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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

Billy Peyton

BORN   1867; Newark, New Jersey (Fought out of Washington, DC)
WEIGHT 158-170 lbs

Payton was a natural fighter who was quick on his feet, fast with his fists and carried a solid punch; During his career, he won several championships

Billy defeated such men as Mike Brennan, Jim Janey and Patsy Raedy

       Billy Daly                                                   W   
       Bill Martin                                                  W   
       Bill Johnson                                                 W   

Apr  9 Howard Humphrey             Washington, DC                   W   
Apr 22 Dick Phillips               Highlands, Md                   WF  7
          -This bout was promoted as the middleweight championship of the
           District of Columbia; Peyton won by disqualification; Some sources
           report 4/23/96 at Washington, DC for the middleweight championship
           of Washington, DC
Dec 22 Mike Brennan                Washington, DC                   W  6
          -Perhaps, this is a reference to the 12/23/98 bout

Dec 21 Al Coleman                  Washington, DC                   W  6

Dec 23 Mike Brennan                Bladenburg, Md                  KO  6
          -Some sources report 12/30/98
Dec 27 Mike Brennan                near Washington, DC              D  6
          -Perhaps, this is a reference to the 12/23/98 bout

Apr 25 Joe Sweeney                 Washington, DC                  LF  5
Aug 18 Jim Janey                   Washington, DC                   D 15
Sep 12 Jim Janey                   near Washington, DC             KO 12
Nov  2 Ed Coleman                  near Washington, DC             KO  2
Nov 29 Patsy Raedy                 near Washington, DC             TK 11

Feb 15 Jack Collier                near Washington, DC             KO 11
          -Some sources report "TK 11" on 2/16/00
Feb 22 Burt Clarke                 near Washington, DC             WF 12
          -Heavyweight Championship of Washington, DC;
           Peyton was disabled by a questionable blow;
           He was given a rest, and the fight was then
           ordered to continue; Clarke refused, saying
           he had knocked out Peyton and should be the
           winner; Referee Jake Kilrain disqualified
           Clarke; Some sources report "W 12"; Some
           report "WF 8" 
May 30 Patsy Raedy                 near Washington, DC              D 20
          -Middleweight Championship of Washington, DC;
           Some sources report 5/11/00
Jul  7 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Aug 25 Ed Denfass                  Philadelphia, Pa                ND  6
Sep  3 Black Fitzsimmons           Chesapeake Junction, Md          D  3
          -The Sheriff intervened; Peyton had Fitzsimmons
           on the verge of a knockout
Sep 21 Dan Creedon                 Baltimore, Md                   LK  7

Mar 19 Charley Lewis               Baltimore, Md                   LK  9

Nov 10 Joe McWilliams              Baltimore, Md                    W   

*** Much Data Was Provided By Kevin Smith and Laurence Fielding ***

Compiled by Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization