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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Don Jordan
(Donald Lee Jordan)

BORN   June 22 1934; Los Angeles, California
DIED February 13 1997; San Pedro, California (Some sources report April 13 1997)
WEIGHT 132 1/2 - 153 lbs
MANAGERS Harry Kabakoff, Don Nesseth, Kirk Kerkorian
TRAINERS Jackie McCoy, Eddie Futch

Jordan was a capable fighter who never quite reached the level that boxing people expected from him; During his career, he won the Welterweight Championship of the World

On the wrong side of the tracks for much of his life, Don finally made it big in the ring; Then, again, he ran into tough times; Reportedly, some gentlemen muscled in on his fighting contract; Eventually, Frankie Carbo, Blinky Palermo, Joe Sica and Louis Dragna were sentenced to jail terms for extortion

Jordan died in a San Pedro, California, nursing home; Jordan had been in a coma since September 1996 when he was assaulted and robbed in a Los Angeles parking lot

He defeated such men as Lauro Salas, Virgil Akins, Denny Moyer, Isaac Logart, Orlando Zulueta, Paddy DeMarco, Joe Miceli, Gaspar Ortega, Fernando Barreto, Art Ramponi, Juan Padilla, Lahouari Godih, Manny Renteria, Enrique Esqueda, Archie Whitewater and Charley "Tombstone" Smith

Apr 27 Ray Serna                   Southgate, Ca                    W  4
May 18 Al Barbero                  Southgate, Ca                    W  4
Jul  4 Chi Chi Martinez            Hollywood, Ca                    W  6
Aug  8 Chi Chi Martinez            Hollywood, Ca                    W  4
          -Some sources report 8/09/53
Sep 26 George Macias               Hollywood, Ca                   TK  5
Oct 17 Marvin Smith                Hollywood, Ca                   TK  5
Nov  7 Marvin Smith                Hollywood, Ca                   TK  5
Dec 16 Dave Cervantes              Hollywood, Ca                    W  6
          -Some sources report "W 5"

Jan 16 Andy Escobar                Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Feb    Raul Esqueda                Mexicali, Mexico                 W 10
Mar 20 Andy Escobar                Hollywood, Ca                    L 10
Apr 17 Manuel Montes               Hollywood, Ca                   TK  2
May 31 Dickie Wong                 Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10
Jun 28 Freddie Herman              Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Aug 30 Art Ramponi                 Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Sep 20 Billy Hartman               Los Angeles, Ca                 TK  4
Oct  4 Art Ramponi                 Los Angeles, Ca                  W 12
Nov 29 Manny Renteria              Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  7

Jan 13 Lauro Salas                 Los Angeles, Ca                  W 12
Feb 15 Jorge Macias                Sacramento, Ca                   W 10
Mar  3 Frankie Cockrell            Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Mar 31 Lauro Salas                 Los Angeles, Ca                  W 12
Jun  2 Art Aragon                  Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10
Aug 18 Joe Miceli                  Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Sep  3 Woody Winslow               Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Oct 20 Frankie Skidmore            San Francisco, Ca                W 10
Dec 15 Art Aragon                  Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10

Feb  2 Paddy DeMarco               Los Angeles, Ca                 TK  5
Mar 29 Jimmy Carter                Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10
May  8 Joey Lopes                  Sacramento, Ca                   L 12
Jun  7 Timmy Jefferson             Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10
Jun 28 Frankie Skidmore            Los Angeles, Ca                 TK  7
Oct 16 Orlando Zulueta             Los Angeles, Ca                  L 10
Nov 18 Enrique Esqueda             Mexicali, Mexico                KO  1
Dec 27 Archie Whitewater           Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10

Jan  1 Al Nevarez                  Mexicali, Mexico                 L 10
Jan 24 Charley "Tombstone" Smith   Los Angeles, Ca                  L 12
Mar 19 Ezequiel "Chico" Uribe      Mexico City, Mexico              W 10
May 11 Jesse Bogart                Hollywood, Ca                   KO  1
Jun 15 Langston C. Morgan          Hollywood, Ca                    L 10
Jul 12 Arnoldo Gil                 Mexicali, Mexico                KO  2
Jul 23 Alfredo Cota                Tijuana, Mexico                 KO  1
Aug 12 Juan Padilla                Tijuana, Mexico                  W 10
Oct 12 Orlando Zulueta             Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Nov 29 Ray Portilla                San Diego, Ca                   KO  6

Jan  4 Willie Morton               Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Jan 28 Dave Charnley               London, Eng                      L 10
Feb 15 Karl-Heinz Guder            Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Apr 15 Francisco Echevarria        Mexicali, Mexico                TK  3
May  5 Kid Centella                Tijuana, Mexico                 KO  2
May 18 Alfredo Cota                Mexicali, Mexico                 W 10
Jul  2 Isaac Logart                Hollywood, Ca                    W 10
Aug 29 Lahouari Godih              New York, NY                     W 10
Sep 17 Gaspar Ortega               Portland, Or                     W 10
Oct 22 Gaspar Ortega               Long Beach, Ca                   W 12
Dec  5 Virgil Akins                St. Louis, Mo                    W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World

Jan 22 Alvaro Gutierrez            Los Angeles, Ca                 TK  3
Apr 24 Virgil Akins                St. Louis, Mo                    W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Jul 10 Denny Moyer                 Portland, Or                     W 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Dec  5 Fernando Barreto            Sao Paulo, Brazil                W 10
Dec 12 Federico Thompson           Buenos Aires, Argentina         LK  4

May 16 Marvin "Candy" McFarland    Baltimore, Md                    L 10
May 27 Benny "Kid" Paret           Las Vegas, Nv                    L 15
          -Welterweight Championship of the World
Jul 15 Phil Moyer                  Portland, Or                     L 10
Aug  6 Jesse Bogart                Nogales, Mexico                 KO  1
Aug 16 Julian Valdez               Tucson, Az                       W 10
Oct 16 Alfredo Cota                Mexicali, Mexico                 D 10
Nov 26 Ludwig Lightburn            Guadalajara, Mexico              L 10

Mar 11 Carmen Basilio              Syracuse, NY                     L 10
Aug  1 Ben Medina                  Fresno, Ca                       L 10
Aug 15 Hilario Morales             Juarez, Mexico                  LT  7
Nov 14 Rodolfo "Chivo" Diaz        Sacramento, Ca                   L 10
Dec 19 Tony DeMarco                Boston, Ma                      LK  2

Apr 27 Giancarlo Garbelli          Rome, Italy                      L 10
Jul 26 Joey Limas                  Albuquerque, NM                  L 10
Oct  5 "Battling" Torres           Los Angeles, Ca                 NC  1

*** Assistance Provided By Seth Callis ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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