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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

"Iron Jawed" Jack Weday

BORN   November 23 1870; in Poland
DIED July 21 1923; near Detroit, Michigan (drowned in the Detroit River); His body was found on the Windsor, Ontario, Canada side of the river and that is where he is buried
HEIGHT 5-4 1/4 (Some sources report 5-4 1/2; Some report 5-5)
WEIGHT 145-153 lbs

Weday was a popular main event club fighter with a brawling, aggressive style; He served America as a soldier, then a sailor; He won the Welterweight Championship of the Navy in 1896; Jack was a quiet and gentlemanly fellow with a sweet disposition; He drowned in the Detroit River under mysterious circumstances in 1923

During his career, he defeated such men as Frank Purcell, Joe "Kid" Cotton, "Scaldy" Bill Quinn, Tom McCune, "Wild" Bill Hanrahan, Willard Bean, Lou Agnew, Jimmy Kennard and Jack Moffatt

       Frank Purcell               San Francisco, Ca                D 20

Jan  3 Billy Gallagher             in California                    D 20
       Jim Green                   Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  4
       Dunlop                                                      KO  1
Apr  1 Pat Delaney                 Los Angeles, Ca                 KO  5
       Jim Williams                                                 W 10
Aug 14 Frank Purcell               San Francisco, Ca               LK 10
Sep  1 Jack Hamlin                                                  W 10

       Jim Ash                                                     KO  6
       Jim Hodges                  Los Angeles, Ca                  W  6
Feb 12 Frank Purcell               Los Angeles, Ca                  W 20
Apr 27 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Los Angeles, Ca                  W 15
Oct 13 Willard Bean                Mercur, Ut                      LT  8

Jan 16 Jim Morris                  Mercur, Ut                      KO 14
       Mike "Dummy" Rowan                                           W 10
Apr 13 Tom Dunbar                  Mercur, Ut                      KO  1
Jul 17 Billy Edwards               Eureka, Ut                      KO  5
Aug 24 Willard Bean                Provo, Ut                       NC  8
Dec 14 Phil Green                  Oakland, Ca                      L 10

       Fred Ast                                                     W 20
       Willard Bean                Provo, Ut                        W 20
       Phil Green                  Los Angeles, Ca                  D 20
       Jack Ortega                 Los Angeles, Ca                  W 15
Dec  7 Jim Tremble                 Los Angeles, Ca                 LT 11

Jun 11 Lon Agnew                   Honolulu, Oahu, Hi               W 10
Aug 17 "Soldier" Phil Kaminsky     Honolulu, Oahu, Hi              KO  5
Sep 21 "Soldier" Phil Kaminsky     Honolulu, Oahu, Hi              KO  5
Nov 16 Jimmy Kennard               Honolulu, Oahu, Hi               W 10

Apr  4 Lon Agnew                   Honolulu, Oahu, Hi              KO  4

Jan  1 Dave Barry                  Honolulu, Oahu, Hi              LT  5
Jan 30 Bill Huihui                 Honolulu, Oahu, Hi               D  6
       F. Greenhill                Hong Kong, China                KO  4

Nov  5 Jack Lalor                  Cape Town, WCape, SAfrica       LK  4

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Mar  6 Billy Gallagher             San Diego, Ca                    D 10
          -Sources report that Gallagher fought a man named "Jack Wendy";
          Perhaps, that man was this Jack Weday;
          Perhaps, this bout is a reference to the 1/03/97 bout

       Joe "Kid" Cotton            Los Angeles, Ca                  W 10

       Tom McCune                                                   W  8
       "Wild" Bill Hanrahan                                         W 10
       Joe "Kid" Cotton            Salt Lake City, Ut              ND  4

       Jack Moffatt                                                KO  6

*** Most Data Was Provided By Martin Stapleton ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization