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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy McLean

BORN    December 3 1831; Lancashire, England (Some sources report Scotland in 1833; Some sources report 1835)
HEIGHT  5-9 1/2
WEIGHT  150 lbs

McLean was a Boxing Instructor at the Lewis Gymnasium in Philadelphia, a famous baseball umpire and, later, got into politics

Data from his time period is difficult to track down; Any notable additions, please send along

       Con Foley                  New York, NY                     EX   
       Dunn                       New York, NY                     EX   

       Joe Coburn                                                  EX   
          -Some sources report "D"
       Tom Allen                                                   EX   
       Johnny "Cocky" Woods                                        EX   
       Mike Carroll                                                EX   
       Mileage Cornell                                             EX   

Dec  6 Jimmy Murray               Elkton, Md                       WF 25
          -London Rules were used for this bout;
          Some sources report "LF 25"

Sep 11 -Janesville (Wi) Gazette reported that McLean traveled with the
          Providence club and made $25 per week as a League umpire
Dec 20 Fred Smith                 Philadelphia, Pa                  W   
          -Blackened gloves were used; McLean won 16-7

Nov 10 Mike Cleary                New York, NY                     EX   

Sep 21 -Boston (Ma) Daily Globe reported that "McLean is by all means 
         the best umpire in the country"

Apr 30 George Fulljames           Detroit, Mi                      EX  3
May  7 Jim Harrison               London, Ont, Canada               W  3

Nov 27 Jimmy Hogan                New York, NY                     EX   

Feb 16 Peter Jackson              Philadelphia, Pa                 EX   
          -This was a friendly session; McLean was 59 years old
Mar  3 Jim Corbett                Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  4
          -Some sources report "EX 3"

Nov 15 Joe Bowers                 Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled as part of a benefit for Billy McLean;
           The outcome is not known; It appears Bowers did not oppose McLean

Dec 25 Jem Mace                   Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  4

Oct 20 Harry Berger               Philadelphia, Pa                 EX  3

Sep 27 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                EX  3
          -McLean was 72 years old

Apr  5 Joe Thiel                  Philadelphia, Pa                 LK  4

*** Some Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

*** Some Data Was Provided By Chuck Hasson ***

*** Some Data Was Provided By John McLean, relative ***

*** Some Data Was Provided By Arthur McLean, relative ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization