Tom Kennedy

BORN    July 15 1885; New York, New York
DIED    October 6 1965; Woodland Hills, California
WEIGHT  191-208 lbs
MANAGER Dan McKetrick

Kennedy was a better than average boxer who fought most of the leading heavyweights of his day; His bouts were conducted mostly in and around New York City; Against the better men, he won as often as he lost

Kennedy retired from boxing and ran a saloon in New York City; A man was shot and killed there and Kennedy fled to California rather than serve as a witness in court

He went to Hollywood and appeared in motion pictures as one of the "Keystone Kops"; While in Hollywood, he managed and trained fighters; On occasion, he promoted bouts and was the boxing match-maker for the Hollywood American Legion Stadium from August 1923 to March 1925

Kennedy was big and strong and a White Hope of the teens

       -Kennedy won the United States AAU Title                         

Aug  3 Al Palzer                  Brooklyn, NY                     LT  9
       -Some sources report "LT 10"
Nov  8 Marty Cutler               New York, NY                     KO  2
Nov 29 Al Palzer                  Brooklyn, NY                     ND 10
Dec 27 Carl Morris                New York, NY                     ND 10

Jan  5 Jim Stewart                New York, NY                     ND 10
Mar 28 Frank Moran                Brooklyn, NY                     ND 10
May 13 Andy Morris                Albany, NY                       ND 10
May 21 John "Sandy" Ferguson      Boston, Ma                        W 10
May 28 John "Sandy" Ferguson      Boston, Ma                        D 10
Jun 11 Andy Morris                New York, NY                     ND 10
Jun 17 Jim Stewart                New York, NY                     ND 10
Jul 18 "Bombardier" Billy Wells   New York, NY                     LK  8
Aug 19 Jim Savage                 New York, NY                     LT  7
Nov 28 Battling Levinsky          Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6

Jan 21 Al Benedict                New York, NY                     ND 10
       -Some sources report "TK 7"

Mar  2 "Salinas" Jack Burns       New York, NY                     ND 10
       -Some sources report 3/03/14
Apr  1 "Salinas" Jack Burns       New York, NY                     TK  6
Apr 18 Jim Coffey                 New York, NY                     ND 10
Apr 21 Alfred "Soldier" Kearns    New York, NY                     ND 10
May  7 "Sailor" Fred Fritts       New York, NY                     ND 10
Jun 29 Con O'Kelly                Hull, Eng                        WF  3
Jul 24 Max Robert                 Paris, Fr                        TK  5
Oct  2 "Sailor" Fred Fritts       New York, NY                     ND 10
Oct  7 Al Reich                   New York, NY                     ND 10
Nov 27 Tony Ross                  New York, NY                     WF  1
       -Some sources report "WF 4"

Jan 15 Al Benedict                                                 ND 10

Nov 15 Jess Willard               Hollywood, Ca                    EX  2

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Al Benedict                                                 ND 10

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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