Jack Everhardt

BORN   1872; New Orleans, Louisiana
WEIGHT 133-140 lbs

Everhardt was never much bigger than a lightweight but fought and hit like a man much larger; He was quick and scrappy, tough and durable - and a stiff puncher; Jack was Middleweight Champion, Welterweight Champion and Lightweight Champion of South Africa during his career

Everhardt defeated such men as George Pierce, "Texas" Jack Burke, Stanton Abbott, Horace Leeds, Billy Ernst, Joe "Stiff" Dunfee, Jack Lalor, James Walker and Tom Dingey

       Hite Peckham                                                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Sep 13 Andy Bowen                  New Orleans, La                  EX   

Feb 14 Mike Thomas                 Lafayette, La                    KO 16
Aug    "Wilmington" Jack Daly      Birmingham, Al                    D  2
          -Police intervened
       Joe Oliver                  New Orleans, La                   W  2

       Harry Walker                Chicago, Il                       W  2
       Frank " Dutch" Neil         New Orleans, La                 SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; 
           Authorities prevented it
       Billy Fete                  Kansas City, Mo                   W  2
May 31 Andy Bowen                  New Orleans, La                   L 85
          -Time: 5 hours 35 minutes;
            Some sources report "LK 85"
Oct  3 Jimmy Davis                 Kansas City, Mo                  KO 28
          -Some sources report 10/05/93
Oct 17 George Pierce               New Orleans, La                  KO  2

Apr 28 Scott "Bright Eyes" Collins Dallas, Tx                        D 22
May 26 "Texas" Jack Burke          New Orleans, La                  KO 15
Aug 21 Stanton Abbott              New Orleans, La                  KO 25
Sep 25 Stanton Abbott              New Orleans, La                   D 25
Oct 31 Harry Slater                Dallas, Tx                        D 18

Jan 21 Owen Ziegler                Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Feb  9 Tom Moriarity               Philadelphia, Pa                 TK  1
Feb 16 Charles "Bull" McCarthy     Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  4
Feb 26 Jerome Quigley              Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -Some sources report 3/26/95
Mar 19 Charles McKeever            Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Mar 21 Billy Vernon                Cleveland, Oh                    EX  6
          -The men were scheduled to fight fifteen rounds;
          When Everhardt's manager saw the small crowd,
          he refused; Some sources report "NC 4"
May 30 George "Kid" Lavigne        New York, NY                      L 20
          -Some sources report "Coney Island, NY"
Oct 24 Owen Ziegler                New Orleans, La                   D 25
Nov  9 Bob Fitzsimmons             Dallas, Tx                         EX  3

Mar 30 Horace Leeds                Maspeth, NY                      KO 15
May 25 Young Griffo                Brooklyn, NY                      D  6
Jul 10 Young Griffo                Buffalo, NY                       D 20
Oct 27 George "Kid" Lavigne        New York, NY                     LK 24
          -Lightweight Championship of the World 
Dec  1 Billy Ernst                 Albany, NY                       KO 20

Jan  4 Owen Ziegler                Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jan 15 Billy Ernst                 Brooklyn, NY                     KO 12
          -Some sources report 1/16/97
Jan 25 William "Matty" Matthews    New York, NY                      D 15
          -Some sources report "D 25"
Feb 15 Charles McKeever            Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Feb 23 Joe Burke                   Albany, NY                       KO  3
Mar 30 William "Kid" McPartland    Brooklyn, NY                      D 20
Apr 12 "Wilmington" Jack Daly      Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Aug  4 Jimmy "Spider" Kelly        San Francisco, Ca                 W 20
Aug 30 William "Kid" McPartland    near New Orleans, La             ND 20
Dec 28 "Wilmington" Jack Daly      New Orleans, La                   D 10

Jan 22 Ed Donnelly                 Hot Springs, Ar                  KO  6
Feb 11 Billy Layton                Hot Springs, Ar                   D  6
          -Authorities limited the scheduled 25-round bout to six rounds
Mar 17 Kid McGlynn                 Chicago, Il                      TK  5
          -Police intervened
May 20 John "Young" Mahoney        Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jun  4 Owen Ziegler                Coney Island, NY                  D 20
          -Some sources report 6/11/98
Jul 25 William "Kid" McPartland    Coney Island, NY                  D 25

Feb 17 Ed Donnelly                 Chicago, Il                       W  6
Apr 12 Charles "Rough House" Burns Memphis, Tn                      WF 20
Jul  3 John "Young" Mahoney        Coney Island, NY                  L 25
Aug 29 Joe "Stiff" Dunfee          New Orleans, La                  WF 20

Sep  3 Young Ireland               London, Eng                      WF 10
Dec 24 Jack Lalor                  Cape Town, Cape, SA              KO  1
          -Welterweight Championship of South Africa

Feb  4 James Walker                Cape Town, Cape, SA              TK  8
          -Lightweight Championship of South Africa;
            Some sources report "KO 9"
Feb  4 Bill Kennedy                Cape Town, Cape, SA               W 10
          -Some sources report "W 8";
           The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Mar 16 Herb McKell                 Cape Town, Cape, SA              NC 11
          -Lightweight Championship of South Africa;
            Some sources report "NC 10";
            Some sources report the men were faking
Aug  5 Frank Logan                 Cape Town, Cape, SA              KO  2

Oct  5 Gus Krummell                New Orleans, La                   W 10

Oct  7 Tom Dingey                  Johannesburg, Trans, SA          KO  6
          -Middleweight Championsip of South Africa;
            Some sources report "KO 4"
Dec  6 Tom Lewis                   Bombay, India                    KO  6
Dec 13 Gypsey Smith                Calcutta, India                  KO  1

Feb 12 Jack Graham                 New Orleans, La                   W 10

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       George Pierce                                                 D   

       Jim Daly                    Birmingham, (Eng ? Al ?)          W  2

       Billy Dacey                                                  KO  1

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization