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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Frank Bosworth

WEIGHT 150-161 lbs

Bosworth was a middleweight champion of New England during the mid-1880s and a sparring partner of Bob Fitzsimmons during the 1890s

Apr 22 Mike Dyer                  Boston, Ma                         D  6

Feb 12 George LaBlanche           Fall River, Ma                    LK  1
          -Some sources report "L 2"
May 22 Jack Magee                 Boston, Ma                         D  2
          -Some sources report "ND 2"; Police intervened

Jun 13 -John L. Sullivan's backers were willing to back Bosworth
            against George LaBlanche or Jack Fogarty
Oct 15 -Bosworth handled Jack Hamilton vs Jack Florence in Ansonia, ?
Dec 31 Jack Ashton                Wilmington, De                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but postponed 

Jan  1 Jack Ashton                Wilmington, De                     L  4
Jan  3 Jim Madison                Philadelphia, Pa                  KO  1
Jan  5 Frank Burke                Philadelphia, Pa                   D  4
Jan  7 Jim Killen                 Philadelphia, Pa                   D  4
Mar 20 Pete McCoy                 Wilmington, De                    EX   
Apr 30 Jack Ashton                Pawtucket, RI                     LK  6
          -Some sources report "LT 7"
Nov  1 "Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey   Wilmington, De                     L  4

Aug 26 Johnny Reagan              Brooklyn, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Feb 16 Paddy Brennan              Buffalo, NY                        D  4
May 14 "Brooklyn" Jimmy Carroll   Brooklyn, NY                      ND  3
          -Some sources report Carroll fought "Joe Bostwick"
Sep 20 Arthur Upham               Northville, NY                    LK 10

Jun 10 Jake Kilrain               New York, NY                       L  3

Apr 30 Jack Ashton                New York, NY                      EX   
Nov 27 Jack Fogarty               New York, NY                      EX   
Dec    Bill Gabig                 Mauch Chunk, Pa                   EX  4

Feb 27 William Spillings          Burlington, Vt                   SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Sep 12 Bob Fitzsimmons            Brooklyn, NY                      EX   
Dec 10 Bob Fitzsimmons            Newark, NJ                        EX   
Dec 17 Bob Fitzsimmons            New York, NY                      EX  3

Jan    Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                       EX   
Jan 22 -Fitzsimmons appeared in Chicago during the week, punching the bag 
            taking on all-comers (sometimes 2-3 men a night) and sparring with
Jan 23 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                      SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Jan    -Bosworth went to Bay St. Louis, Ms as trainer of
            Fitzsimmons for his 3/08/93 bout with Jim Hall
            New Orleans, La
Feb  1 -Bosworth and Fitzsimmons began training in Bay St. Louis, Ms;
            Bosworth was his chief sparring partner
Feb 18 Bob Fitzsimmons            Bay St. Louis, Ms                 EX  8
Feb 20 Bob Fitzsimmons            Bay St. Louis, Ms              EX-LK   
       -This was a sparring session held during Feb 20-25 1893;
            Fitzsimmons knocked Bosworth out
Mar  3 Bob Fitzsimmons            Bay St. Louis, Ms                 EX  5
Mar  5 -Fitzsimmons sparred 22 rounds with 5 different men
            including Bosworth
Mar 27 -Fitzsimmons appeared in Baltimore, Md, punching the bag 
            and sparring with Bosworth
Mar 30 Bob Fitzsimmons            Baltimore, Md                     EX  3
Apr    Bob Fitzsimmons            Baltimore, Md                     EX  3
          -This fight was reported by the Phila Item as coming from
            an article in the "Baltimore American" just prior to Fitz
            coming to Phila; the Apr 1893 date is a guess
Apr 10 Bob Fitzsimmons            Philadelphia, Pa                  EX  3
Apr 11 Bob Fitzsimmons            Philadelphia, Pa                  EX  3
Apr 14 Bob Fitzsimmons            Philadelphia, Pa                  EX  2
Apr 15 Bob Fitzsimmons            Philadelphia, Pa                  EX   
Oct  2 -Bosworth was challenged by Tom Forrest to a bout
Nov 27 Joe Dunfee                 Buffalo, NY                        L  3

Aug 21 -Bosworth refereed the Solomon English vs John Ball bantamweight 
            fight held near Baltimore, Md
Aug 24 -Bosworth was being trained by A.L. Herford to fight Jake Kilrain
Sep 10 Ernest Gebhard             Baltimore, Md                      D  4
          -Gebhard looked much like Jim Corbett, prancing around;
            Some good shots by Bosworth slowed him down, however;

       -Bosworth was a sparring partner for Bob Fitzsimmons
Jun  8 Bob Fitzsimmons             New York, NY                      EX   
Aug    an unnamed opponent         New York, NY                      EX   
       -This man was a amateur heavyweight;
            Bosworth defeated him convincingly
Dec    -Bosworth contracted pneumonia and was in serious condition

Apr 22 Charles "Kid" McCoy         Memphis, Tn                       LK  2

Jan 23 Billy "Shadow" Maber        Toronto, Ont, Canada              LT 15

Jun 22 Abraham "Abe" Ullman        near Washington, DC               LK  3
          -Some sources report 6/29/99 in "Fort Washington, Md"

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization