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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Tony Marino

BORN   May 18 1912; Duquesne, Pennsylvania
DIED February 1 1937; New York, New York (cerebral hemorrhage)
WEIGHT 110 1/4-124 lbs
MANAGERS Reed Brown, Bill Newman, Frank Tabor, Charley Cook

Marino was a boxer, not a puncher; He possessed a good left hand and was scrappy;  He had a rather short career but won the Bantamweight Championship of the World during his ring tenure

He defeated such men as Baltazar Sangchili, Lou Salica, Nicky Jerome, Marty Gold, Johnny "Skippy" Allen and Joey Ross

Jul  2 Young Ketchell             North Braddock, Pa                  W  6

Jan  8 George Sotak               McKeesport, Pa                      W  6
Feb 26 Young Ketchell             McKeesport, Pa                      W  6
Oct 15 George Tomasky             McKeesport, Pa                      W  6
Nov 12 Cleo McNeal                McKeesport, Pa                     TK  1
Nov 30 Tony Shea                  Pittsburgh, Pa                     TK  4
Dec 21 Johnny Edwards             Wheeling, WV                        W 10

Jan  7 Frisco Grande              McKeesport, Pa                      W 10
Jan 21 Marty Gold                 McKeesport, Pa                      W 10
Feb 11 Franklyn Young             McKeesport, Pa                      W 10
Feb 15 Mickey Farr                Pittsburgh, Pa                     TK  3
Mar 14 Joey Ross                  Pittsburgh, Pa                      W  8
Mar 31 "Wee" Willie Davies        McKeesport, Pa                      L 10
May 20 Young Ketchell             Steubenville, Oh                    W  8
Jun  6 Midget Wolgast             North Braddock, Pa                  L 10
Oct 10 Bobby Leitham              Toronto, Ont, Canada                L 12
Nov  3 Ernie Maurer               Toronto, Ont, Canada                L  6
          -Some sources report "L 10"

Jun  5 Johnny Perrine             Millvale, Pa                        W 10 

Aug 10 Joey Dodge                 Reno, Nv                            D 10
Sep  7 Bobby Olivas               San Francisco, Ca                  TK  5
Sep 28 Ray Mayo                   San Francisco, Ca                   W  8
Oct 25 Small Montana              Sacramento, Ca                      L 10
Nov 12 Small Montana              San Francisco, Ca                   L 10
Dec  7 Pablo Dano                 Watsonville, Ca                     L 10

Mar 15 Joey Dodge                 Sacramento, Ca                      W 10
Apr 11 Pablo Dano                 Sacramento, Ca                      L 10
Jul 12 Young Tommy                Hollywood, Ca                       L 10
Aug  5 General Padilla            San Francisco, Ca                   W  8
Oct  2 Midget Wolgast             Oakland, Ca                         L 10
Oct 22 Speedy Dado                Sacramento, Ca                      D 10

Mar 14 Richard LiBrandi           Brooklyn, NY                        W  6
Mar 28 Johnny "Skippy" Allen      Brooklyn, NY                       TK  4
Apr 11 Willie Felice              Brooklyn, NY                       LK  3
May  2 Willie Felice              Brooklyn, NY                        W  6
May 16 Santos Hugo                Brooklyn, NY                       TK  4
Jun  2 Lou Salica                 Long Island City, NY                W 10
Jun 29 Baltazar Sangchili         New York, NY                       KO 14
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Aug 31 Sixto Escobar              New York, NY                       LT 13
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Oct 15 Baltazar Sangchili         Pittsburgh, Pa                      L 10
Oct 31 Nicky Jerome               Brooklyn, NY                        W  8
Nov 21 Jimmy Martin               Brooklyn, NY                        W  8
Dec  9 Cristobal Jaramillo        New York, NY                        W  8
Dec 19 Nicky Jerome               Brooklyn, NY                        W  8

Jan 30 Carlos "Indian" Quintana   Brooklyn, NY                        L  8
          -Marino took a beating and was knocked down four times;
          As the decision was being announced in favor of Quintana,
          Marino collapsed to the canvas and slid into a coma; 
          He never regained consciousness and died two days later

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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