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Percy A. Jones

BORN December 26 1892; Porthcawl, Glamorganshire, Wales
DIED December 25 1922; (died of war wounds)
WEIGHT 111-112 lbs



Jones was a solid fighter who carried a punch; He began fighting in 1910 or 1911 and did not taste defeat until 1914 when he lost to Eugene Criqui; He avenged that loss shortly afterwards; His only other losses were to Joe Symonds, whom he had defeated three times earlier, and Tancy Lee, another world class man

During his caeer, Percy defeated such famous men as Joe Symonds, Bill Ladbury, and Eugene Criqui; Callis ranks Jones among the top twenty All-Time Flyweights

       Young Roberts                Pentre, Wales                     W  6
       Young Roberts                Pentre, Wales                     D  6

       Manny Chamberlain            Pentre, Wales                     W  6

       Dai Davies                   Pentre, Wales                    KO  9
       Con Rowlands                 Pentre, Wales                    KO  5
       Lewis Williams               Tonypandy, Wales                  W  6
          -Some sources report "Llew Williams"
       Gordon Francis               Pentre, Wales                    TK  3
       Curley Pullman               Tonypandy, Wales                  W 10
       Billy Farmer                                                  TK  5
Sep 20 Shaun Price                  Pentre, Wales                     W 10
Oct  5 Charles Yeomans              Pentre, Wales                     D 10
Nov 16 Will Gould                   Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  5
Nov 23 Harry Stuckey                Tonypandy, Wales                  W  6
Nov 30 Sam Morgan                   Pentre, Wales                     W  6
          -Some sources report "Tonypandy, Wales"
Dec  7 Jim "Young" England          Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  7
Dec 14 Dai Matthews                 Tonypandy, Wales                  W  6
          -Some sources report "Cardiff, Wales"

Jan 11 George Williams              Tonypandy, Wales                 TK 11
Jan 25 Young Rule                   Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  9
Feb  1 Young Kendall                Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  4
Feb  8 Billy Jones                  Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  2
Mar 19 Joe Symonds                  Tonypandy, Wales                 WF  4
Mar 29 Stoker Hoskyne               Tonypandy, Wales                 KO  3
Apr  5 Tommy Lewis                  Tonypandy, Wales                  W 12
          -Some sources report "Tim Lewis"
Apr 28 Gus Goverts                  London, England                   W  6
May  8 Tommy Harrison               Liverpool, England               TK 11
May 22 George "Young" Dando         Liverpool, England               TK  4
Jun  2 Joe Symonds                  London, England                   W 10
Jun  5 Dido Gains                   Liverpool, England               TK  6
Jun  7 Alf Mansfield                Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  5
Jun 23 Bill Kyne                    London, England                   W 10
Jul  5 Alf Mansfield                Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  8
Jul 10 Tom Cherry                   Liverpool, England               TK  6
Jul 22 Bill Kyne                    Tonypandy, Wales                  W 10
Sep 18 Joe Symonds                  Hanley, England                  TK  8
Sep 20 Dolly Benyon                 Tonypandy, Wales                  W 15
Oct 11 Tom Cherry                   Tonypandy, Wales                  W 15
Oct 18 Joe Wilson                   Tonypandy, Wales                 KO 13
Nov  8 Joe Wilson                   Tonypandy, Wales                 TK 12
Nov 24 Sam Kellar                   London, England                   W 15
Nov 27 Alf Mansfield                Liverpool, England               TK  8
Dec  6 Driver Knox                  Tonypandy, Wales                 KO  1

Jan  8 Marcel "Young" Million       Liverpool, England               TK  2
Jan 26 Bill Ladbury                 London, England                   W 20
          -IBU Flyweight Championship of the World;
          EBU Flyweight Championship of Europe;
          BBBC Flyweight Championship of Great Britain
Feb 12 Eugene Criqui                Liverpool, England                L 15
Mar 26 Eugene Criqui                Liverpool, England                W 20
          -IBU Flyweight Championship of the World;
          EBU Flyweight Championship of Europe
May 15 Joe Symonds                  Plymouth, England                LT 18
          -EBU Flyweight Championship of Europe
Jun  2 George Reeves                Tonypandy, Wales                 TK  7
Jun  3 Young Kendall                Tonyrefail, Wales                TK  4
Jun  8 Billy Jones                  Mountain Ash, Wales              TK  3
Oct 19 Tancy Lee                    London, England                  LT 14
          -This bout was promoted as a Flyweight Championship of Europe
          and a Flyweight Championship of Great Britain contest; Jones 
          failed to make the weight

Oct  1 Young Swift                  Plymouth, England                 D 15
Oct 11 Bill Ladbury                 London, England                  TK  5

*** Photos Provided By Bill Schutte ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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