"Peerless" Jem Driscoll

BORN    December 15 1880; Cardiff, Wales
DIED January 10 1925; Cardiff, Wales (Some sources report January 31 1925)
WEIGHT  122-126 lbs
MANAGERS  Charley Harvey, Jimmy Johnson
RECORD 58-3-6 (39 KO, 9 ND, 2 EX)

Driscoll was one of the best featherweight fighters of All-Time; He was clever, quick and willing; He was also slick and elusive; When he was struck, usually it was only a glancing blow

Jem first learned the tricks of his trade by fighting in the boxing booths of Britain,  where he took on all-comers as he toured throughout the land; Once he turned professional, he lost only three bouts during his entire career of 19 years

During his career, Driscoll gained "official" wins over such men as George Dixon, Joe Bowker, Charlie Griffin, Johnny Summers, Matty Baldwin, Grover Hayes, Arthur Hayes, Frank "Spike" Robson, Bill Stonelake, Harry Mansfield, Jean Poesy and Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer; He also "bested" Abe Attell, Leach Cross and Johnny Marto in a "No Decision" contests

Nat Fleischer ranked Driscoll as the #2 All-Time Featherweight; Charley Rose ranked Jem as the #3 All-Time Featherweight; Herb Goldman ranked him as the #2 All-Time Featherweight; Driscoll was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1956 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990

Driscoll-Robson 1911 Fight Video Clip (Part 1)

Driscoll-Robson 1911 Fight Video Clip (Part 2)

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       Billy Lucas                in Wales                         TK   
       Bill Radford                                                KO   
       Eddie Thomas                                                KO  5
       Bill Green                                                  KO  4
       Billy Hughes                                                KO  2
       Larry Cronin                                                KO  4
       Jack Brandford             London, England                  KO  5
       Joe Morgan                                                  KO  4
       Larry Cronin                                                KO  5
       Eddie Thomas               Cardiff, Wales                   KO  3
Dec 24 Joe Ross                   Cardiff, Wales                    W 10

Jan 17 Jack Wheel                 Cardiff, Wales                    W 10
Mar 13 Eddie Thomas               Cardiff, Wales                   KO  5
Apr  7 George Vincent             Cardiff, Wales                   TK  4
Apr 27 Ted Ward                   Pontypridd, Wales                KO  3
Jul 19 Dave Stevens               Pontypridd, Wales                TK  3
Sep 29 Harry Mansfield            Cardiff, Wales                    D 10
Dec  8 George Cooper              Cardiff, Wales                    W 10

Jan 24 George Dixon               London, England                   W  6
Oct 24 Kid Davies                 Swansea, Wales                    D 10

Feb  1 Johnny Owens               Barry Docks, Wales                W 20
Feb  8 George Phalin              Bristol, England                 KO  5
Feb 10 George Dixon               Bristol, England                  W  6
Feb 13 David Morgan               Cardiff, Wales                   KO 13
Feb 22 Boss Edwards               London, England                   W 10
Mar 15 David Morgan                                                KO   
Apr  4 Bill Stonelake             Cardiff, Wales                   TK 11
May 24 Charles Lampey             Cardiff, Wales                    D 10
Jun  1 Dai Stevens                                                 KO  3
Aug 29 Harry Mansfield            Cardiff, Wales                    L 10
Nov  9 Charles Lampey             Cardiff, Wales                   KO  6
Dec 12 Johnny Summers             London, England                  WF  2

Feb 10 Fred Delaney               Bristol, England                  W 10
May  1 Deppy Thomas                                                 D   
Jun 12 Ivor Thomas                Cardiff, Wales                   KO  3
Nov 13 Joe Goodwin                Wednesbury, England               W 15
Dec 26 Harry Mansfield            Wednesbury, England              KO 15

Jan 18 Owen Moran                 Barry Docks, Wales               ND  4
          -Some sources report "EX 4" in London, Eng
Feb 10 George Moore               London, England                   W  6
Feb 26 Jack Roberts               London, England                  KO  7
May 28 Joe Bowker                 London, England                   W 15
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain
Jun 24 Fred Clifton               Bristol, England                 KO  2
Jul  1 Jack Roberts                                                 W  7
Nov 11 Johnny Summers             in England                       WF  2

Feb 25 Lew Morgan                 Cardiff, Wales                   KO  5
Jun  1 Joe Bowker                 London, England                  KO 17
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain;
           Some sources report 6/03/07
Aug 24 Freddie Welsh              Cardiff, Wales                   EX  6
          -Some sources report "ND 6"   
Oct 21 Arthur Ellis               Cardiff, Wales                   KO  3

Jan  1 Jack Roberts               Aberdare, Wales                  KO  2 
Feb 24 Charlie Griffin            London, England                   W 15 
          -Featherweight Championship of the British Empire;
           Featherweight Championship of the British Commonwealth
Nov 13 Matthew "Matty" Baldwin    New York, NY                     ND  6 
Dec  5 Grover Hayes               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6 
Dec  8 Charlie Griffin            Boston, Ma                       KO 11 
Dec 16 Grover Hayes               Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6 
Dec 29 Matthew "Matty" Baldwin    Boston, Ma                        W 12 

Jan 19 Grover Hayes               Boston, Ma                        W 12 
Jan 28 Johnny Marto               Bronx, NY                        ND 10 
Feb  1 Tommy Langdon              Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6 
Feb 10 Leach Cross                Bronx, NY                        ND 10 
Feb 19 Abe Attell                 New York, NY                     ND 10 

Feb 14 "Seaman" Arthur Hayes      London, England                  TK  6
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain
Apr 18 Frank "Spike" Robson       London, England                  KO 15
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain
May 25 Pal Moore                  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Dec 20 Freddie Welsh              Cardiff, Wales                   LF 10
          -Lightweight Championship of Europe

Jan 30 Frank "Spike" Robson       London, England                  TK 11 
          -Featherweight Championship of Britain

Jun  3 Jean Poesy                 London, England                  KO 12
          -Featherweight Championship of Europe;
           Early sources report Featherweight Championship
           of the World (as recognized by Britain)
Nov  6 George Moore               Edinburgh, Scotland              EX   
          -Some sources report 11/06/10

Jan 27 Owen Moran                 London, England                   D 20
          -Featherweight Championship of Europe;
           Early sources report Featherweight Championship
           of the World (as recognized by Britain)

Mar 10 Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer     London, England                  TK  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
May 31 Francis Rossi              Mountain Ash, Wales               D 21
Oct 20 Charles Ledoux             London, England                  LT 16
          -Bantamweight Championship of Europe

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Mike Carey                                                  KO  5
       Bill Stonelake             Cardiff, Wales                   KO  9
       Harry Mansfield                                              W   
       George Dixon                                                KO  5
       Harry Mansfield                                              W  6
       George Phalin                                               KO  5
       Mike Carey                                                  KO  4

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization