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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer/Title Claimant

Jem Carney

BORN   November 5 1857; Birmingham, England
DIED September 11 1941; London, England
HEIGHT 5-4 1/2
WEIGHT 128-133 lbs

Carney was a very capable fighter who knew all the tricks - especially when fighting under London Prize Ring rules; During his career, he won the Lightweight Championship of the England and pretty nearly had the best of Jack McAuliffe in their Lightweight Championship contest of November 16 1887

Jem held his left low, his right across his stomach and chest, and seemed to be looking at his opponent's feet, not his eyes when fighting; When the going got rough, Carney would raise his knee into the opponent as he threw a punch; He preferred to fight with bare knuckles instead of gloves 

       Charlie Norton              in England                         L   
          -This bout was part of a Boxing Competition held 
           at the "Midlands" during the 1870's

       Paddy Giblon                Bromfield, England         (11:00) W   
          -Carney broke Giblon's jaw; Some sources report "Paddy Giblin"
       Pat Downey                  London, England            (35:00) W   
Apr  9 Paddy Lee                   near Birmingham, England (2:00:00) W   

Nov 15 -Carney challenged any man in the world to a bout
Dec  6 -Carney's challenge was accepted by George "Punch" Callow
          (under Queensberry rules)
Dec 10 -The Sporting Life paper reported that Carney was Champion of the World

Jul 21 George "Punch" Callow       near London, England     (2:02:00) D 74
          -It rained during the fight; the ground was sloppy;
           Some sources report the time as 2:20:00

Apr    -Carney came to America along with Sam Breeze, Charles Hopkin, 
          and Jim Walder
Apr    -Carney boxed exhibitions at Owney Geoghegan's in New York, NY 
          for several months
Apr    Sam Breeze                  New York, NY                      KO  5
Apr 30 -Carney challenged any man in the world to a bout
          with bare knuckles at 128 lbs
Oct 11 Jimmy Highland              Cuttle Mills, England    (1:45:00) W 43
          -Lightweight Championship of England; 
          The weight limit was 128 lbs; 
          This bout was held 11 miles from Birmingham;
          Police intervened; Highland was beaten badly; 
          Some ribs were broken and his face battered; 
          He died 4 days after the fight

          -Carney was battered also; He was arrested and 
          tried; The verdict found Carney guilty - mostly 
          because Highland could not properly protect 
          himself; Sources report "TK 43" and "ND 43" and 
          "D 43"; Some sources report "Farnsworth, England";
          Some sources report 10/07/81 near Tamworth, England

          -Coroner's jury rendered a verdict that death resulted a
           from injuries received in his fight with Carney

          -Police intervened

Feb 15 -Carney was sentenced to six months and William Price, James Hodgkiss,
          John Brown and Harry Bagnall to four months imprisonment for the man-
          slaughter of Jimmy Highland in a prize fight

Oct    Samuel "Pat" Perry          London, England                   EX   
          -Sources report that Perry was better;
          An "official" bout was set for Dec 1882
Dec    Samuel "Pat" Perry                                           SCH   
          -Lightweight Championship of England; 
          This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

May  1 Alfred "Alf" Greenfield     Birmingham, England                L  4
          -This was a "private" fight

Dec 16 Ike Jacobs                  London, England                  SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed;
           It is possibly the bout with Jake Hyams
Dec 20 Jake Hyams                  London, England          (1:45:00) W 45
          -Lightweight Championship of England;
          Some sources report "KO 45";
          Both men were battered;
          Weights: 128-133;
          Some sources report weights at 128-123

Jan  2 H. Jacobs                   London, England          (1:45:00) W 55
          -Sources report this bout;
           But, it appears to be the 12/20/84 bout;
           Bare knuckles were used

Feb 25 Jack McAuliffe              New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but fell through
Apr 26 Martin Snee                 Boston, Ma                         W  8
May 11 J.J. Wallace                Waltham, Ma                        W   
May 12 Billy Frazier               near Boston, Ma                    L 15
          -Frazier lasted and claimed win;
           Some sources report a ten round bout
Jun 17 Jimmy Mitchell              New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Police intervened and prevented the bout
Jun 18 Jimmy Mitchell              Long Island Sound, NY     (41:40) TK 11
          -This bout was promoted as the 136 lbs Championship 
           of the World; Some sources report it was held on a 
           barge thirty miles up the Long Island Sound; Queensberry 
           rules and cut kid gloves were used; This was a hard fought
           battle; The referee was Frank Stevenson; This was the 
           first time Mitchell had ever been knocked out or stopped;
           Some sources report 6/17/87
Oct  3 Jack McAuliffe              New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed;
           McAuliffe did not feel well
Nov 16 Jack McAuliffe              Revere Beach, Ma         (4:56:00) D 74
          -Lightweight Championship of the World; 
           Lightweight Championship of America;
           Queensberry rules and gloves were used;
           This bout was held in a stable behind 
           the Atlantic hotel on Revere Beach,
           six miles from Boston; The crowd broke 
           into the ring; Carney had the best of 
           the fighting; Weights: 128-130 1/2;
           Some sources report 4:58:15
Nov 30 Jimmy Mitchell              New York, NY                      EX   
Dec 10 -Carney announced his retirement from the ring but continued to fight
Dec 19 Mike Daly                   Boston, Ma                        EX  4
         -Some sources report "EX 3"

Jan 22 -The Philadelphia (Pa) Item newspaper reported that
          Carney had quit the ring and opened a public house 
          in Cardiff; Carney had a snug, little fortune and 
          his friends did not expect the former Lightweight 
          Champion of England to fight again
Feb  6 -The Philadelphia (Pa) Item reported that Jem Carney 
          said he was surprised the McAuliffe-Myers fight was
          announced as being for the Lightweight Championship 
          of the World; Carney said he was the Lightweight 
          Champion of the World
May 26 -Carney challenged Jimmy Carroll to a bout
Jun  6 -Carney was challenged by Jimmy Carroll to a bout

Feb 21 -The Philadelphia (Pa) Item newspaper reported that
          James Martin, lightweight from Manchester, England, 
          had come to America; He once fought a ten round draw 
          with Jem Carney; Carney outweighed him 135-121 lbs
May 20 -Carney's challenge to the world at 130 pounds was 
          accepted by Bill Reader if Queensberry rules and 
          gloves were used
May 31 -Carney declared his challenge to the world
          was under London Rules and bare knuckles

May 25 Dick Burge                  London, England                   LF 11
          -Lightweight Championship of England;
           This bout was held at "Hop & Malt Exchange";
           Two ounce gloves were used;
           Carney, who was inexperienced at glove fights,
           threw his man and was disqualified; 
           Weights: 132 1/2-133

Jan 20 -Carney was challenged by Austin Gibbons to a bout at 134 lbs
Mar 12 -Carney seconded Jack Burke vs. Ted Pritchard at Holloway Road, England
May 16 -Carney suffered a broken arm when he was thrown from a horse

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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