Al Kaufmann

BORN   January 6 1886; San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 185-205 lbs
MANAGER Billy Delaney

Kaufmann was a muscular fighter with a punch; He used a cautious style but seized the chance to move in and deliver hard blows; Kaufman was a White Hope of the teens

During his career, Kaufmann defeated such men as Jack "Twin" Sullivan, Dave Barry, George Gardner, Mike Schreck, "Battling" Jim Johnson, "Fireman" Jim Flynn, Al Kubiak, Kid Kenneth, Terry Mustain and Al Benedict

Dec  6 Jack Walsh                  San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
Jul 27 Charles Hillard             San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
Aug  2 Tapero                      San Francisco, Ca               TK  1
Aug    Joe Black                   San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
Sep 27 Harry Foley                 San Francisco, Ca               KO  1
          -Some sources report 9/28/05
Oct 27 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien San Francisco, Ca               LK 17
Jan 26 Dave Barry                  Los Angeles, Ca                 KO 15
          -Some sources report "W 15"
Aug  7 Fred Bradley                Chelsea, Ma                     KO  5
Oct 31 Sam Berger                  San Francisco, Ca               KO 10
Dec 21 George Gardner              Los Angeles, Ca                 KO 14
Aug 29 Mike Schreck                San Francisco, Ca               KO  7
Oct 11 Dave Barry                  Philadelphia, Pa                TK  3
Nov 28 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Colma, Ca                        W 25
May 12 Joe Grim                    Oakland, Ca                      W  6
Jul 24 "Battling" Jim Johnson      Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  7
Aug 25 "Fireman" Jim Flynn         Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  9
Oct  4 Fred Bradley                New York, NY                    KO  4
Nov 10 Terry Mustain               Los Angeles, Ca                 KO 14
Dec 30 Jim Barry                   Vernon, Ca                      KO 39
Apr 13 Tony Ross                   Bronx, NY                       ND 10
Jul 30 Dr. B.F. Roller             Seattle, Wa                     EX  6
Sep  9 Jack Johnson                San Francisco, Ca               ND 10
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jan 19 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Apr 21 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Pittsburgh, Pa                  ND  6
Jun 18 Sam Langford                San Francisco, Ca              SCH   
          -This bout  was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jul    Jack Johnson                Reno, Nv                        EX   
Sep  5 Bill Lang                   Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Sep 26 Al Kubiak                   Baltimore, Md                    W  6
Oct  8 Tony Ross                   Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
May  5 "Fireman" Jim Flynn         Kansas City, Mo                 LK 10
Dec 28 Al Palzer                   New York, NY                    LK  5
          -Some sources report "Brooklyn, NY"

Jun 21 Charlie Miller              San Francisco, Ca                L  4
Oct 12 Luther McCarty              San Francisco, Ca               LT  2
Dec 25 Kid Kenneth                 Coalinga, Ca                    LK  7
Feb 11 Luther McCarty              Pittsburgh, Pa                  EX   
Apr 11 Jack Lester                 San Francisco, Ca                W  4
          -Some sources report "Oakland, Ca"
Apr 16 Al Benedict                 Philadelphia, Pa                TK  2 
Jul 10 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon       San Francisco, Ca               LK  1
Oct 26 Fred Fulton                 San Francisco, Ca                L  4
       Jack Thompson                                               ND  6

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

May 26 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        San Francisco, Ca               KO  1

May 26 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        San Francisco, Ca               KO  1

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization