Al Norton

BORN   Fought primarily out of Kansas City, Missouri
RECORD 10-15-6 (4 KO, 2ND, 1 NC)

Norton was an erratic fighter; When he was good, he was a tough opponent; When he was bad, he was awful; He was a sparring partner for Luther McCarty during 1912-1913

During his career; Norton defeated such men as Al Benedict, Joe Bonds, Tom "Bearcat" McMahon, "Sailor" Jack Carroll and Terry Kellar

Apr  4 Luther McCarty             New York, NY                     EX  3
Apr 16 Al Benedict                Philadelphia, Pa                 TK  4
          -Some sources report Benedict fought "Young Al Kaufman";
          Some sources report "TK 2"

Feb 27 Kid Kenneth                Vernon, Ca                        D 20
Apr 28 Jack Dillon                Kansas City, Mo                   L 10
May 15 Bob Moha                   Kansas City, Mo                  ND 10
Jul  3 Joe Bonds                  Butte, Mt                        TK  6
          -Some sources report "W 6" on 7/04/14
Sep  7 "Fireman" Jim Flynn        Kansas City, Mo                  LK  6
Dec 17 Joe Bonds                  Tacoma, Wa                        L  4
          -Some sources report "L 10"

Jan  1 Tom "Bearcat" McMahon      Kansas City, Mo                   W 10
Feb  8 "Sailor" Jack Carroll      Kansas City, Mo                  EX  4
Feb 12 Carl Morris                Kansas City, Mo                   L 10
Mar  8 "Sailor" Jack Carroll      Kansas City, Mo                   W 10
Jun 16 Al Reich                   Kansas City, Mo                  LK  2
          -Some sources report "LK 3"
Oct 11 "Fighting" Dick Gilbert    Joplin, Mo                       ND 15
Nov  8 Jack Moran                 Eau Claire, Wi                   KO  7
Dec 20 Jack Dillon                Memphis, Tn                      LT  4

Feb 14 "Fighting" Dick Gilbert    Denver, Co                        L 15
Sep 27 Bob McAllister             Oakland, Ca                       L  4
Oct 25 Charlie Miller             Oakland, Ca                       W  4
Nov 22 Terry Kellar               Oakland, Ca                       W  4
Nov 30 Willie Meehan              Oakland, Ca                       L  4

Jan 10 Soldier Elder              Oakland, Ca                      KO  2
Feb  7 Willie Meehan              Oakland, Ca                       D  4
Feb 17 Willie Meehan              Oakland, Ca                       D  4
          -Some sources report 2/22/17 at "Emeryville, Ca"
Mar 21 Jack Dempsey               Oakland, Ca                       D  4
Apr 11 Jack Dempsey               Oakland, Ca                       D  4
Jul  3 Willie Meehan              Goldfield, Nv                     L 10
Aug  1 Jack Dempsey               Emeryville, Ca                   LK  1

Jun  7 Mike O'Dowd                Rome, It                         LK  1
Jun 23 Herschscovitz              in France                         W 10
Aug  6 -Norton returned from France where he fought 17 bouts 
Sep 19 Jimmy Darcy                San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Oct 10 Noel "Boy" McCormick       San Francisco, Ca                 L  4
          -Some sources report "D 4"
Oct 29 Joe Willis                 Oakland, Ca                       W  4

Mar 23 Joe Cox                    Bayonne, NJ                      LK  2
Jun 10 Lee Anderson               San Francisco, Ca                NC  3
Jul  4 Jack Johnson               Tijuana, Mx                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
          Local residents protested

Jul    Ed "Bearcat" Wright                                         LK  3

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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