Max Schmeling
(Maxmillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling)
(the "Black Uhlan")

BORN   September 28 1905; Klein Luckow, Brandenburg, Germany (Some sources report Uckermar)
DIED February 2 2005; Hollenstedt, Germany (near Hamburg)
WEIGHT 175 1/4-196 lbs
MANAGERS Hugo Abels, Willi Fuchs, Max Machon, Arthur von Bulow, Joe Jacobs
TRAINER Max Machon

Schmeling was a good boxer with a stiff right-hand punch and somewhat difficult to anticipate due to his European style of fighting; Max always studied his opponents thoroughly before meeting them in the ring
Nat Fleischer ranked Schmeling as the #9 All-Time Heavyweight; Herb Goldman ranked him as the #15 All-Time Heavyweight; He was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1970, the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1982 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992


       Willy Louis                                                  L   
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Western Germany
Jul    Otto Nispel                 Chemnitz, Ger                    L  5
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Germany;
           (Two extra rounds were fought)
Aug  2 Hans Czapp                  Dusseldorf, Ger                 TK  6
Sep 20 Willy Louis                 Duisburg, Ger                   KO  1
Sep 22 Henri Van Der Vyver         Cologne, Ger                    KO  3
          -Some sources report "Dusseldorf, Ger"
Oct  4 Phil "Rocky" Knight         Cologne, Ger                     W  8
Oct 10 Max Diekmann                Berlin, Ger                     LT  4
Oct 31 Fred Hammer                 Cologne, Ger                    TK  3
Dec  4 Hans Breuer                 Cologne, Ger                    KO  2
Dec  7 Battling Mathar             Dusseldorf, Ger                 KO  3
Dec 17 Richard Hartig              Berlin, Ger                     KO  1
          -Some sources report "Helmuth Hartig"
Dec 26 Jimmy Lyggett               Cologne, Ger                    WF  4
          -Some sources report "TK 4"

Jan 18 Johnny Cludts               Cologne, Ger                    KO  2
          -Some sources report "John Kloudts"
Jan 20 Joe Mehling                 Berlin, Ger                      W  6
Feb    Jack Dempsey                Cologne, Ger                    EX  2
Mar  1 Leon Randol                 Cologne, Ger                    KO  4
Mar 15 Alfred Baker                Cologne, Ger                    KO  3
          -Some sources report "W 8"
Apr  3 Jimmy Lyggett               Berlin, Ger                      D  8
Apr 28 Fred Hammer                 Bonn, Ger                        W  8
May  9 Jack Taylor                 Cologne, Ger                     L 10
Jun 14 Leon Randol                 Brussels, Belg                   D 10
          -Some sources report 6/13/25
Sep  1 Larry Gains                 Cologne, Ger                    LT  2
Nov  8 Rene Compere                Cologne, Ger                     W  8
Feb 12 Max Diekmann                Berlin, Ger                      D  8
Mar 19 Willy Louis                 Cologne, Ger                    KO  1
Jul 13 August Vongehr              Berlin, Ger                     KO  1
Aug 24 Max Diekmann                Berlin, Ger                     TK  1
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Germany
Oct  1 Hermann van't Hof           Berlin, Ger                     WF  8
Jan  7 Jack Stanley                Berlin, Ger                     KO  8
          -Some sources report 1/13/27
Jan 23 Louis Wilms                 Breslau, Ger                    TK  8
Feb  4 Joe Mehling                 Dresden, Ger                    KO  3
Mar 12 Leon Sebilo                 Dortmund, Ger                   KO  2
Apr  8 Francis Charles             Berlin, Ger                     KO  8
Apr 26 Stanley Glen                Hamburg, Ger                    KO  1
May  7 Robert Larsen               Frankfurt, Ger                   W 10
May 17 Raoul Paillaux              Frankfurt, Ger                  KO  3
Jun 19 Fernand Delarge             Dortmund, Ger                   TK 14
          -EBU Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
           This was the first live transmitted
           boxing match on German radio 
Jul 13 Jack Taylor                 Hamburg, Ger                     W 10
Aug  7 Willem Westbroek            Essen, Ger                      KO  1
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Sep  2 Robert Larsen               Berlin, Ger                     KO  3
Oct  2 Louis Clement               Dortmund, Ger                   KO  6
Nov  6 Hein Domgorgen              Leipzig, Ger                    KO  7
          -EBU Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
           Light Heavyweight Championship of Germany
Dec  2 Billy "Gypsy" Daniels       Berlin, Ger                      W 10
         -Daniels was the Light Heavyweight Champion of England
Jan  6 Michele Bonaglia            Berlin, Ger                     KO  1
          -EBU Light Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
           Bonaglia was the Light Heavyweight Champion of Italy
Feb 25 Billy "Gypsy" Daniels       Frankfurt, Ger                  LK  1
Mar 11 Ted Moore                   Dortmund, Ger                    W 10
Apr  4 Franz Diener                Berlin, Ger                      W 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of Germany
May    -Schmeling was stripped of the German and European
          Heavyweight titles
Nov 23 Joe Monte                   New York, NY                    KO  8
Jan  4 Joe Sekyra                  New York, NY                     W 10
Jan 21 Pietro Corri                Newark, NJ                      KO  1
          -Some sources report 1/22/29
Feb  1 Johnny Risko                New York, NY                    TK  9
Jun 27 Paulino Uzcudun             Bronx, NY                        W 15
Jul 24 an unnamed opponent         Chicago, Il                     EX   
Jul 25 Herman Heller               Omaha, Ne                       EX  4
Jul 27 Herman Heller               Denver, Co                      EX  4
          -Some sources report 1/27/29

          -Schmeling boxed exhibitions for six weeks,
           during Jul-Aug, with 23 unnamed opponents

Aug 22 Hermann Heller              Winnipeg, ---, Can              EX  2
Aug 22 Walter Selis                Winnipeg, ---, Can              EX  2
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Jun 12 Jack Sharkey                Bronx, NY                       WF  4
          -NBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jul  3 W.L. "Young" Stribling      Cleveland,Oh                    TK 15
          -NBA Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jan 11 George LaRocco              Boston, Ma                      EX   
Jan 11 George Panka                Boston, Ma                      EX  1
Jan 11 Pedro Lopez                 Boston, Ma                      EX  1
          -The previous 3 bouts were held the same date
Apr 20 Jack Shaw                   Cleveland, Oh                   EX  2
Apr 20 Pedro Lopez                 Cleveland, Oh                   EX  1
          -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Jun 21 Jack Sharkey                Long Island City, NY             L 15
          -NBA Heavyweight Championship of the World

         -Schmeling gave a series of exhibition bouts

Sep 26 Mickey Walker               Long Island City, NY            TK  8

May 27 Jack Dempsey                Lake Swannaga, NJ               EX  1
Jun  8 Max Baer                    Bronx, NY                       LT 10

Feb 13 Steve Hamas                 Philadelphia, Pa                 L 12
May 13 Paulino Uzcudun             Barcelona, Spain                 D 12
          -Some sources report 5/12/34
Aug 26 Walter Neusel               Hamburg, Ger                    KO  9
Mar 10 Steve Hamas                 Hamburg, Ger                    KO  9
Jul  7 Paulino Uzcudun             Berlin, Ger                      W 12
Jun 19 Joe Louis                   Bronx, NY                       KO 12
Sep 30 Jim Braddock                New York, NY                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Braddock injured a hand in training
Dec 12 -Braddock was prohibited from engaging in any bouts
          by the New York State Athletic Commission, after
          a hearing: "The Commission forbids Braddock from 
          engaging in a bout of any length whatsoever
          against Joe Louis before he defends his title
          against Max Schmeling"

Feb    -Braddock signed to fight Joe Louis
Jun  3 Jim Braddock                New York, NY                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Braddock chose to fight Louis instead
Jun 10 -Madison Square Garden was denied request for
           an injunction to prevent the Louis-Braddock
Dec 13 Harry Thomas                New York, NY                    TK  8
          -Some sources report 12/14/37
Jan 30 Ben Foord                   Hamburg, Ger                     W 12
Apr 16 Steve Dudas                 Hamburg, Ger                    KO  5
Jun 22 Joe Louis                   Bronx, NY                       LK  1
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
Jul  2 Adolf Heuser                Stuttgart, Ger                  KO  1
          -EBU Heavyweight Championship of Europe;
           Heavyweight Championship of Germany
        -Schmeling visited at least one Allied prisoner of war camp in 1945;
         He handed out photos of himself to American GIs; As Sergeant Sam
         Nahan reported -- "when he left we took the pictures he had given
         us and did our duty on them in the latrine" Nevertheless, the Allied 
         forces viewed Max as a "genuine anti-Nazi who helped American
         prisoners in German camps."

Sep 28 Werner Vollmer               Frankfurt, Ger                 KO  7
Dec  7 Hans Joachim Draegestein     Hamburg, Ger                    W 10
May 23 Walter Neusel                Hamburg, Ger                    L 10
Oct  2 Hans Joachim Draegestein     Kiel, Ger                      KO  9
Oct 31 Richard Vogt                 Berlin, Ger                     L 10
          -Some sources report "Reidel Vogt"

       Cassius Clay (Mhammad Ali)                                   L 15

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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