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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Harry McCoy

WEIGHT 125-145 lbs

McCoy was a ready, willing and able fighter; He was called the Featherweight Champion of America, the Welterweight Champion of America, and the Champion of the Rocky Mountains at times during his career

Feb  7 Dan McGill                 in New Mexico                     KO  3

Jul 16 -McCoy refereed the Jim Fell-Hugh McManus fight near Rich Hill, Mo;
          Some sources report July 13 near Kansas City;
          Some report July 15 1884
Sep 15 Charles Woods              Peoria, Il                        KO  7

Apr  9 Jack Hughes                Clifton, Az                        W  8
Jun 18 "Big" Frank White          Lake Valley, NM                   KO  7

Feb 16 John Clow                  Fort Worth, Tx                     D  6
Apr 23 Dan Gallagher              Gordon, Tx                        KO  3

Feb 27 Ed Kelly                   St. Louis, Mo                     LF  4
Mar 27 George Mitchell            East St. Louis, Il                 W  4
Apr 23 Gypsy Miles                East St. Louis, Il                 D  6
May  5 Charles Allen              Cairo, Il                          D  5 
          -McCoy was called the Champion of the Rocky Mountains;
           Allen was called the Champion of New England
May  6 Charles Woods              Cairo, Il                          D  5
Sep 19 Dan Delaney                Sandoval, Il                      KO  1
Oct 22 Charles Hershey            Decatur, Il                       KO  4
Nov 21 Charles Woods              Peoria, Il                        KO  6

Feb 5 -Chicago (Il) Tribune reported that McCoy fought Jimmy Connors
          in Decatur, Il recently
Sep 29 William Koskey             Rich Hill, Mo                      W  4

Feb 20 William Koskey             Nevada, Mo                         W  8
Jul 23 Jack McBride               Argentine, Ks                     KO  2
Dec  5 Mike Smith                 Vinita, Ok                        KO 11

Jan  2 Tom Brady                  Kansas City, Mo                   KO  2
Apr  7 -McCoy seconded Dan Gallagher vs "Reddy" Hennessey near Peoria, Il
Oct 15 Johnny Murphy              Fort Madison, Ia                  KO  5
          -Murphy was called the Champion of Colorado

Oct 29 Jim Lewis                  Moline, Il                         W  6

Jun 30 Gypsy Gleason              near Burlington, Ia                W  6
          -Welterweight Championship of America
Aug  4 Gypsy Gleason              Burlington, Ia                    KO  2

Apr    Jim Daly                   Burlington, Ia                    KO  2
May 30 Jack Davis                 near Burlington, Ia               KO  6
          -McCoy was called the Welterweight Champion of America

Jun 17 Billy Layton               near Burlington, Ia               KO  5
          -Some sources report "KO 6"
Nov 10 -McCoy seconded Billy Layton vs Harry Murphy near Des Moines, Ia

Mar 12 John Ryan                  near Creston, Ia                  LK 12

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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