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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy Myer
(the "Streator Cyclone"

BORN   February 23 1860; Streator, Illinois
DIED August 27 1942
WEIGHT 129-142 lbs
MANAGER Owen Lee Cheney
BACKER Alf Kennedy

Myer was described as "a man who can hit a terrific blow with his right and is quicker on his feet than any other fighter in the country, being able to run 100 yards in eleven seconds without training, but who is not a clever boxer"

Bat Masterson said Billy Myer was "quickest man on his feet and the hardest man to get at he ever saw"; He also said, "Myer has a great right hand and he doesn't telegraph it, either"; Bat further remarked, "Myer's right darts out quick and straight, and as there is nothing to indicate that it is coming - a man facing him will find difficulty in avoiding it" (Chicago (Il) Tribune, 2/24/89)

Myer had a younger brother, Eddie, who was a fighter; During his career, he defeated such men as

       Jack Manning                                                  W  3
       Charles Gournsay                                              W  3

Sep 25 Paddy Welch                Streator, Il                      KO  1

Jul  6 Paddy Welch                Braidwood, Il                     KO  3
Aug  5 George Mulvey              Braidwood, Il                      D  6
Dec 28 Charles Daly               Woodford, Il                      KO 32
          -Some sources report "TK 31"

Feb  2 Paddy Welch                Chicago, Il                        W  3
Feb 12 Charles Daly               St. Louis, Mo                     EX  6
Jun 16 Jack Gallagher             Dana, Il                           W  3
Oct 19 Harry Gilmore              St. Croix, Wi                     KO  5
          -Lightweight Championship of the Northwest;
          Some sources report 10/27/87;
          This bout was held near Minneapolis, Mn
          (Horseman's Landing, on the Wisconsin side
          of the St. Croix River)
Dec 12 Charles Daly St. Louis, Mo EX 6 1888 Jan 18 Harry Gilmore North Judson, In KO 1 -Lightweight Championship of the Northwest; Some sources report "Lightweight Championship of the West" Harry Gilmore Peoria, Il EX -References are confusing; This bout was held during Jan-Mar 1888 or 1889 Sep 13 Danny Needham Minneapolis, Mn W 20 1889 Jan 10 Jack McAuliffe Peoria, Il EX 4 Feb 4 Tom Lees Streator, Il EX Feb 13 Jack McAuliffe North Judson, In D 64        -Lightweight Championship of the World;        Lightweight Championship of America; Some sources report 2/23/89; Some sources report "D 68" Mar 30 -Myer refereed the Ike Weir vs. Frank Murphy bout at Kouts, In May 15 -Myer challenged any lightweight in the world to a bout May 29 Jack Hopper New York, NY KO 2 1890 Jan 15 Harry Gilmore Chicago, Il TK 5 -Police intervened; Reports vary - "ND 6" - "ND 5" - "W 5" Feb 18 -Myer was scheduled to spar Jack Hopper in New York, NY at shows during Feb 18-21 1890 Mar  4 Jack Fallon               Brooklyn, NY    EX  4 Apr 30 Jack Hopper Alexandria, Va KO 6 -Some sources report 5/02/90 May 22 Andy Bowen New Orleans, La LT 28 -Cheney, Myer's manager, tossed in the sponge; Myer had an injured hand; Reports vary - "L 28" - "LF 28"; Some sources report "LK 43"
1891 Feb 7 Billy Ernst L 4 Feb 18 -Myer seconded Tommy Ryan vs Danny Needham at Minneapolis, Mn Feb Harry Gilmore Chicago, Il EX May 19 Andy Bowen New Orleans, La D 24 -Myer fouled often; Alexander Brewster was referee; Myer knocked Bowen down and struck him while down; Brewster refused to let the fight go longer because of Myer's frequent fouls; Some sources report "LF 24" Dec 22 Jimmy Carroll New Orleans, La KO 43 -Some sources incorrectly report "LK 43" 1892 Aug 29 Johnny Eckhardt Streator, Il EX 2 Aug 29 Frank Hoxie Streator, Il EX 2 Aug 29 Eddie Myer Streator, Il EX -The previous 3 bouts were held the same date Sep 5 Jack McAuliffe New Orleans, La LK 15        -Lightweight Championship of the World Dec 10 Jack McAuliffe Chicago, Il ND 6 -Reports vary - "D 6" - "EX 6" - "L 6" 1894 Jul 4 Stanton Abbott Boston, Ma L 15 -Myer dominated the fight but Abbott had a great last round; Myer was on the verge of being knocked out 1895 Aug 18 Peter Boyle Evans, Il D 16 -The local sheriff intervened; The referee called the bout a draw *** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed *** 1891 May 20 Andy Bowen New Orleans, La D 2 *** Much Data Provided By Mark Dunn ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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