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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Claimant

"Merciless" Ray Mercer

BORN   April 4 1961; Jacksonville, Florida
HEIGHT.. 6-1 1/2
WEIGHT 210-246 lbs
MANAGER Marc Roberts
TRAINERS Hank Johnson, Stacey McKinley

Mercer was a strong heavyweight and a hard hitter; His chin was among the best; He was a serious contender during his career and won the WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World, the IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship and the NABF Heavyweight Championship

Ray defeated such men as Tim Witherspoon, Tommy Morrison, Francesco Damiani, Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead, Osvaldo "Ossie" Ocasio, Bert Cooper, Don Steele, Wesley Watson, Brian Scott, Troy Weida, Steve Pannell, Darroll Wilson and Mario Cawley

*** AMATEUR BOUTS (68-6) ***

        -Mercer won the United States Amateur Heavyweight Championship

        -Mercer won the Olympics Heavyweight Championship in Seoul, South Korea


Feb 24 Jesse McGee                Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  3
Mar  4 Luis Walford               Bismark, ND                        KO  1
          -Some sources report 3/03/89
Mar 28 Garing Lane                Las Vegas, Nv                       W  4
May 16 David Hopkins              Indianapolis, In                   KO  1
Jun 12 Ken Crosby                 Las Vegas, Nv                      KO  1
Jul 15 Al Evans                   Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  1
Aug 15 Tracy Thomas               West Orange, NJ                    KO  1
Sep  5 Mitchell "Dino" Homsey     Stateline, Nv                      TK  1
Sep 19 Arthel Lawhorne            Jacksonville, Fl                   TK  2
Oct 17 Eddie Richardson           Phoenix, Az                        KO  1
Nov 14 Jerry Jones                West Orange, NJ                     W  8
Dec 7 Osvaldo "Ossie" Ocasio      Las Vegas, Nv                       W  8

Jan 15 Wesley Watson              Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
Mar  2 Kimmuel Odum               Las Vegas, Nv                       W 12
          -IBF Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
May 31 Lionel Washington          Rochester, NY                      TK  4
Aug  5 Bert Cooper                Atlantic City, NJ                   W 12
         -NABF Heavyweight Championship

Jan 11 Francesco Damiani          Atlantic City, NJ                  KO  9
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World
Oct 18 Tommy Morrison             Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  5
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World

          -Mercer relinquished WBO Heavyweight Championship 
           of the World shortly after the Morrison bout

Feb  7 Larry Holmes               Atlantic City, NJ                   L 12
Oct  7 Mike Dixon                 Augusta, Ga                        TK  7
Dec 10 Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead     Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  2

Feb  6 Jesse Ferguson             New York, NY                        L 10
Aug 12 Tony Willis                Bay St. Louis, Ms                  TK  1
Oct  6 Mark Wills                 Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Nov 19 Jesse Ferguson             Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10

Jul 28 Marion Wilson              Atlantic City, NJ                   D 10
          -This was a very controversial decision;
           Many observers thought Wilson clearly won
Oct 22 Frank Bruno                Hong Kong, China                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
           Financial problems

May 20 Evander Holyfield          Atlantic City, NJ                   L 10

May 10 Lennox Lewis               New York, NY                        L 10
Dec 14 Tim Witherspoon            Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10

Feb 21 Leo Loiacono               Miami, Fl                          KO  2

Dec 18 Jim Haynes                 Tunica, Ms                         KO  1

Feb 11 Jeff Pegues                Elgin, Il                          TK  2
Mar 17 Don Steele                 Philadelphia, Ms                   KO  5
Oct 13 Bryan Scott                Copenhagen, Denmark                TK  2

Feb 23 Troy Weida                 Atlantic City, NJ                  TK  1
Jun 29 Wladimir Klitschko         Atlantic City, NJ                  LT  6
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World
Aug 23 Mario Cawley               Coconut Creek, Fl                  KO  3
Nov 11 Shawn Robinson             Elizabeth, In                      TK  3

Feb 28 Steve Pannell              Coconut Creek, Fl                  TK  3
May 24 -Mercer retired from the ring (only to return later)

Jun 24 Darroll Wilson             Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10
Aug 26 Shannon Briggs             Hollywood, Fl                      LK  7

Sep 15 Mikael Lindblad            Karlstad, Sweden                   KO  1

Jan 26 Derric Rossy               Macao, China                        L 12
          -WBO NABO Heavyweight Championship;
          WBC Asian Boxing Council Heavyweight Championship
          World Boxing Foundation International Heavyweight Championship
Sep  5 Richel Hersisia            Karlstad, Sweden                    W  6

Feb 25 Stephane Tessier           Montreal, Que, Canada             SCH   
          -This bout is scheduled

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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