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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Joe "Stiff" Dunfee

BORN   August 15 1868; Syracuse, New York
DIED March 4 1936
WEIGHT 155-180 lbs

Dunfee was a feisty scrapper who resembled Joe Choynski in facial appearance and in muscular body build; Like Joe, he also carried a hefty punch

During his career, Joe defeated such men as George LaBlanche, Billy Woods, George Gannon, "Black" Frank Taylor, Jim Butler and Jack Baty

Aug  4 Mike Brennan               Syracuse, NY                       EX  3

       Foss Peters                Syracuse, NY                        W  3
       Jack Hall                  Syracuse, NY                        W  4
       Sherman Brown              Syracuse, NY                        W  3
       Jack McGoldrick            Syracuse, NY                        W  1

       Jack Kerwin                Syracuse, NY                        W  3
Nov 22 Tom Cawley                 Syracuse, NY                        D  1
          -Police intervened

Apr  4 Dan Donovan                near Syracuse, NY                  KO  7
          -Some sources report "Cleveland, Oh";
           Donovan died from injuries received in the bout;
           Some sources report 4/05/93
Nov 27 Frank Bosworth             Buffalo, NY                         W  3

Feb 17 George Gannon              New York, NY                       TK  2
          -Some sources report 2/24/94
Mar 14 Black Frank (Frank Taylor) Syracuse, NY                        W  4
Apr 12 Henry Rubin                Syracuse, NY                       KO  3
          -Some sources report 4/14/94
Apr    Mike Lucie                 near Utica, NY                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Nov 16 Bob Fitzsimmons            Syracuse, NY                       EX  2
          -Reports vary - "EX 1" - "EX 3";
           Dunfee claimed a knockout win over Fitzsimmons; The bout
           was one of several exhibitions by Fitzsimmons on the same
           day; Fitzsimmons had just knocked out Con Riordan, who died
           as a result; During the fight with Dunfee, Fitz looked at
           Riordan just as Dunfee threw a punch and was knocked down

May 20 Dan Creedon                New York, NY                       LK  2
Jun 15 Dave Fuller                Syracuse, NY                       KO  1
Jun 27 Dick Moore                 Bradford, Pa                       ND 15
          -Some sources report "D 16"
Jul  4 Peter Maher                Syracuse, NY                       ND  3
Aug 15 Charles R. Davis           Little Falls, NY                   KO  3
Oct 12 Fred Rober                 Syracuse, NY                       KO  3
          -Some sources report 10/03/95
Nov 18 Tommy Ryan                 Buffalo, NY                        EX  3
          -Some sources report "ND 3"
Dec  4 Billy Woods                Syracuse, NY                       KO  2
Dec 22 Pete Reilly                New York, NY                       KO  2
          -Reports vary - 12/12/95 - 12/24/95

Jan 18 George LaBlanche           Syracuse, NY                        W  5
          -Some sources report "TK 5" or "KO 5" on 1/17/96
Mar 12 Tommy Kelly                Syracuse, NY                       KO  1
Mar 27 Jack Baty                  Buffalo, NY                        KO  1
Apr 28 "Woburn" Tom McCarthy      Rochester, NY                      ND  8
May 18 Tommy Ryan                 Buffalo, NY                        LK  6

Mar  4 Jim Butler                 Rochester, NY                      KO  6
Apr 26 Jack Crawford              Buffalo, NY                        LK  3

May  1 Jim Watts                  New York, NY                       LT  4
          -Reports vary - "L 4" - "LK 4";
           Some sources report 5/01/97

Aug 29 Jack Everhardt             New Orleans, La                    LF 20

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***
Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization