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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Black Dynamite

Photo Courtesy of Ed King (Grants Pass, Oregon)

Bradford "Brad" Simmons

BORN   Drumright, Oklahoma
DIED July 26 1961; Tulsa, Oklahoma
WEIGHT 212 lbs
MANAGERS   Sam Whitlock, John G. Pargen
Simmons was a strong and durable heavyweight who gave "older" Jack Johnson some tough bouts during his career and beat him once

Others that Simmons defeated during his career were Sam Langford, "Big" Bill Hartwell, Jack Thompson, Clem Johnson, "Rough House" Ware and Battling Gahee
       Art Bruner                                                  KO   
       Kid Thomas                                                  KO   
       Big Boy Brown                                               KO   

       Ben Miller                                                   L 10
       Ben Miller                                                   L 10
Jul    Battling Gahee                                               W 10
Aug    Battling Gahee                                              LK  7
Sep 19 Jack Thompson              Drumright, Ok                    KO  1
       Sam Langford               Cincinnati, Oh                    D 12
Nov 11 Battling Thompson          Drumright, Ok                    KO  1

Jan  9 Big Boy Brown              Stillwater, Ok                   KO  1
       Ben Miller                                                   L 10
Mar  3 Battling Gahee             Tulsa, Ok                        LK  6
Apr 14 Clem Johnson               St. Louis, Mo                    WF  5
Aug 11 Sam Langford               Wichita, Ks                      ND 10
Oct 20 Ben Miller                 Drumright, Ok                     L 12

       "Big" Bill Hartwell                                          W 10

May 28 "Rough House" Ware         Drumright, Ok                    KO  1
Jun 18 "Big" Bill Huntley         Drumright, Ok                     W  6
Aug    Battling Gahee                                               W 10

May 13 Cyclone Turner             Drumright, Ok                    KO  8
          -Some sources report "KO 5"
Jul 28 Harry Lindsay              Drumright, Ok                    TK  6
Sep    Jack Johnson               Drumright, Ok                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Oct 27 Battling Monroe            Drumright, Ok                    KO  2
Dec 10 "Young" Kid Norfolk        Drumright, Ok                     D 10
Dec 18 Sonny Goodman              San Antonio, Tx                  KO  7

Jul  5 Ham Pounder                Cushing, Ok                      KO  6
Oct 19 "Fighting" Jack Nelson     Drumright, Ok                    KO  3
Nov 16 "Young" Norfolk            Drumright, Ok                     W 12
          -Some sources report "Battling" Norfolk

Jan 12 Jack Davis                 Cushing, Ok                       W 10
Apr 12 Ed "Bearcat" Wright        Topeka, Ks                       LK  7
Aug  2 Sam Langford               Drumright, Ok                    TK  1
Aug 10 Ham Pounder                Webb City, Ok                    KO  9
Aug 31 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Mo                   W 10
Sep  6 Jack Johnson               Ponca City, Ok                    W 10
Nov 15 Battling Gahee             Drumright, Ok                     W 10
Nov 29 Nick Grady                 Pawnee, Ok                       KO  4
Dec  6 Battling Norfolk           Drumright, Ok                     D 10
          -Some sources report "San Antonio, Tx"
Dec 21 William Henry              Galveston, Tx                     L 10

Apr 26 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Sedalia, Mo                      ND 10
Jun  3 Texas Tiger                Drumright, Ok                    KO  4
Jul  4 "Fighting" Bob Lawson      Galveston, Tx                    LK  5
Jul 14 Bill Goethe                Drumright, Ok                    KO  7
Aug 26 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Mo                   W 10
Sep 21 Charlie Tounders           Drumright, Ok                     W 12
Oct 29 "Big" Bill Hartwell        Kansas City, Mo                   L 10
       Ed "Bearcat" Wright        Galveston, Tx                     L 10

Jan  7 "Cowboy" Bill Owens        Oklahoma City, Ok                 L 10
Feb  3 Ham Pounder                Tulsa, Ok                         L 10
Apr  1 Battling Wright            Drumright, Ok                    TK  7
Apr  3 Ham Pounder                Sepulpa, Ok                      KO  4
May  2 "Big Boy" Williams         Kansas City, Mo                  ND 10
Oct 18 "Cowboy" Bill Owens        Drumright, Ok                     L 10
Dec 21 Bill "Bearcat" Clemmons    Drumright, Ok                     W 10

Dec 16 Bus Hall                   Topeka, Ks                        W 10

Jan 30 "Tiger" Jack Fox           Picher, Ok                        D 10
Jul 28 "Tiger" Jack Fox           Springfield, Mo                   L 10

Mar  4 Jack Johnson               Tulsa, Ok                         W 10
       Jack Johnson               Tulsa, Ok                        EX  3
Apr  6 "Tiger" Jack Fox           Springfield, Mo                   L 10
Apr 28 Jack Johnson               Wichita, Ks                      LK  2
Apr 30  -Simmons and Johnson were barred from boxing
          in Topeka, Ks
May 20 "Tiger" Jack Fox           Springfield, Mo                   L 10
          -Some sources report 5/21/31

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Undated (1922-1923)
       Jack Thompson                                                W 10

*** Some Data Was Provided By Kevin Smith ***

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Record courtesy of Tracy Callis and Tim Leone, Historians,
International Boxing Research Organization
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