Edward "Bearcat" Wright

BORN   December 18 1897; Galveston, Texas (Fought out of Omaha, Nebraska)
DIED July 6 1975; San Antonio, Texas
WEIGHT 205-230 lbs
MANAGER Jim Dougherty

Wright was "bone hard" with massive arms and shoulders; He fought from a low crouch and moved from side to side; On offense, he usually bore in throwing looping lefts and rights to the body and after he got close, used uppercuts to the head and body.

On defense, "Bearcat" wrapped his arms around his body in a crab shell manner like Archie Moore and used his arms and shoulders to ward off punches.

During his career, Wright defeated such men as Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Dan "Porky" Flynn, James "Tut" Jackson, Brad Simmons, "Big" Bill Hartwell, Roy "Ace" Clark, Cecil "Seal" Harris, Neil Clisby and "Long" Tom Hawkins

          -Wright began boxing; early record not available

       Bob McHavin                in Cuba                          KO  4
       Bishop Bregg               in Cuba                          KO  2
       Whirlwind Langford         in Cuba                          KO  3
       Mulatto Phillips           in Cuba                          KO  8
          -The previous 4 bouts were probably held in 1919

       Jack Thompson              Omaha, Ne                         W 10
       Tim O'Leary                Omaha, Ne                         W 10
       Jim Wetherson              Omaha, Ne                         W 10
          -The previous 3 bouts were most likely fought in 1920;
           Wright was discharged from the Navy in 1920 and moved
           to Omaha, Ne

Aug 24 "Young" Peter  Jackson     Omaha, Ne                        KO  5
Aug 30 Sam Langford               Walthill, Ne                      L 10

May 20 Jack Thompson              Omaha, Ne                         D 10
Jul 20 Sam Langford               Omaha, Ne                        LK  9
Aug 12 Jack Taylor                Omaha, Ne                         W 10
Oct  7 Ben Miller                 York, Ne                         LF  6
          -Some sources report 10/06/21
Nov 10 Jim Hayler                 Walthill, Ne                      D 10
Dec 17 Jack Taylor                Omaha, Ne                         D 10

Jun 19 Sam Langford               Galveston, Tx                     D 12
Jul 17 Sam Langford               Tulsa, Ok                        LT  5
          -Wright broke his hand and was forced to retire

Jul    Dan "Porky" Flynn                                           KO  4
Jul    Al Norton                                                   KO  3
Aug    Sam Langford               Mexico City, Mx                  KO  9
Sep  2 Battling Monroe            Nebraska City, Ne                LK  1

Aug    Walter "Farmer" Lodge      in Nebraska                      KO  5
Aug 27 "Topeka" Jack Johnson      Topeka, Ks                       KO  2
Aug 28 "Young" Sam Langford       Topeka, Ks                       KO  2
Nov 12 George Bourland            Des Moines, Ia                   ND  8
          -Some sources report "L 10"
Nov 25 James "Tut" Jackson        Topeka, Ks                        W 10
          -The Topeka (Ks) Captial (11/24/25) reports
           that Wright had 8 straight knockouts prior
           to this bout
Dec 11 Walter "Farmer" Lodge      St. Paul, Mn                     KO  3
          -Some sources report "Minneapolis, Mn"
Dec 17 James "Tut" Jackson        Topeka, Ks                        D 10

       "Memphis" Kid Norfolk                                        W 10
       Earl Black                                                  KO  2
Mar 17 James "Tut" Jackson        Wichita, Ks                      KO  5
Mar 25 George Bourland            Omaha, Ne                        KO  1
Apr 12 Brad Simmons               Topeka, Ks                       KO  7
Apr 24 William Banks              Sioux City, Ia                   KO  2
Apr 30 George Bourland            Des Moines, Ia                   KO  4
Jun    Roy "Ace" Clark            Galveston, Tx                     W 12
Aug  2 James "Tut" Jackson        Cedar Rapids, Ia                 KO  7
Aug 23 Joe Gilmore                Cedar Rapids, Ia                 ND 10
          -Some sources report "W 10" vs "George Gilmore"
Sep  1 James "Tut" Jackson        Omaha, Ne                        KO  7
Sep  6 Cecil "Seal" Harris        Cedar Rapids, Ia                 KO  3
Oct  5 "Tiny" Jim Herman          Portland, Or                      W 10
          -Some sources report "KO 9"
Nov  3 Joe Lohman                 Des Moines, Ia                   ND 10
          -Some sources report "L 10"
Nov 12 Duke Horn                  Minneapolis, Mn                  ND  8
          -Some sources report "W  8"
Nov 23 George Godfrey             Portland, Or                     NC 10
          -Some sources report 11/24/26
Dec 15 Ed Dalton                  Denver, Co                       KO  2
Dec 21 Mike Arnold                Denver, Co                        W  4
          -Some sources report 12/22/26

Jan    "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Mo                   D 10
          -Some sources report "L 10"
       "Chief" John Metoquah      Cedar Rapids, Ia                  L 10
       Brad Simmons               Galveston, Tx                     W 10
Apr 11 Bill Goethe                Galveston, Tx                    KO  3
May  4 Neil Clisby                Lincoln, Ne                      TK  5
May 16 Willie Henry               Galveston, Tx                    KO  3
Jun  7 Duke Horn                  Minneapolis, Mn                  ND 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Jun 28 Chuck Wiggins              San Antonio, Tx                   L 10
          -Some sources report "Denver, Co"
Jul 21 Earl "Little Boy" Blue     Minneapolis, Mn                  TK  2
          -Some sources report this bout held 7/14/27
Aug  5 "Chief" John Metoquah      Cedar Rapids, Ia                  W 10
Aug 25 Battling Kavanaugh         Wisner, Ne                       KO  3
Sep  7 Joe Lohman                 Des Moines, Ia                    W 10
Oct  3 Jack Baptist               Cedar Rapids, Ia                 KO  2
Oct 17 "Fighting" Bob Lawson      Galveston, Tx                     W 12
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Oct 28 Chuck Wiggins              Omaha, Ne                         W 10
Nov  4 "Big" Bill Tate            Cedar Rapids, Ia                  W 10
Nov    "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Mo                   D 12
Nov 24 Clayton "Big Boy" Peterson Minneapolis, Mn                  ND 10
          -Some sources report 11/25/27;
           Some sources report "D 10"
Dec  5 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Galveston, Tx                     D 12

Jan    "Big" Bill Hartwell        Galveston, Tx                     W 10
Feb  6 "Fighting" Bob Lawson      Galveston, Tx                     L 12
Mar  2 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Ks                  ND 10
Mar  8 Dave Thornton              Topeka, Ks                        W 10
Apr 16 Jack Johnson               Topeka, Ks                       KO  2
          -Was the verdict "KO 5" ?
Jun  8 Roy "Ace" Clark            Galveston, Tx                     W 12
          -Some sources report May 1928
Jul 23 Eric Johnson               Omaha, Ne                        KO  1
Sep  6 Johnny Risko               Omaha, Ne                         L 10
          -Some sources report 9/07/28
Sep 17 "Cowboy" Bill Owens        Kansas City, Mo                   D 10
Nov  2 "Cowboy" Bill Owens        Omaha, Ne                         D 10
Dec  3 Neil Clisby                Galveston, Tx                     D 12
Dec 14 "Long" Tom Hawkins         San Diego, Ca                     W 10

Jan 11 Jack Beasley               San Diego, Ca                    KO 10
          -Some sources report "KO 2"
Jan 25 "Long" Tom Hawkins         San Diego, Ca                     L 10
Feb  8 Mack House                 San Diego, Ca                    KO  6
Apr 11 Neil Clisby                Pasadena, Ca                      W 10
Apr 19 "Long" Tom Hawkins         San Diego, Ca                     D 10
Aug    Happy Shade                                                 KO  1
Sep 13 Cecil "Seal" Harris                                         ND 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Sep 16 Al Walker                  Topeka, Ks                       ND 10
          -Some sources report 9/17/29
Oct 18 Leon "Bombo" Chevalier     San Francisco, Ca                KO  6
Oct 25 "Long" Tom Hawkins         San Francisco, Ca                TK  9
Nov 12 "Cowboy" Bill Owens        Des Moines, Ia                   KO  2
          -Some sources report "KO 1"
Nov 25 Tom Sayers                 Omaha, Ne                        KO  2
Dec  6 Pedro Lopez                Cedar Rapids, Ia                 KO  1

Jan 10 "Long" Tom Hawkins         San Diego, Ca                     D 10
          -Some sources report "W 10"
Feb 27 Emilio "King" Solomon      Omaha, Ne                         W 10
Apr 30 Lee Jackson                Duluth, Mn                       WF  6
Jul 17 Primo Carnera              Omaha, Ne                        LK  4
Oct  1 "Tiger" Jack Payne         Omaha, Ne                         D 10
          -Some sources report "D 8"
Dec 19 George Godfrey             Atlanta, Ga                       D 10

Mar 30 "Fighting" Bob Lawson      Galveston, Tx                     W 12 
Apr  1 Cecil "Seal" Harris        Topeka, Ks                        W 10
Apr 10 Mickey Walker              Omaha, Ne                         L 10
          -Wright knocked Walker down with his first punch
           in round one; Walker knocked Wright down in the
           second round; Weights: 210-168
Apr 24 "Tiger" Jack Payne         Omaha, Ne                         D 10
Jun  1 "Tiger" Jack Fox           Sedalia, Mo                      KO  9
          -Some sources report "Springfield, Mo"
Jul    "Tiger" Jack Payne         Council Bluffs, Ia              SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Aug 25 Chuck Middaugh             Fremont, Ne                      TK  4 
Sep  7 George Rohrick             Scottsbluff, Ne                   D 10 
Oct 19 Tommy Havel                Des Moines, Ia                   KO  5 
Oct 29 Sonny Banks                Omaha, Ne                        KO  1
Nov 11 Jack Dempsey               Omaha, Ne                        EX  4
          -Dempsey was better
Dec    Grant Shade                Centerville, Ia                   D  6
Dec    Little Dayton              Dayton, Oh                        D  8

Jan  4 Meyer "K.O." Christner     Omaha, Ne                         L 10
Jan 29 Louis Zack                 Omaha, Ne                         D  6
Feb 22 Louis Zack                 Sioux City, Ia                    W 10

Feb 10 George Godfrey             Kansas City, Mo                  NC  6

Oct  1 "Tiger" Jack Payne         Eagle Grove, Ia                  KO  3
Dec    Louis Zack                 Ottowa, Ia                        D  8
Dec    Tuffy Dial                 Denison, Ia                       D  6

Feb  3 King Kong Clayton          Washington, DC                   KO  2
Sep 14 Max Baer                   Des Moines, Ia                    L  6

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       George Godfrey                                               W 10

       Walter "Farmer" Lodge                                       KO  6
       Joe Lohman                                                   W 10

       Lee Anderson                                                 L 10
       Fred Fulton                                                 KO  5
       Kid Norfolk                                                  D 10
       Lee Anderson                                                 D 10

Aug    Joe Lohman                 Des Moines, Ia                    W 10

       Jake Warren                                                  L 10
       Wildcat Harris             Omaha, Ne                        KO  2
       Dave Thornton                                                D 10
       Dave Thornton                                                D 10

       Cecil "Seal" Harris                                          L 10

Record courtesy of Tim Leone, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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