Andy Bowen

BORN   May 3 1867; New Orleans, Louisiana
DIED December 15 1894; New Orleans, Louisiana
WEIGHT 130-135 lbs
MANAGER Denny Butler

Bowen was a short, stocky fighter who was scrappy and tough; He could dish it out and take it too; He was strong and relied upon his natural stamina and durability rather than finesse and boxing skills; Bowen was known for his "marathon" fights of long duration

During his career, Bowen defeated such men as Jimmy McHale, Louis Bezenah, Billy Myer, Johnny Eckhardt, Joe Fielden and Jack Everhardt

Jan 16 Jim Glass                  New Orleans, La                   D 10
       Mike Murphy                New Orleans, La                   W  2
       Johnny Wilson              New Orleans, La                   W  3
       Frank Penti                New Orleans, La                   W  7
       Jack Doyle                 New Orleans, La                   W  5
       Skinner Norton             New Orleans, La                   W  2
       Joe Oliver                 New Orleans, La                   W  4
       Mike Murphy                New Orleans, La                   W 10

May 19 Charles Wilson             New Orleans, La                  KO  3
Dec 23 Jimmy McHale               New Orleans, La                  KO  2

Jan 31 Louis Bezenah              New Orleans, La                   W  4
Feb  9 Charley Johnson            Abita Springs, La                 D 43
May 22 Billy Myer                 New Orleans, La                  TK 28
          -Cheney, Myer's manager, tossed in the sponge;
          Myer had an injured hand; Reports vary - "W 28" - "WF 28";
          Some sources report "KO 43"
Jun 14 Sam Lyons                  Galveston, Tx                    KO  2
Sep 16 Jimmy Carroll              New Orleans, La                  LK 21
          -This bout was promoted as Lightweight Championship
          of the World
Oct 30 -The Boston (Ma) Pelican AC was trying to match Bowen and 
           Patsy Kerrigan in a bout

May 19 Billy Myer                 New Orleans, La                   D 24
          -Myer fouled often; Alexander Brewster was referee;
          Myer knocked Bowen down and struck him while down; 
          Brewster refused to let the fight go longer because
          of Myer's frequent fouls; Some sources report "WF 24"
Sep 13 Jack Everhardt             New Orleans, La                  EX   
Dec 29 Austin Gibbons             New Orleans, La                  LK 48
          -Time: 3 hours 41 minutes;
          Some sources report "TK 48"

Feb 18 Jimmy Murphy               Chicago, Il                      ND  8
Oct 23 Johnny Eckhardt            Plaquemine, La                   KO 18

Jan  5 Joe Fielden                New Orleans, La                  KO 22
Apr  6 "Texas" Jack Burke         New Orleans, La                   D 110
          -Time: 7 hours 19 minutes;
          This is the longest glove fight on record
May 31 Jack Everhardt             New Orleans, La                   W 85
          -Time: 5 hours 35 minutes;
          Some sources report "KO 85"

May  7 Stanton Abbott             New Orleans, La                   D 10
May    Mike Daly                  New Orleans, La                 SCH   
          -This bout was tentatively scheduled but cancelled;
           Bowen declined to fight Daly
Aug  8 Jimmy Carroll              New Orleans, La                   D 25
Dec  6 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey   Savannah, Ga                     EX   
Dec 14 George "Kid" Lavigne       New Orleans, La                  LK 18
          -Bowen was knocked down and struck his head on 
           the floor; He died the next day

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported but Not Confirmed ***

Aug    Tommy Ryan                 New Orleans, La                   W  3

May 20 Billy Myer                 New Orleans, La                   D  2

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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