Fidel LaBarba

BORN   September 29 1905; New York, New York
DIED October 3 1981; Los Angeles, California
WEIGHT 112-124 lbs
MANAGER George Blake

LaBarba was fast on his feet and hit accurately; He was a converted left-hander and a great defensive fighter who used a weaving style; LaBarba won the Flyweight Championship of the World in 1927 and retired from boxing at the end of that year to attend Stanford University; He returned to the ring in 1928 and and fought for six years but never regained the title

During his career, LaBarba defeated such men as Kid Chocolate, Charles "Bud" Taylor, Pedro Villa, Frankie Genaro, Elky Clark, Petey Sarron, Santiago Zorilla, Young Montreal, Willie LaMorte, "Memphis" Pal Moore, Bushy Graham, Tommy Paul, Young Nationalista, Willie Smith, Georgie Rivers, Clever Sencio, "California" Joe Lynch and Melvin "Happy" Atherton

Charley Rose ranked him as the #3 All-Time Flyweight; Herb Goldman ranked him as the #3 All-Time Flyweight; Nat Fleischer ranked him as the #4 All-Time Flyweight; He was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1972 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1996


May 21 Ray Fee                    Boston, Ma                       KO  2
          -National AAU Flyweight Championship
Jul 15 McKenzie                   Paris, France                     W  3
          -Olympic Flyweight Championship (Gold Medal)
Sep 18 Pat Pringle                Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  1

