward
Nov  5 Tom Paddock               Berkshire, Eng               (9:30)  W  5
          -Heavyweight Championship of England;
          Hurst received the Champion's Belt from Tom Sayers

Nov 19 -Hurst fell and broke a leg

Jun 18 Jem Mace                  Medway, Eng                 (40:00)  L  8
          -Heavyweight Championship of England;
          Weights: 200 - 158; Some sources report 
          Hurst was 6-2 1/2, 165 lbs

          -Hurst announced his retirement from the ring

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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