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07/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Doljanin Apologizes to Illinois Commission and Referee."

Al “Speedy” Gonzales’ Manager Doljanin Apologizes to Illinois Commission's Puccillo and Campuzano, as Well as Ref O'Brien.

By Juan C. Ayllon

Pat Doljanin, manager of Al “Speedy” Gonzales, has had a change of heart. Previously, Doljanin roundly criticized Joel Campuzano and Ron Puccillo—Illinois Department of Regulation Supervisor and Chairman respectively, as well as referee John O’Brien regarding their handling of the Gonzales-Hopkins fight on June 18, 2004. However, having talked with them, he realized his remarks were rash and “an emotional reaction” to his deep disappointment over Gonzales’ controversial technical decision loss to Demetrius Hopkins.

DoljaninCorner1A (83k image)
Pat Doljanin, seen here confidently smiling to the rear and center of Al Gonzales' corner in their bout vs. Hopkins.

In regards to O’Brien, Pat said that he based his past criticisms on an outdated year-old dossier on O’Brien’s experience; he has since learned that O’Brien’s level of experience in professional boxing is very sound.

For his previously aired remarks, Pat Doljanin is sincerely sorry. Doljanin concluded his remarks by stating that Puccillo, Campuzano and O’Brien are consummate professionals whose ethics are beyond reproach.

In other news, Al Gonzales will be flying out to Southern California shortly to work with trainer Jesse Reid. He is preparing to fight in California sometime in September. According to Doljanin, Gonzales will also act as sparring partner for Paul Spadafora, who anticipates a match with the winner of the upcoming Gatti-Dorin bout.

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