Oct 14 Frankie Grandetta          Vernon, Ca                        W  4
Oct 28 Jimmy McLarnin             Vernon, Ca                        L  4
Nov 11 Jimmy McLarnin             Vernon, Ca                        D  4
Dec  4 Pedro Villa                San Pedro, Ca                     W  4
Jan 13 Jimmy McLarnin             Vernon, Ca                        L 10
Feb 20 Young Nationalista         Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Mar 20 Georgie Rivers             Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Apr 17 Newsboy Brown              Hollywood, Ca                     D 10
May 29 Teddy Silva                Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Jul 17 Georgie Rivers             Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Aug 22 Frankie Genaro             Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
          -Flyweight Championship of America
Nov 20 Ray Fee                    Hollywood, Ca                    TK  1
Dec 23 Lew Perfetti               New York, NY                      W  6
Jan 20 Clever Sencio              Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Mar 12 Vic King                   Hollywood, Ca                    KO  4
Mar 31 Clever Sencio              Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
May  4 Emil Paluso                Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Jul  8 Georgie Rivers             Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
          -Flyweight Championship of America
Aug 13 Emil Paluso                Chicago, Il                       W 10
Aug 25 Melvin "Happy" Atherton    Chicago, Il                       W 10
Sep  2 Paul Milnar                Peoria, Il                        W  8
Oct  5 Newsboy Brown              Vernon, Ca                        D 10
          -Some sources report 10/06/26
Oct 26 Young Nationalista         Los Angeles, Ca                   D 10
Nov 19 "California" Joe Lynch     San Francisco, Ca                WF  4
Dec  7 Delos "Kid" Williams       Fresno, Ca                        W 10
Jan 21 Elky Clark                 New York, NY                      W 12
          -Flyweight Championship of the World
Feb 14 Johnny Vacca               Boston, Ma                        L 10
Mar 22 Johnny Vacca               Boston, Ma                        L 10
Apr 11 Young Montreal             Tucson, Az                        W 10
Apr 24 Young Montreal             Providence, RI                    W 10
Apr 29 "Mickie" Billy Shaw        Detroit, Mi                      ND 10
May 11 Babe Keller                Kalamazoo, Mi                    ND 12
May 27 Willie LaMorte             Cleveland, Oh                    TK 10
Jun 11 Paul Milnar                St. Paul, Mn                     EX  4
Jun 21 Mike Brody                 St. Louis, Mo                    ND 10
Jun 27 Clarence Rosen             Detroit, Mi                      ND 10
Jul 12 "Memphis" Pal Moore        Chicago, Il                       W 10
Aug 23 Johnny Vacca               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Aug     -LaBarba announced his retirement from boxing (only to return later)
Jul 17 Huerta Evans               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Aug  7 Earl Mastro                Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Sep 11 Bushy Graham               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Sep 25 Young Nationalista         Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Nov 23 Ray Ravini                 San Francisco, Ca                KO  8
Jan 26 Billy McAllister           Sydney, NSW, Aus                 KO  4
Feb  8 Willie Smith               Sydney, NSW, Aus                  W 15
Mar  2 Billy Grimes               Melbourne, Vic, Aus               W 15
Mar 16 Willie Smith               Sydney, NSW, Aus                 TK 12
May 22 Kid Chocolate              New York, NY                      L 10
Jun  7 Tommy Paul                 Buffalo, NY                       W  6
Jun 25 Earl Mastro                Los Angeles, Ca                   L 10
Aug 30 Jackie Mandell             Hollywood, Ca                    TK  8
Oct 12 Kid Francis                Paris, Fr                         L 12
Jan 14 Ignacio Fernandez          Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Jan 28 Johnny Torres              Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Feb 14 Charley Sullivan           Hollywood, Ca                    KO  5
Mar  4 Santiago Zorilla           Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Apr  4 Tommy Paul                 Buffalo, NY                       W 10
Apr 21 Charles "Bud" Taylor       Chicago, Il                       W 10
May 28 Bushy Graham               New York, NY                      W 10
Aug  7 Earl Mastro                Chicago, Il                       D 10
Nov  3 Kid Chocolate              New York, NY                      W 10
Nov 28 Charles "Bud" Taylor       New York, NY                      W 10
Dec  9 Eddie Shea                 Cleveland, Oh                     L 10
Feb  3 Claude Varner              Los Angeles, Ca                   D 10
Mar 27 Kid Francis                New York, NY                      W 10
May 22 Battling Battalino         New York, NY                      L 15
          -Featherweight Championship of the World;
          (as recognized by New York state)
Jun 26 Claude Varner              Hollywood, Ca                     L 10
Jul 20 Jackie Mandell             Stockton, Ca                     KO  1
Jul 24 Ray Montoya                Palm Beach, Ca                    W 10
Aug  6 Santiago Zorilla           Sacramento, Ca                    W 10
Aug 21 Pinto De Sa                San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Sep 16 Johnny Previs              Wilmington, Ca                    W 10
Oct  9 Joe Guererro               Sacramento, Ca                    W 10
Nov 10 Leslie "Wildcat" Carter    Seattle, Wa                       W  6
Nov 27 Santiago Zorilla           Hollywood, Ca                    KO  6
Dec 11 Leslie "Wildcat" Carter    Oakland, Ca                      KO  1
Dec 15 Billy Pelz                 Portland, Or                      W  6
Dec 17 Davie Jones                Tacoma, Wa                        W  6
Jan  1 Alberto "Baby" Arizmendi   Mexico City, Mx                   L 10
Mar 11 Varias Milling             Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Apr  8 Max Tarley                 Stockton, Ca                      W 10
Apr 22 Petey Sarron               Detroit, Mi                       W 10
          -NBA Featherweight Championship of the World - Elimination Bout
Apr 29 Johnny Pena                Detroit, Mi                       L 10
Jun  2 Varias Milling             Sacramento, Ca                    W 10
Jun 14 Tommy Paul                 Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Jun 28 Bobby Gray                 San Jose, Ca                     KO  8
Jul 29 Varias Milling             Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Aug 12 Al Citrino                 San Francisco, Ca                TK  6
Sep  2 Vicente Venturillo         Honolulu, Oahu, Hi               TK 10
Oct 16 Little Dempsey             Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                W 10
Nov 10 Conrad Senico              Honolulu, Oahu, Hi               TK  6
Dec  9 Kid Chocolate              New York, NY                      L 15
          -Featherweight Championship of the World
          (as recognized by New York state)
Dec 29 Tommy Paul                 Chicago, Il                       L 10
Jan 27 "Seaman" Tom Watson        New York, NY                      L 12
Feb 13 Mose Butch                 Pittsburgh, Pa                    W 10


Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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